Tattoo Templates

Many people wear today in all kinds of designs: large, small, narrow, wide, plain or colorful tattoos. Previously they were seen drawing a reluctant, mostly carried prisoners and other "heavy guys", but now they have become the trend especially among young people. The inspiration should be no limits. Each sample, sign, symbol, but also every object which can be put on paper, can be engraved as a tattoo. In this process, with a needle that is connected to a paint gun, pigments, moved under the skin, the needle per second, about 30 to 40 times penetrates under the skin and releases with each stitch paint.

In tattoo studios are usually found several folders or books with many different tattoo templates. They usually contain a variety of designs for tattoos. Especially popular are: Tribal Tattoos Celtic Tattoos Dragon Tattoos Chinese characters representational motifs images of course but people also have the opportunity to own Templates bring and be tatovieren this behavior. Normally, the Tatovierer takes but first small changes to their own template to optimize the image, the writing, photography, etc. for the tattoo. Often, patterns and drawings are the specially-designed templates to small and delicate, in order later on the skin and visible even after several years clearly recognizable.

In such a case must be closed and the customer, a compromise between Tatovierer bezgl. of the change and the final version of the motif. Finally, if a suitable image found, it is with a special ink is applied to mirror a particular paper and finally transferred the outline onto the skin. On these contours can the Tatovierer orient the stitches and if necessary, then they fill with color. Due to the prevalence of Tatovierungen, most people moved on to their personal wishes and ideas in Tattoos installed in order to have a very individual body jewelry.