Anglos Frame

Fans can participate, teachers, technical specialists Conditions and Rules for Registration Registration for this contest shall be checked only to works that are framed for hanging. The Guide Marqueros Marqueros of CAMAPRA, Compania Argentina de Marqueros and Allied, are available to the contestant and to surrender along with the bases, this guide is formed by Marqueros Professionals Trust. If the artist has experience in framing can also frame your work, but will take into account the side of the picture, quality of material used and professionalism of the frame. Framed Art Contest With us we have to carry out our mission as a company that gathers Marqueros of Argentina, encouraging proper framing and preservation of the work for the same last. French art works that are framed by Marqueros should be identification of the nurse who took part in it.

The work must be clearly identified by artist. Aspects to be taken into account at all levels: 1 – Accuracy in court. 2 – The borders or edges of the cuttings must be neither torn nor be white. 4 – Each piece must be separated, formed and re assembled. Eg walking shoe. 5 – The glue should not be seen.

6 – There should be visible cracks or holes. 7 – Images must maintain perspective. 8 – The images should be embossed or Anglos giving the appearance of reality. 9 – The painted parts should give natural appearance to the work. 10 – The mats and frames should have a professional look and harmonize with the blade (not be more important than art).