The Recepcional Method

The Recepcional Method presents five stages of development, that must be followed at the moment of if organizing a reading workshop, so that if it has a good performance in the literature education. this result alone will be conquered if the objectives foreseen in the method, with regard to the pupil, will be reached. They are the four objectives detached for the authors: to effect comprehensive and critical readings; to be receptive the news texts and the readings of outrem; to question the readings effected in relation its proper proper cultural horizon and to transform horizontes of expectations, as well as the ones of the professor, the school, the familiar and social community. The method estimates a citizen that lives in constant interaction with excessively, and it understands it as subject of History. From there it elapses that the criteria of evaluation to be used for the professor must enclose all the dynamics of the process of learning in the application of the method and, also, each reading made for the pupil, in way that this, can evidence its growth and its capacity to compare carried through activities and question its proper performance, as well as the performance of its group.

The reader has yearnings of same reading before the first reading of a text, because it already carried through other readings previously. In the reception process to be read text has basic paper, therefore it can confirm or disturb the horizon of expectations of the reader. This if of the one with the relation that if it establishes between text and reader. The text must be moved away from the horizon of the reader so that this can extend its references of readings, but this removal cannot be given in great ratios, in way that the reader more the acceptance and does not finish abandoning the reading and he does not have the magnifying of its horizontes therefore, when this occurs, the horizon of expectations of the reader remains unchanged.

The License

In simple terms, the resale rights or private label rights, they are rights which are given to a person to change or alter the content of an original product, and can such a person put his name as the author of the product after having made some modifications and even, in some cases, without making any modifications, if the license that is received so specified. Products using this modality include e-books, web templates, packages, images, software, articles, courses, etc. Many people are having lot of PLR products, without knowing what important about them entitled and, moreover, without knowing what to do with them. Perhaps you are one of those people possessing of some products with this type of rights and, at the same time, wishes to start in business by internet. In this article I give some basic suggestions for working with PLR products, particularly with articles that you have that type of rights. Generally, when you buy a package of articles with PLR rights, means that you can give them to them, almost any use you want. Keep in mind that this has to be specified in the license that is transferred when you buy them.

If you have qualities to write and, in addition, has one or more thematic domain, surely you do not need the help of this type of articles with PLR rights, and insurance will delight writing everything yourself, product of his creation and personal ideas. However, if this is not your case, however, you want to have a business on the internet and, of course, having to sell, keep in mind the following suggestions. Compile and create an electronic book the only thing required is a little time and dedication to organizing their articles in a way logical and sequential, until you obtain a digital book with content that is of interest to a niche market in particular.

The Destruction

One is about the beginning of the proportionality, has very recognized for the jurisprudence and doutrina' '. (Ibid,). The liberty of speech must, therefore, of the place ' ' whenever to place concrete at risk more valuable legal goods, as life, freedom and propriedade' '. (Ibid, p.5). Today, after judgment conviction of Scrates, we more see the reinforcement of the stimulated liberty of speech each time for a media, national how much in such a way international, that becomes an important instrument in the denunciations on corrupes, on the social injustices, in the spreading of ideas and in the contribution of clarification of the truth.

FINAL CONSIDERAES Which are the relation of the old concept of freedom and the current one? Of this relation, in accordance with Gigon, can say everything, less than it is simple! Of a side, the old texts, of the historians and the orators not less than of the philosophers, had exerted influence and always transmitted for the thought of the modern times final words of order. Another side, we need to have well clearly for us that, in the development of the modern thought, they had always participated two factors that, in the direction considered here, had not originated from the old ones. The pluralstica freedom of thought, acquired with the destruction of the theology and metaphysics, only creates the entirely different space for something From there results one of the most visible differences between what it is desirable for the old ones and for the modern. Already we speak of the difference. For old a freedom it is basically not to be dependent of nobody and thing some. This target had, always always, a decisive priority in relation to the improvement of the life conditions. In the gift, however, the opposite happens well. The programmar of the freedom only disfara the interdependence each bigger time of all in relation to that, in the interest of the improvement of the survival conditions, she is not only accepted, but also express conceived as something desirable In the Antiquity the freedom is, in first place, the autarcia that we finish to mention e, later, the cautious relation with them to be able exterior and uncontrollable circumstances, and is always ready to collect itself in that closer region of the man in which the individual, in all the cases and definitively, is Sir of itself exactly.