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Thanks to technological innovations, the world of work is enriched with new professions, while others disappear. In the current transitional phase are assisted to a pass continuous employees of industry services, the traditional economic and social model linked to large factories losing ground and appearing the productive decentralization phenomenon, what has become known as outsourcing, with greater specialization of production. In this way we are experiencing a transition of work characterized by a heavy reliance on an organizational structure rigid and centralized to more flexible organization systems, which offer greater autonomy to the worker and therefore allows a greater development of their creative abilities, is consequently achieved a greater appreciation of their work and increase their remuneration, as well as possibilities to reconcile with family life. NEW professions the life coach is a profession that in the United States already has a great notoriety for several decades, and that basically consists in advising their clients when planning your life financially. With the reform of the public pension system that is taking place in Spain, is going to become more necessary financial planning as an instrument in order to accumulate a heritage that allows us to maintain our standard of living once you cease from work income. Life coach must be a professional who knows how to anticipate the changes that will occur in the field of social welfare and offer its customers solutions that give him security for the future, knowing advising them of the different options that exist in the market when designing a complementary to the public system private personal forecast plan, taking into account the mentality of your customer when it comes to dealing with risks in their investments, as well as to maximize the tax benefits to those who may avail to get the maximum performance from their investments both in the financial aspect and the Prosecutor.

Social media manager is a professional already known in large enterprises, and is tasked with the maximum benefit possible opportunities offered by social media, and among them, in a particularly prominent place, internet. Large companies years ago they have highly trained professionals in this matter, but each day begin to appear more independent professionals that offer their services to small businesses under lease of services as independent professionals. In this way a social media manager can offer their services to small businesses, private independent, and even professionals who want to take advantage of the opportunities that today internet offers to generate revenue with the extraordinary rise that are experiencing social networks, as an example, according to statistics made public by Gmedia communication, Facebook has 250 million new users in the past year, reaching the figure of 600 million users by the end of 2015.