Tattoo Permanent Makeup Cosmetics

Permanent make-up as a concept emerged in our country recently. More recently, nobody could even imagine that makeup can be worn year-round on itself, nor is he afraid of water and time. The Furutist wanted to know more. Every woman spends her time at make-up, to be the best and beautiful for their men, and now the opportunity to have the makeup that is not washed off, is not immune to the time What is tattooing (permanent makeup)? Tattooing, permanent makeup mikropigmentirovanie – all names for the same procedure. It is shallow, ranging from 0.3 to 0.7 mm., The introduction under the skin of natural plant pigments. Continue to learn more with: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. For permanent make-up used is somewhat different, more gentle equipment than tattooing. Pigments are used in a cream or glycerine-based.

Contraindications for permanent make-up is almost absent – this tendency to keloid skin, diabetes, pregnancy. Not recommended procedure when menstruation t.k.zazhivlenie in this case is longer. The propensity to manifest a herpes if the procedure is scheduled tattooing of lips, drink drugs recommended based on acyclovir. Tattoo applied by various methods, each with its own master technique. Over the years I have developed an operation unlike anything on its own whose technique. My permanent makeup is different individual approach to each client, clearly drawing the contours, the filling density, which ensures long-term outcome – from three to five years to complete disappearance. Anesthesia as an option – applique or injection. Expendability contiguous parts (needles, nozzles) is guaranteed after the procedure give guidance on the care – how to minimize swelling and avoid the appearance of scabs. The whole procedure takes from 40 minutes to two hours. Sequence: antiseptic treatment, drawing contours, color selection, freezing – according to applique or injection, are working on the contour, fill in the pigment, an antiseptic treatment;