The Government

No longer he surprises us, that the absence of leadership is product of a loss, deterioration of values, ethical, moral, of commitment to new challenges, that it is better to identify more with the trash, with corruption, that the challenges and give way to the changes that are needed to leave this reality of the universities that some have become parasiticthat they have lost their glow, light, preferring to leave it overwhelm, and live in the shadows. Because of the absence of leadership, not occurs on the national stage a pronouncement of the universities, of their faculties of Economics and social sciences for example, before many of the actions that the current Government has created and launched towards his socialist ideology, where there are disputes and weaknesses that sometimes the Government has through its strategiesplans that need to be analyzed, discussed, evaluating their impact and scope towards everything that is beneficial to the country. It is inconceivable, as universities by absence of leadership do not manifest their opinions, not decide, more when she manifested the thinking minds, where there are guarantees of knowledge which allow to have an objective of all assessment that which will benefit Venezuelans since then, all this seriously affects those living in the country, glimpsing is that there is an opposition to a know your points of view with objectivity, proposals, solutions. What most worries, is that not know the opportunities and actively participate in pro to see the Government leaders trained to those who must listen to exist and take their opinion into account. Always within a democratic environment, respect and morals.

I believe that the Government would take into account the views, all those guidelines that allow them to restructure plans, actions that favor him in its management unfortunately, perceived in the authorities of several universities since its rector, Vice-Rectors, Secretary, deans, professors, absence of a proactive, creative, innovative, transformative leadership, watching actors more figurative than dynamic changes required, so that universities should play that role that society needs to exit avante. Consequence of the absence of University leaders, authorities with vision, academically prepared, cone solid knowledge and handling of the management Educational, it has led to the most Venezuelan universities remain below the required rhythms and direction appropriate to the dynamic academic and institutional proactive policies and generating new growth in the Venezuelan education models definitely, it should not be forgotten that in the academic world come into play, in addition, beliefs and attitudes of University stakeholders, sapiencias, knowledge, morality, all those actions that ensure good management of values, commitment to the needs and demand that the country presents its development with which assumes the academic task towards their achievement and foster trained professionals who promote the management of all Government committed to the development of the country. Venezuela needs a new generation of more dynamic University leadership, favouring its growth. Original author and source of the article.