Word Press

Nobody was accustomed to the lyrics on the screen, to read with these visual patterns, and to effectively decode What we saw. However, now all we have become accustomed. The hand of the postings, newspapers online and the articles of the subjects that interest us, we are faced with hard, long and complex texts all the time. And nevertheless, we are perfectly able to understand them, read between the lines and extract its full meaning. Therefore, write content complexes, range and relevant for the web is possible. Here are a couple of recommendations to ensure the maximum effectiveness when it comes to putting our ideas into words.

Follow the inverted pyramid format. This way of writing notes, imported from the journalistic, proposes to put in the first paragraph the central idea, to go then unfolding the auxiliary or secondary ideas in successive paragraphs. It is a somewhat schematic, but ideal for those who do not have much discipline when composing a text. Try writing with this structure, and their texts will gain in clarity and readability. Do not endless prayers applies to the text on paper also. Follow the simple verbal sujeto+predicado format. Do not reverse the order, unless it deems it really important to give a certain effect for example great was my surprise, when the natural order is my surprise was great is consistent. If you start the text talking about a subject, complete with the same theme.

Include any conclusion in the last paragraph or idea which has arrive, after exposing his main idea and secondary ideas. Wander leave it to his personal blog. If you start talking about the new iPhone model, and its characteristics, not end the text with an ideological reasoning about why Apple has a monopoly on the software of its products. Soften. Long paragraphs are not good. Use all the resources that your content management system allows, which surely are several. Without going further, Word Press, one of the most popular content management systems allows apply complex formats to the text (style paragraph, bold, color, quotes, etc) don’t be afraid to expose his ideas in format Web. Users are already used, and if the topic is really interesting, and relevant, will have no problem in reaching the end point of your article, just as you expect it.