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This may mean that if you want to sell more, you will need to open your business and your business to your customers so they understand better how you operate, as it builds and delivers its solutions, at the same time that you must achieve a deep understanding of the business of its customer and the opportunities for improvement that the has. In this way, the idea is to work collaboratively in identifying and implementing solutions. This is exactly what we’re doing with some of our clients. With one of them, we have created a Committee of technological strategy in the commercial area, which has allowed us as a whole, define business strategies and support them with technological tools to achieve greater productivity in areas of marketing, sales and service to the customer. On a quarterly basis we have a Committee which discusses openly between both teams (our customer and us) to understand the situation, identify opportunities for improvement and build solutions to those needs. We define jointly work plans which involved people from both companies and put in place concrete plans of action, which obviously include products and services of our company.

We are currently replicating it in other of our customers, but we are doing it in a very manual way. The next step is to include more technology in the process. The reference article mentions a very interesting theme called customer ecosystem. Refers to a series of tools that allow to support the activity of co-creation of solutions between the client and the provider. Some of them are: use of tools of Social Networking (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) to work collaboratively in the development of products and services. Many companies have a presence on these networks to share information and concepts with clients Wikis for customers. A Wiki is a web site that is developed jointly. Its application in the commercial concept is to establish a web site in which you can share with the customer a product development process, a problem of administrative or technical type and in general any aspect that can help to collaboratively develop a solution portals enabled for the client.

Virtual Private Hosting Server

A Virtual private hosting server has become the latest technology of additives for the computing world. In fact, a new option has been given to get rid of the problems of shared web hosting. Gradually improving the cost and how to work with web sites. Actually, it is a way of dividing a dedicated server on two or more separate servers. It can be taken as partitions on the server in such a way that all work independently one from the other. The main benefit of the VPS is that each web site will have your set of custom resources drawn from a common place. Entities such as the memory space, computer, hardware, software and networking tools processes are independent for each web site. Assigned users get a share of the server and will not be interdependent on neighboring web sites work.

It will be the same feeling as a dedicated hosting. The main advantage of the virtual private web hosting server is cost reduction. Dedicated servers require a large investment for your purchase. Even if he has received for a monthly rent, this will give you a high cost. In addition, there will also be other resources including, which add to costs. If you are considering the purchase of a server, you may need a team to manage it in a correct way. VPS is a great choice for people looking to buy the services dedicated to moderate cost. Your business needs the best hosting service? It offers the best Web Hosting servers for an optimum performance to develop your business on the Internet.

Worker Appropriate

A process to improve, requires that three things happen simultaneously: wanting to improve. To improve (includes knowing as and having with what). Act accordingly. Wanting to improve is directly related to the attitude of the workers involved in the design, which is resulting in: motivation and personality of each individual. To improve depends in turn of two conditions know how to improve and have the means and sufficient to improve. Knowledge refers to the knowledge, experience and skill of the worker, not only to perform their tasks well, but also to be able to improve them. Having refers to having the necessary means: technology and raw.

It is necessary that the company has the technology appropriate, that neither should be necessarily the tip which usually ends underused-, nor that his level of deterioration and obsolescence halt efforts to improve productivity. The same happens with the raw, because, if the company takes the necessary care to ensure its supply of necessary throughout the quantity and quality of the productive chain, is considerably facilitate efforts to improve productivity. Having just that knowledge and love, has its essential dimensions through which the influence of the object is determined to diagnose on the results of the system act accordingly refers specifically to the role played by the company’s management, are managers who have the responsibility of which the first four factors act accordingly, i.e., in the quantities, qualities and with the opportunity needed to achieve productivity to emerge. The steps for improvement, these would be: 1. define the problem or deviation detected on indicators and objetivos.2. Establish the most appropriate measurement mechanisms according to the nature of the problema.3. Identify the causes that produce the problem, determining which is the most relevant, establishing possible solutions and take the most appropriate option, through the analysis of obtenidos.4 data. Establish action plans, and implement the mejora.


This is a technique that with which it is discovering what they do well (your business sector or other) leaders, and then tries to adapt that knowledge to our company (for his detractors, basically consists of copy!) However, it is much more than that. I remember that when I was young (not so many years ago!) had the idea that the Japanese copied. What did well Japan after World War II however, was lifting a country demolished and almost medieval in some aspects, becoming the second economic power. For this reason, in addition to applying benchmarking, hired two American specialists in quality, Deming and Juran, they taught them about total quality aspects, and everything that adapted it to their way of doing things. And the result is that today Japan is one of the leading countries in technology.

The Japanese followed other oriental dragons, as Korea of the South, which nowadays already begins to be also pointers, or Taiwan. The next one will be China, which is still in the stage of copying, but in some industries is beginning to emerge. In addition to this small review at the international level (which would do us no harm to note in Spain, that we are not reference almost nothing), the benchmarking can be applied in our businesses in several ways:-observing best practices that performs the competition (or, again, companies from other sectors). -Obtaining such information through our employees – about other companies in which they have been or who know by other means-. -For customers and vendors (though you must be careful with this information, that due to interests that may have perhaps is not at all certain or accurate).

-Can be a cooperative benchmarking, exchanging information on best practices with companies that are not our competition. -Collect information in various sources, such as press and magazines, Internet, fairs and exhibitions, etc. The benchmarking also can be an interesting technique personally, i.e. how professionals can have certain models of action in classmates, acquaintances, famous people in certain areas observing and analyzing those facets that make them stand out in their fields of activity also you can learn a lot, and improve. For example, I remember the case of a colleague who was very good in the preparation of reports. And not only because it was fast, but it was very rare that he wrong, even handling a huge amount of data. The secret of its success was that it was making a series of checks before delivering the report and estimated a series of ratios to verify the reasonableness of the information. Something as simple or as complicated – how that allowed him to detect anomalies, and as a result, be almost foolproof. And is a technique that all those who regularly prepare reports can apply with relative ease, and with great benefit.

The Century

Jesus is not afraid, not afraid any us. And he says: check that I submit to your experience. I am safe, certain, that suits you. Your experience takes the job of doing the verification, and then tell me if you do not belong. Since then there is no proposal, in life, first having so much confidence in the human heart, and that take so enserio about the man, because Jesus is not imposed, be It proposes. And says: test, is expressed in the see you with me that says the Gospel. Your test, experiencing all the way, this relationship with Jesus, and life itself, your experience will tell you if it corresponds or does not correspond. Therefore in order to make this experience, and come to have this certainty, what if we want to much is able to meet Jesus.

Where is Jesus?, where can I find Jesus? In a place, only in a human place. The same dynamic that had at first, has to continue until the end of the century. Early man, he was a human reality, one carene, the mystery was involved, the mystery made present, and also today after vente centuries, still the same dynamics in a flesh in a human reality, mystery is present, and I do experience the. It is the human, that human flesh, the Christian community is called, I am with you until the end of the world? Therefore in order to have this experience of Christ, it is necessary my accession, meet me, my links, my relationship with this Christian community, which is the Church. No I do not have this relationship, I can never have this real experience with Christ. End of the seminar.

Los Best Hotels Resorts

The Riviera Maya is a place of great tourist interest and with enchanting landscapes with the ecological reserves, jungle, its magnificent turquoise sea and countless archaeological remains allow escape from the real world, to settle in the tranquility of the Mayan culture. An important feature of the Riviera Maya is its diversity of accommodation, since it is large and beautiful resorts, some operating in the mode of all-inclusive, luxurious Spas with all appropriate facilities for rest and relaxation, as well as small cabins built in harmony with the forest overlooking the sea. That is why we advise you 5 hotels with the best rates: 1. charm Lighthouse an exclusive All Suites Beach hotel, which offers the best of two worlds in their suites: the comfort and privacy of your own home and the atmosphere that can only be found in a luxury enclosure. With its landmark lighthouse, Encanto El Faro, is the setting for vacation with style.

Located on the corner of the 1st. North Avenue and Calle 10, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya. Each of these suites offers the elegance of a resort five stars. 2 Aventura Spa Palace hotel has classical architecture of a Mexican hacienda that merges with a contemporary style, to spread among the lush vegetation, mangrove and sea different entries, so this hotel resort becomes an ideal space to spend a holiday of luxury with a touch of romance. 3. Playacar Palace Wyndham Grand Resort Este intimate and luxurious resort is definitely the dream space to celebrate the beginning of a life together. With details for a great occasion and the charm of the suite with sea view, this hotel built at the foot of the beach with an incredible view to the Caribbean Sea and the island of Cozumel, is one of the best in the Riviera Maya. 4 Aventura Cove Palace with a traditional Mexican hacienda style but with facilities of luxury, panoramic views of the Caribbean and tropical forest, this hotel is perfect for leisure and rest total, since it is a hacienda classic with Mexican warmth.

Due to its unique location, this resort offers a splendid area to do kayaking, snorkeling, and a host of alternatives for a memorable family holiday. 5. Grand Coco Bay hotel’s strategic location offers the convenience of move to Fifth Avenue, where the shopping is located and fun of Playa del Carmen, in addition to the best restaurants and bars. Decoration, colors and the excellent service of this resort make it the perfect place to live the most authentic essence of the Caribbean and traditional Mexican hospitality. If you are looking for a place to vacation, the Riviera Maya definitely has it all, is one of the best places with accommodations for all kinds of travellers in the Mexican Caribbean.