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Research paper should show academic specialist qualification, his knowledge and skills. Thesis project must meet criteria such as sound and valid conclusions technique and work with the sources and solutions and the relevance of the topic. The head of your graduation project can give advice on how best to prepare a report. For the graduation project is important the corresponding structure of the report. Structure of the report – the main part of the overall assessment of the degree project. Initially, subjects submitted a diploma project and the manager. In the introduction, explains the primary issues raised in the paper, denotes a subject of research. Also estimated severity of the study and its significance are indicated by the goal and objectives that lead to definitive conclusions.

Then tells the data and methods of study, identifies the elements of that considered separately. The next step is a general characteristic of assorted events and will be implementation of the scientific question. Sketches of the phenomenon appears. In this phenomenon, or patterns of the first thing izlogaetsya obvious part, then features that are highlighted by the report and after a hypothetical or more unproved trend in this issue. Summarizes information specified in the research, compared to the available sources and your own materials. In conclusion, the study demonstrates the solution to a problem. Conclusions – the general statement of progress research, specification of solutions to tasks.

Carried out the calculations. The conclusion may not be one – to five, and they are done in this order, first general, then partial and complete the chain methodology. Report pre-written, but it is not allowed to read. We are acting to meet the project logical chain. At the beginning of the report should put an entertaining question, which will create the necessary suspense and received approval to issue additional assistance kontse.Pri have the opportunity to develop an applied field, to present new methods for a possible solution to the problem of well-known and much more. Illyustaratsii talk about existing volume of research in the capstone project, the methods used in the work, work to enhance the imagery of the report, the possibility of discussion with the audience. For these purposes the charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, drawings and other visual material. On the requirements for registration of illustrations should inquire in advance. To better understand the protection of the diploma project is necessary to analyze the various theories as prepare a report. Source: The protection of the diploma project

Industrial University

of Antioquia.Raimundo Abello, director of research, development and innovation of the u. of Northern Barranquilla and Oscar GualdranVice-Rector of research of the Industrial University of Santander, conclude that it is key to join companies and grow in human capital for innovation and social impact.Deepen in lines Tematicashoy, 20 per cent of knowledge that occurs It has direct applications and another 30 percent is useful for finding solutions, but without direct application, says Fernando Chaparro, u. de el Rosario. According to Colciencias, in the country research especially on malaria, malaria, infectious diseases, Leishmaniasis, dengue, immunology, transplant organs and chagas.We want to be investigate in nutrition, new models of health and new vaccines, to not recycle expired patents, says the director of Colciencias, Jaime Restrepo. These are the topics that the entity and other experts presented as priorities for work in the country.

-Use of essential oils for food and cosmetic industry. -Silvopastoral models: promote the creation of a grass with more protein for livestock (pass 7 to 27 per cent of proteins), so that this focus on fewer hectares of land and use in agriculture. The country uses 10 million hectares in livestock, when you need 3 or 4. -Create centres to strengthen and preserve water births, the Lakes, moors and reforestation. -Tech and appropriate mineral exploitation.

Announcements will be made to investigate on how to exploit the gold without using mercury and thus to decontaminate the rivers. -Production of software and telecommunications. -New pedagogical models based on modern technologies (Internet). -Models of housing and educational institutions that allow to cope with floods. -Produce drugs, vaccines and materials used in health such as meshes, sutures, needles and Sera, imported today. -Social models for resolving the issue of forced displacement and reintegration.