The Laboratory

Made a laboratory furniture completely made of metal, that means it has a metal main frame and metal add-on components. Corps laboratory furniture is based on similar metal frame, but the add-on components it produced from chemically laminated chipboard with special impregnation, which gives protection against the effects of moisture and fire. An important difference from the cabinet Laboratory furniture metal is its price. At the equipment laboratory furniture collection of furniture, of course, other things being equal consumer qualities, will cost less than a factor of 1.5-2 than the same set of metal furniture. Here, we encourage you to pay attention to the principle of 'price-quality' and make choices based on it, it is also important to know what research will take place in the laboratory and acquire furniture from that perspective.

The last difference metal laboratory furniture from the cabinet is the time of its manufacture. Corps laboratory furniture is usually 2-3 times faster. But it is true that if you are ordering individual furniture 'under themselves'. When buying a catalog of furniture from the warehouse, similar problems, of course, is not happening. Laboratory furniture is usually sold for a long time, so when choosing a series of laboratory furniture to focus on some important points. The main thing to note – the frame. That's metal frame is the foundation of any piece of laboratory furniture. Welded frame of laboratory furniture has an advantage over precast due to the higher rigidity, structural strength and stability of the geometric dimensions.

The frame must have adjustable supports for leveling tops horizontally in the case of irregularities of the floor in the laboratory. Paint the frame should be carried out using powder coating. When choosing of furniture for the presence of tortsezaschitnoy edge that protects the public part of cpd. Its thickness must be at least three millimeter. Using the manufacturer of laboratory furniture this edge is an indicator of its holdings of special equipment for the manufacture of furniture and ensure that the furniture is not collected by artisanal methods. Range of laboratory furniture in our time is great enough. There are plenty of both domestic and overseas manufacturers. Choice – for you. We hope that our tips will help you in choosing and at least a little help understand this very difficult and important issue in your laboratory equipment.