By God

Children and grandchildren are not initiated into the mystery of origin. They lived, not knowing that belong to another god and another people. Outwardly, nothing different from other people, they still had one more feature. By God's will present the feeling of love and affection they can experience only to the person from their tribe. And they had for a long time to find their half. Often they helped in the monks, pilgrims, wandering around the cities. They could easily distinguish among the crowd of his fellow tribesman from other people.

Their sacred duty was to help young people of his people to find each other. But marriage not always made in heaven. Those who could not get my half, are not forever remain bachelors and old maids. That's only children born of such marriages already lost part of innate abilities, which had the monks. Passed the century. The desert and its secrets guarded by monks, and beyond developed civilization and technological progress. People have tried using the machines to subdue the elements of nature, and the priests have long Narfeya ruled that the element with the thought.

The monks knew everything that happens in the world and not only because of the sacred mirror. In order to become a full priest of the temple, the monk was obliged to make a pilgrimage to all major cities in the world. At times it takes many years, but that means time for a priest of the god, who argues that this value is also relative. When the sky began to appear the first aircraft to lift Sabur air dust storms, obscuring the monasteries from prying eyes. But planes are becoming more and they began to fly higher. And then the archbishop covered oases, mirages domes, creating the illusion of wilderness. People have always tried to cross and to conquer the wilderness, but Sabur suppressed all attempts to sharply and severely, making it clear that this area is impassable and dangerous. After each lesson a long time people leave the desert alone. In border areas, the Archbishop of people do not touched until they approached the forbidden line.