Waiblingen Interviews

Service providers interviews from Osijek digitized highest throughput rates reliably with the MF S 655 Waiblingen, 7 August 2013. In June 2013, the magic marker was cracked: the 100 millionth document went through when the Croatian interviews d.o.o the microform scanner MF S 655. For nine years, this provides its service in continuous operation at the Archivdienstleister from Osijek, 16 hours a day. The high-quality technique of microform allows interviews to act competently on the market and to compete in the competition. Interviews d.o.o.

operates one of the largest Croatian service providers for microfilm and digital archiving, and since 1988 on the Croatian market. Day after day, the company must digitize large quantities of documents of different formats and edit. Choosing the appropriate scanning technology, it’s so technical reliability, high image quality and low cost per image. in 2005 the company decided S 655 for the microform scanner MF. The Eko-monitor from Zagreb, microform partner for South-Eastern Europe, installed the Device in the production premises of interviews. Since then, the scanner in combination with the capture software DpuScan done gold Janich & Klass all not always easy tasks quickly and efficiently. The microform scanner handles including scanning, image editing and OCR in interviews between 100,000 and 150,000 documents per day. The cost of maintenance is extremely low, only after seven years and 60 million documents a major overhaul was necessary given a continuous operation of 16 hours a day.

The reliability is always critical. With devices from other manufacturers, the service provider has made the experience that at high volumes over again pages go through the scanner without to be registered. Finding and Nachscannen of such not digitized documents is very elaborately. Through integrated control mechanisms which offers the company MF S 655 here, 100% secure and processed all documents. Interviews Director Anto Kovacevic: It was particularly important to us, both during scanner such as To be subject to any restrictions in the daily throughput capture software. With its capacity of 160 sheets per minute and the smooth interaction with DpuScan Gold meets the MF S 655 this requirement fully. Produced excellent image quality, flexibility, speed and economy contribute significantly, that we can act competently on the market.