The European Telematics

Insurance telematics with ‘pay as you drive’-policies that evaluate Stuttgart, driving 28.11.2013. Insurance telematics with pay as you drive “-policies that evaluate driving behavior, are also in Germany sarker in the market occur (or are already available).” The European population and also in Germany the majority would consider seriously an attractive offer. A telematics box registered and documented the driving behaviour on the corresponding server. There is created a ranking on a scale of 1-100. The Arealcontrol solution precisely documented the driving about 3 G / 3D sensors. Evaluations are made in two categories: eco score and safety score. Thus, the system meets the requirements of the insurance telematics.

Motto: The better the rating, the cheaper the fare. Eco score refers to an economical driving style, which includes at least the acceleration, speed and delays. A related site: ConocoPhillips mentions similar findings. Are registered in the safety score sudden driving maneuvers, such as sudden braking and Steering, E.g. take evasive action. The latter indicate a weak or inattentive driving, which includes an increased accident risk. Telematics, GPS positioning, connected included navigation and electronic logbooks and mobile working time recording for years of Arealcontrol solutions. Efficiency gains and savings of 12-15 are proven % in the cost of fleet, according to the manufacturer. More 4-7 percent savings are achievable by an adapted driving style, particularly for fuel, tires, brakes, and inspections.