The Tests

Tests for exceptional events depending on the experience and purpose a test period maps to any electrical device. It should be noted in any case. In certain cases there can also be a minimum time limits. Checking must be made for extraordinary events if, for example, during the Visual inspection dangerous defects are ascertained. Following events can affect the safe use of electrical equipment and installations and trigger an examination before the given test period: abrasion/wear/corrosion dirt embrittlement of plastic parts damaged insulation, plugs and leads implementation / crash of moisture conditioning work equipment / weather conditions (solar radiation, condensation, rain, surge from lightning) color changes in the case of abnormal heat or smoke abnormal operating noise of longer periods of non-use checking for an exceptional event ensures the safe operation of the plants, preventing major damage and hence unnecessary costs. Recurring inspections periodic tests are discussed in numerous standards and regulations. “Among other things are the DIN VDE 0105 operation of electrical installations”, DIN VDE 0701-0702 check “Repair, modification of electrical appliances – repeat inspection of electrical appliances” as well as the DIN VDE 0100-600 electric testing equipment. Of course also the accident prevention regulations should not be missed GUV-V A3.

The various standards define maximum distances between the tests, as well as provisions for the end of the test person and specify implementation instructions. All appropriate Electrotechnical regulations must the electrician available and used her. Detailed information about the tests according to DIN VDE 0701-0702 and according to DIN 0100-600 for VDE, see or click on the links. Just for electrical appliances, damage can quickly trigger a strike, fire or even an explosion. The repeat test is used for the rapid detection of first plant defects and standard deviations, which can already constitute a hazard for the user. Also past test results with the current are within the repeat test State compared.