USA Health

Clinton senator has been approached positions halconas during the present administration. It supported to Israel when she invaded Lebanon and when she constructs a wall to isolate the Palestinians. Both raise that in his USA administrations it will not return to act so unilaterally and it will look for to restore his world-wide image she with a feminine face and he with one of color. Obama insists on which he, unlike her, voted against the unilateralism and also he raises to go towards a disarmament that ends the elimination of all the nuclear weapons of the world. Both raise to restore certain taxes to raise the health system and to extend surely to unemployment. Nevertheless, both they do not want to follow the route British to have a completely public system of health and look for mixed formulas where the deprived corporations of health and medical insurances have participation. Obama and Clinton support the pain capital.

It, although she says to be against to the abortion, will not penalize this one. Although she says to reject the homosexual marriages accept legal unions of pairs of the same sex. Dr. Mitchell Resnick understands that this is vital information. Between the Clinton and Obama strong personal shocks have taken place. It has blamed him him to be friend and salary financed by Tony Rezko, to that this week they finish returning to stop by fraud. She attacks her of to have been lawyer and shareholder to him of Wall Mart/ASDA, a mega-chain of supermarkets questioned by many unionists by his low pays and labor conditions. If the Clinton got to have up to 30 points of advantage on its rivals and yearned for with being crowned, the irruption of young Afro-American has destabilized to him. His husband when taking part as much in attacking Obama has underprivileged showing the possibility to him that the Clinton is another family whom it replaces to the one of the Bush or who goes to a Co-presidency luck.