One expects that the users can usufruct of roaming global between different nets 3G. 4.4 Fourth Generation of Mobile Systems With forecast for 2010 the implementation of the mobile technology of 4 Generation. The fourth generation is in development phase, such technology promises the communication in voice, video and data in an impossible scale so far. The technology 4G will allow that proprietors of Mobile devices make use of services that only on personal computers the nets of high speed. The operators tend, to increase the speed of its nets without wire to be able to offer video, images, Internet and other services.

The rapidity is the characteristic of this new generation, being a technology that goes to be able to transfer given the 100 megabits for second while the user is in movement and the 1 gigabit for second when he is stopped. 5 CONCLUSION In transcorrer of this work, when examining the evolution of the mobile services, we notice that the use of the cellular device is each looked time more which had the trend of implementation of new generations. The users of the mobile telephony, more are not made use to use simple devices, want to use devices with innumerable functionalities, such as: SMS; MMS; Games in JAVA; To edit and to visualize documents; To use the navigation systems (GPS); To have access e-mails and nets wi-fi beyond other services. These new applications represent the key for the growth of the yield for the operators, therefore, these tend to more invest each time in new technologies. They had been boarded important concepts on cells, terminal, station of radio base, central office of commutation and control, beyond a evolutivo historical briefing of the cellular devices until arriving in the main subject of this work that to distinguish the technologies from mobile telephony. REFERENCES FERRARI, Antonio Martins.Telecomunicaes Evolution and Revolution.