Software advice is one of the mobile BI app for iPad by yellowfin to the world’s best mobile BI app for iPad by Apple of the international business intelligence (BI) and analytics software provider yellowfin from among the world’s six best ranked. The media company specialising in business-IT requested the most BI providers in the world to submit their best iPad app of our interfaces (UI) and write a review. Michael Koploy, Publisher of explained that yellowfin was recorded in the selection list of the 6 best designs for iPad BI software, because it “iOS had a great design as well as a sophisticated integration with Apple”. Glen Rabie, CEO of yellowfin, emphasized the inclusion of yellowfin is expression of the leading status of his company in the global market for mobile reporting and analytics marketplace. “Yellowfin has been working in recent years hard, to be able to offer a thoroughly compelling mobile BI experience,” Andrews said.

“Based on the fixed Yellowfins strategy towards mobile BI Convinced that the use of a mobile should be so entertaining and easy BI app, like browsing through an online magazine or the exchange of ideas with friends via social networks. “But we are of course aware that BI is an effective mobile about more than just great design. It comes instead to offer an intuitive, feature-rich user experience that allows business people to obtain data and information, they need to make better and faster decisions anywhere, anytime regardless.” The ranking of the 6 best designs in iPad BI software from is the “plotting”success to find blog, which “provides insights how business intelligence can lead to Intelligent Enterprise”. Koploy explained that the idea came to create a list of “best iPad UIs” the BI industry, after Howard Dresner 2012 of crowds mobile published its market study wisdom business intelligence market study, stating that “65% of” Mobile BI include priority in terms of company iPad hardware to the 1 or 2.” “As the call for iPad-based BI applications becomes louder, design for BI provider will become UI in the future a key factor”, explained Koploy. Yellowfin offers its customers the possibility, mobile analytics ready for use on any device and any platform at no additional cost for iPhone, iPad and Android, to get hybrid HTML 5 solutions or Web browser. More information the about mobile BI features here: YFWebsite-mobile-business-intelligence-24436 about yellowfin yellow fin is an international provider of business intelligence (BI) and analysis software, whose Hauptziel therein is BI to make as easy as possible. The yellowfin corporate headquarters are located in Melbourne, Austria lien. The company offers highly intuitive, 100% Web-based reporting and analysis solutions. Yellowfin was founded in 2003 with the aim of the complexity and costs of implementation and use of traditional BI tools to reduce and is today the leader in mobile, collaborative and einbettbarer BI, location intelligence and data visualization.