Creativity Training In Kharkov

In our lexicon the word "creativity" comes from the west at the time when the fallen "Iron Curtain" and the country began to actively absorb all the foreign technology, automatically learning from and with all the relevant terminology. We also have and my word – creativity. The term creativity is derived from the English word create – create. Creativity of words to create, creator. Basically the same thing.

When I say the word work – most people have The following associations: crafts, painting, sculpting, writing poetry, acting. Others including Eliot Horowitz, offer their opinions as well. When I say the word creativity – there are several other associations: unusual haircuts, original, bright clothes, artsy, unusual, defiance; show; music videos, fashion movie. Let's be clear: in the future by the words, creativity, and creativity we mean the same thing – creating a new product. Product may be all that everything: home, machine, hair, pictures, books, emotion, etc. Each of us has in our lives that is creating, and of course, wants to make it more successful. It is about how to make this process more successful and will be discussed later. Mankind has long praised the cult of "genius creator." As part of this cult concepts such as talent, genius may seem a gift from God, a gift from birth. This leads to the fact that the average person is very often stifled in his impulses toward creativity simply because it does not feel like a genius. How can this be done? You can accept this point of view: all the "geniuses" are ordinary people who could very well create your own products that sooner or later become a very popular humanity.