THM Treatment

Water and the Terrible Trihalometano Together Andam U.S.A. had published in 1974 results of research made in New Orleans, where the tax of mortality for cancer was one of highest in that country. – The conclusions evidenced on the water of supplying, and its correlation THM&#039 Had been these; s versus CANCER, – when from some research they had continued there being carried through. About one hundred and ten stations of water treatment in U.S.A. that used chlorine, or derived chlorinated, THM&#039 had been detected there trihalometanos (; s.) this frightful product that comes quiet killing per some decades.

THM' s in world-wide level arrests it the fact of that, beyond being considered carcinognicos they are also indicating of the possible presence of other organoclorados (acid ascetic chlorinated, haloacetonitrilos composites, cloropicrin, clorofenis, cloropropanonas), also resultant of the process of clorao of waters and more dangerous than the proper THM' s. The chlorine that is used large-scale in stations of treatment d? water is of low cost and decides the problem of the elimination of bacteria also the ones that cause the fever tifide, it would desinteria and clera. However it is a dangerous product that produces many collateral maleficent effect in the human being, comprovadamente carcinognico, with high and proven index of acometimentos from the water of the public stations of treatment. The reaction of chlorine for the terrible THM' s occurs in the meeting with the decomposition of substances of animal, vegetal origin, more comumente in the one of the microorgaismos gifts in the water. When you wash its foods or coze, it is absorbed by these organic products that have the property to include them in its cells of almost automatic form. I invite it the article reading new of my authorship that aims at well-being of the peoples, mainly will enjoy it a healthful life in the compahia of its familiar ones. for tlelefone Cel. 85-8604 6980? Brazilian email, book 68, self-taught person, writer digital, article author for the Internet, made available HaiLiving in the distribution of devices for water treatment and defending ferrenho of the ecosystem.