Interaction Maps

Same author is this who presents information on the conceptual maps and the relevance of its use for the university community. This instrument in such a way can be used as net of concepts, how much as guides for studies. The conceptual maps allow that the concepts are articulated in a visual representation, materialized in diagrams, spread sheets and glossaries each one with its form specifies to present the contents. In the pedagogical work of classroom, the related maps are important assistant it professor to organize its lesson, to present and systemize the subject to be studied. On the other hand, it makes possible the pupil to use itself them as guides of its studies, consisting of important resource auxiliary for the learning. The contribution of Cordiolli, (2009, P.

25) are significant so that if it obtains to improve the result of the management of classroom: different techniques exist to elaborate the conceptual maps and some softwares specialized. In principle conceptual map can be constructed from the following basic script: (a) the accurate definition of the study object; (b) at as the moment to promote one ‘ ‘ rain of palavras’ ‘ , raising the diverse terms related to the concept in study; (c) the terms can be grouped by purpose composing groups; (d) from this point is possible to write glossaries, to mount the spread sheets to schematize the diagrams. (CORDIOLLI, 2009, p.29) the importance of the conceptual maps Is undeniable as contributo for the improvement of the teach-learning process.