Why Do I Need A Computer ?

What is the modern world? The modern world is the era of computer technology, greatly expanding and highly progressive. Nowadays computers are closely into our lives and help us solve many problems, in particular access to the Internet has given us an opportunity to gather a huge audience of people who are able to share experiences among themselves. In this regard, computers today are closely intruded into our lives, work and age paper-based information have gone to the well-forgotten past. For different people the computer can represent different interests. According to various statistics, we can determine why your computer is for certain people. I would like to note some of the most important of them: The computer as a tool for relaxation and entertainment.

Well, I think everybody understands that the computer can serve us as an expensive toy that allows us to head to leave the virtual world. What is the benefit in this case, we can bring this "television" with the buttons? Working on the computer, people can relieve fatigue and stress, obtained in the real world. It can replace us and the tv, watching videos, television programs and music, listening to music, radio, acts as a means of viewing photos, and more. etc. Also, speaking of entertainment, we can not say about the games, which have now become almost real reality.

Significantly expands the scope of entertainment when the computer is connected to the Internet. In the Internet you can find free software for your computer and download it. Computer to work. This point I would like to split into two parts: 1. Computer for work online, 2. Computer to work offline. In the first case, the work is fully connected with the connection to the Internet. We can choose the ways of generating income, existing today, that we love. Through the Internet you can look for work, do work to order and get paid to learn and earn in a particular direction (for example, you can learn how to make your site a bad thing make the creation and promotion of a website). One word to us online opens the door to financial independence. Three times that for the work is that all the office work you can just bring home and carry her home in comfortable atmosphere. Internet connection is not required. What here can be attributed specifically – is to work with office applications and text editors, is to work with graphics and video applications, it is also working with audio applications, and more. Computer as a communication tool. Today, the computer serves as a means of communication: Email Internet-pager (through special programs, such as Icq, with that message comes anywhere in the world in seconds) Phone, allows you to talk on the phone at a lower price, you can video conference when the conversation is with your camcorder. And Finally, special sites allow to leave messages, comments (forums, blogs, message boards, online diaries) In conclusion I would like to note that the pc is a remarkable creation of man, by means of which mankind has greatly accelerated the pace of growth and production. This machine performs a huge number of operations per unit time, which is not manageable, neither man nor what else exists on this planet. Internet, with the help of modern technology has given people the ability to communicate, work, study and rest. In short, life without a computer is simply not conceivable.