The Disability Pension Is Right – What Is Taken Into Account?

A recurring problem with the security in the event of occupational disability information for the correct requirement calculation for a disability insurance is the amount of the pension. Main argument is always still though not nachvollziehbar-you need in paid less money and thus also the pension can be appropriately lower than the net income. But this statement is not so correct. Private disability insurance, the adequacy of the pension application is checked by the insurer. Each company has a different definition. Some say: “75% of gross income are maximum insurable” other “75% of gross income of plus proven costs of the PKV” the third party finds other formulations or does this on the earnings or operating profit for self-employed.

In short, there is no binding and general solutions. How now to get the right pension? First, you should get an accurate overview, what costs are. This is meant not only the House loan or rent, but all monthly costs that also in the case of “no longer working ability” continue to exist. So simply everything phone, cable TV, incidentals, car etc. Also the argument “then I don’t need a car” is not really flat. Of course, there are diseases which lead to the BU and then make driving impossible.

But what about the rest of the family? Can someone else drive? And what is with all the diseases that may restrict, but just not generally incapacitate make? Who will take you to the doctor if not their car? And now we come to two major cost items that will always forget. Privately insured is the complete post (so including the employer contribution percentage) and possible tax cuts. This is very often forgotten, and even if you have a way to go, in the statutory health insurance do? The case of BU due to an illness requires usually long Behandlungen-then do you want on the (hopefully carefully selected and) give extensive protection? And the second very large point is the pension. Who backs up your pension if you no more in the statutory pension and private pension contributions (can) – pay case in the BU remember this when the amount of the pension. These are questions which at the end or in the existing treaties to the disability should be checked and corrected if necessary urgently. What use is a BU hedging with smaller pension – then you need to even holes if it ends up in the social services. Further information: information about the BU and criteria for selecting information about the transitional health benefit and BU