World Driving Innovation

The software behind many activities that we carry out, improving the world and becoming innovators to those who use it differently. To reveal the keys that will help us understand and integrate it into our lives we can resort to walkthroughs and attend conferences and congresses. One of these features upcoming events will be held on October 14 in Madrid: Congress of Software 2010. In this event, hosted by journalists and communicators such as Mara Torres and Eduard Punset, experts in software from IBM, and CEOs of different leading companies will help us to exploit all our potential, combining creativity and intelligence and promoting progress, returning to ask the value of ideas, creativity and innovation. In addition to offering us tools that help us to control and manage the business with dynamic infrastructures to ensure the quality.

Elements that are based on a more intelligent software, allowing us to innovate and to face the challenges that offer complex enterprise environments. This is the Mission of the software Intelligent that we propose and which aims to transform information into knowledge. How consegir with software solutions that facilitate decision-making with greater business value. Software that will allow us to know the contents of the data and store them, classify them, interpret them and transform them according to context. Collaborating and connecting people and processes to create an innovative environment that improves productivity, adapting to the needs of each client and protecting our Organization. And can identify risks, improve information protection and adapt to current regulations in a globalized world where information has become one of the main assets of the company.