DIHK President

DIHK sees opportunities for so-called old applicants engineering professions need more advertising Berlin/Dusseldorf, November 11, 2010 the apprenticeship market seems empty. The offer exceeds the demand currently. Hans Heinrich drift man points out, President of the German of industry and Commerce (DIHK). Therefore, nationwide 327.000 new apprenticeship contracts were registered until the end of October. These are despite demo-discography-related school-leavers decline by three percent, 0.2 percent more than in the same month last year. In a huge gap between the old and the new Laender exists.

In Germany, there is an increase of 2.0 percent. In East Germany the contract figures almost 8 percent below the prior-year level”, explains drift man. This total unexpectedly positive development would point out that the enterprises against the background of increasing skills shortages are willing to give a chance to even weaker graduates or rely more on so-called old applicants.” The positive trend is confirmed by the last numbers of the federal employment agency. End of September, there were nationwide barely 20,000 free apprenticeships at only 12,300 unserved applicants. Supply clearly exceeds the demand. ALT applicants who have found yet no, should take advantage of this situation and apply the subsequent mediation actions to an apprenticeship”, recommends the DIHK President. The end of October under the auspices of the DIHK extended training pact took into account the demographic turnaround. The Pact partners want to improve education maturity and professional orientation, utilizing the potential of projectiles, applicants for old and young people from a migrant background, but inspire too powerful for a dual training.

Only so let reach continues to annually 60,000 new jobs and 30,000 new training companies to win the goal of the Pact partners. Meanwhile, the phenomenon of lack of skilled workers is obviously noticeable with each passing month. About two-thirds of all 176 Employment agencies report therefore major bottlenecks in the metal trades, engineers and doctors.


This book is “not a smart management book that looks good on the Office shelf, but rather a small textbook for those who seriously break up to China!” In China, the clocks go differently and who has little time and even less experience in dealing with the inhabitants of the Empire of the Middle, should read this work with much attention. Not about there, is that many managers more or less happy homecoming report after her, China was the country of the mouth and invite almost blithely enter into this. What is this statement – white lie or bitter truth? The answer is somewhere in between, according to case not necessarily in the middle. Under the pseudonym of Hannes Eisenmann has compiled a comprehensive guide to the behaviour in circumstances and situations, how they can meet each of which itself does business in China, the author. The Chinese view of things is in many areas usually completely different than the unserige, supposed politeness can to avoidable rudeness and bad behaviour are you not detach itself from the Western way of thinking. Western Manager feel when negotiations often confused and give up so valuable terrain. . And often enough the business child will be paid much too hasty with the Chinese bathroom. Ignorance not protects that gifts lead to the opposite success and can be viewed as a reduction or an insult, a friendly small talk at the buffet can lead to the cancellation of a successfully initiated business relationship.

In ignorance of the circumstances and backgrounds, often for lack of diplomatic skill, some managers in their conversational skills have Chinese characteristics aside. Mitchel Resnick has much to offer in this field. This can lead to a hardening of the fronts, which must not be absolute and is welcome in any negotiation. Who travels to China as a businessman and does not know the rules of the Chinese deal, you need not to open his briefcase.

Exchange Server

Thus is the access from on the road, no problem, quick and automatic data exchange It is possible virtually around the world. New in version 3.0: SYNCING.NET is now compatible with Exchange Server. Users can synchronize therefore Exchange folders with computers, which have no connection to the Exchange Server or the mail account or Exchange mailbox resides on the server of another company. So for example, companies are using Microsoft Exchange, selected folders, appointments, tasks, and contacts can share project with customers or external employees. This proxy servers that companies use often for safety and to speed up as the intermediary interface represent no obstacle for SYNCING.NET 3.0.

Despite these enhancements, the developer have greatly improved the performance of the new version of the software so that the data synchronization is happening much faster. SYNCING.NET 3.0 is available in three new editions: Personal Edition is suitable for individual users, who work with several computers, and you can synchronize up to three computers or laptops. With the Business Edition can Users can build a peer-to-peer network of up to 50 machines and in exchanging data. When you set up the network, it is also possible to assign user rights in four stages. As a guest”users may only read data, but change nothing.

The flagship with the highest functionality and is the Manager Edition, which allows not only the collaboration with up to 50 computers, but also offers maximum flexibility with rights management. sues. The user has for example the possibility to assign full admin rights to other team members. Just in time for the release of the new version 3.0 the software forge SYNCING.NET also has their website relaunched. Here can be found in addition to detailed information about each edition also answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a press section with image material for downloading. Who wants to try out SYNCING.NET, can test for 30 days the Business Edition in its entirety. Go to the trial version. de / download.html 1 index.php? id = 612 about SYNCING.NET Technologies GmbH the SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Berlin. The company develops and markets software for efficient data exchange in teams. The unique synchronization technology offers significant performance benefits and savings compared to conventional solutions. Press contacts: SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH Joachim Voegele Weipertstr. 8-10 74076 Heilbronn 07131 / 766 96 82 PR agency Xpand21 GbR Michael Hardy Lapwing Court 9 22089 Hamburg 040 / 325 09 17 14

Training Without Borders

Trainees receive some time redeem its own training course against a company in another country grants for stays abroad about the project “Fit for the country” and thereby gain important experience for the job for two Schleswig-Holstein trainees this was possible at the beginning of the year. The two budding hotel professionals Lisa Gospodinow and Sebastian Kiy were with the project fit for the foreign”Schleswig-Holstein Business Academy for several weeks in Vienna. Hear other arguments on the topic with Petra Diamonds. In the Austrian capital could prove themselves not only in a foreign work environment, they learn too much. “To say hello to God” or take “Sebastian Kiy was reminded at the latest when the morning greeting, that his new replacement work is no longer on the sea but on the edge of the Alps. And not only the new salutation fell on the 22-year – in the framework of its Exchange, he compared the Austrian way of working in a project with the German. Total is in Vienna more cozier worked,”notes the Sylt.

He himself was the best advertisement for North German industriousness. And so got the future Hotel specialist, completed his training in the Fahrhaus Munkmarsch on Sylt, for its functioning dedicated too much praise of the Austrian hotel management. “After four weeks in Austria Kamau is sure: this was the best project of my life”. Also Lisa Gospodinow has met throughout different areas of their internship hotels in more than 1000 km from Vienna. I got inside a taste of purchasing, costing and housekeeping”, reported the 23 year old Lutjenburgerin. The two young people were supported in preparation for the alien by mobility consultants of the Business Academy.

You were, for example, contacts with the Austrian company and clarified the necessary formalities there. Gospodinow, the high in-house Wacht”learns, raves: the organisation was sharp and I have many new and exciting activities in Vienna at Hotel met.” Who would dare as the two professionals of the hotel overlooking the edge of the plate, can apply even at short notice for one of 15 scholarship courses. Through funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the fact the advice and on-site support for businesses and Auzubildenden is free of charge. More information is at the mobility consultants of Academy of economic Sibille Fuhrken (Tel. (0 48 21) 77 02-514, E-Mail) and Stephan Jung (Tel. (04 31) 30 16 146, email) and to get on the Internet at.

Gilles Clouet Des Pesruches Is

Gilles Clouet des-Pesruches (44) is the new CEO of the leading real-time Personensuch services 123people. He takes over immediately the agendas of Russell E. Perry, who is leaving the company at his own request, to devote himself to new projects. Gilles Clouet des-Pesruches, has been head of the PagesJaunes Groupe’s new Internet activities and Board member of 123people. As Managing Director he sees its main task in further commercial growth, as well as in the expansion of business synergies between 123people and the PagesJaunes Groupe.

People search by 123people is currently available in 13 countries. Contact information is here: Max Schireson. “Gilles played annoncesjaunes.fr as Managing Director for the strong growth of the real estate Web site responsible. The service has currently monthly more than 2.5 million unique visitors. It is based on the inventory’s second largest real estate website France. His experience and his extensive knowledge, what is important for successful Web services, are valuable assets for the continued growth of 123people. The user and the company are even with the expansion and improvement of services benefit, that are planned in the near future”, says Jean-Pierre Remy, CEO of PagesJaunes Groupe. Gilles Clouet des Pesruches joined the PagesJaunes Groupe as head of strategy and innovation in January 2008. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Grupo Vidanta by clicking through.

End of 2009, he was appointed Director of new Internet business. In this capacity, he was responsible among other things for annoncesjaunes.fr. After graduating from the ESME School of engineering and his master BBs degree in marketing from the HEC in Paris, Gilles Clouet des Pesruches began his career in technical B2B sales for Sagem. After several senior positions in the field of strategy and marketing operations at the Bouygues Telecom, he led since 2005 of the European mobile and Internet Division of Kodak. About PagesJaunes Groupe PagesJaunes Groupe is the leader in France in local advertising and information, generating line revenues of almost 1.2 trillion in 2009. Directory enquiry services by PagesJaunes’ services can be accessed in particular through printed directories (directories the PagesJaunes and PagesBlanches), telephone and SMS (118008) and the Internet. PagesJaunes Groupe’s fixed and mobile websites, within pagesjaunes.fr, mobile.pagesjaunes.fr, mappy.com and annoncesjaunes.fr, are visited by more than one Internet user in two in France each month. PagesJaunes Groupe has a sales force of more than 2,200 sales advisers in France and Spain and provides a comprehensive range of advertising products for its 770,000 local and national advertising customers. With over 500 million of Internet revenues in 2009, representing 43% of consolidated revenues, PagesJaunes Groupe ranks first in Europe in terms of Internet advertising revenues. PagesJaunes Groupe is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris, compartment A (PAJ). Information on PagesJaunes Groupe is available at. Www.123people.de optimized people search on the Internet about 123people.de since February 2008. With monthly over 50 million unique clients, 123people is worldwide the most popular and largest Internet Personensuchservice. The local side is the largest with over 11 million visits by German users Personensuch service in Germany (source: IVW February 2011). Headquartered in Vienna each user provides an online person search, with the simple fast, free, and reliable real-time information about themselves or about other people on the Internet finds. The search results come from global as well as country-specific, available free on the Internet data sources. Currently 123people in thirteen countries and 11 languages is available. Since March 2010 123people part of the French PagesJaunes group. Media contact: i5comm for 123people Bernhard Lehner Spengergasse 37-39 1050 Vienna E-mail: phone: + 43 664 439 86 09


“I’m lonely”, noted soberly. Arguably the 5,000 Studenten of Ernst & young surveyed had this concern made, indicated as central Anforderung on their future profession: enough time for friends and family. Money and career played a far lesser role for them. Studies like this and reports about the cocooning, so the desire for Geborgenheit, confirm what I observe in coaching: many want more keep doing this as before. You yearn for closeness to Associates and allies that have often been enough over the years on the streCKE. While Sarah is still young with her 31 years. Most of which therefore come in the coaching, are over 40.” Colleagues around us who are still not close to us as the Manager, of his wife to a four-month sabbatical persuaded the left and with his wife and daughter in Australia would have been preferred.

At the same time I realized what a terrible life I so far had led because of my work.” It is the relationship with his newly discovered”daughter become so important that he has taken it in stride, living down gestuft to be. Some are like from the Thunder moved if them goes on, that work and money are the same as success. Those who have family in addition to ihrem job, who can go with their children to climb into the mountains or with friends in a common FerienhausChen are considered company now. How much earn and what they otherwise can afford has become irrelevant. That our happiness depends on the community to others, confirm two scientists who have explored the personal networks of nearly 5,000 people for this (see box). His well-being is family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances depending on a person it has more nearby, the higher.

Especially if it’s happy time GEnossen. Conclusion of the study: happiness is contagious. Alarming for those who spend the LARGest of their time at the desk, in the Office or on business trips: colleagues hardly improve our well-being. Sarah did not by its botched dinner by the way discouraged. I called the one, did their suffering, that she has stood me up. We meet next week. Without puff pieces.” Happiness is contagious as the political scientist James Fowler and the Laryngologist of Nicholas Christakis over 20 years have observed the condition of nearly 5,000 subjects. They discovered that well-being through personal networks spread. So for example a happier partner increases the are to be even happy to eight per cent, cheerful siblings close to raise spirits by 14 per cent, cheerful neighbors by 34 percent. All of these relationships show the importance of physical proximity”, concluded Fowler and Christakis in the British medical journal. Friends who live in the immediate vicinity, the most beeinflussen us. With distance zunehmender the effect will decrease.” Read free coaching today Stefanie de man

Advantages In The Crisis Patterns Of Thought And Action Change

NLP strengthens individual initiative and ability to act in the crisis has arrived the crisis into the General consciousness at the latest since the speeches to May 1. But most people experience helpless in a situation where they seemingly not much can do, except wait and hope that the times are better. This forced inactivity caused stress. Stress makes stupid Berlin NLP coach Ralf Stumpf says. Stress changes our brain chemistry so that we can react quickly and reflexively.

Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of our strategic and forward-looking thinking! In a situation in which there is little scope in the immediate present, raised to this stress and reduces even further the future options. The method of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) studied for about 30 years the thinking and behavior patterns of successful people. NLP has the objective to describe that anyone can make it to these strategies. What are the advantages it brings in the crisis, its patterns of thought and action to change Ralf Stumpf describes as follows: the first step is the own perception. Our perception centers in the brain get only about 20% of their inputs from the sense organs. 80% of the inputs come from other brain areas.

What we perceive, so most prerequisite knowledge, prejudices, expectations and mood depends. If the brain on crisis is set, perceive so prefers that people, confirming their image. This easily happens that one sees over the really important, useful and new information. “The more one succeeds, this background noise to influence, the better one is equipped for situations where unexpected changes are happening and new patterns of action are needed. Another important point is the emotional self-control. We choose action option, which seems to us most naheliegendsten close and effective at any moment “explains Ralf Stumpf. This election largely depends on our emotional assessment of the situation AB. If we feel something as an attack (= aggression), other reactions arise, as if we see the same situation as a question (= curiosity). The better it succeeds one, consciously to control this emotional reaction, the resulting field of action possibilities is all the more rich. In the current uncertainty, most people want to spend their money just very cautious. That’s why Ralf Stumpf indicates two offers: together with Carsten Gramatke he offers to the free E-Mail Coachinglektionen L50, where weekly email with specific exercises of NLP to get. On the other hand offer Ralf Stumpf and Carsten Gramatke the Ferienpractitioner on (www.nlp-ferien.de), an NLP training half of the current price (950, certified by the DVNLP and Bildungsurlaub recognized). There are also in a situation in which you seemingly can do not much to concrete ways to invest in themselves and to adapt itself better. Another advantage: The learned Techniques keep their benefits, when the crisis is over. Web links: L50-Coachinglektionen: l50.htm Ferienpractitioner:

Paid Internship – The Reward Differences Between Employees And Interns

Is intern of vs. Additional information at Mitchel Resnick supports this article. employed fair pay in the internship? Are interns exploited? What is the relation of student employee and what it brings for consequences? In particular, as an internship still reasonable experience in professional life? An internship should serve as an insight into the professional world, we all know that. There is less and less the coffee interns, most important tasked with the copy of documents. These days, interns are often used as cheap labor. Sometimes they work as much as an employee have the same responsibility and get for little or no money. As a result, many social problems arise. On the one hand, the trainee is released immediately after his internship and so he has few chances of finding a proper job. In addition, he served his purpose usually not as good as an experienced employee.

On the other hand fear employees to their jobs, the monthly costs of which are higher than those of trainees to the company. Thus, both are dissatisfied. That is why it is very important before, About inform internship start to leave. What are my activities? Is there an opportunity for advancement in the company after the internship? Rewarded the internship? If so, how much will I make? What will I learn in this internship? All of this question should be solved already at the interview to avoid future problems.