Software Development Kit

Third fact: ASP.NETpodderzhivaet several language of choice for application development of a language does not affect the fact that it can be done. And all because no matter what language was used, all code you can create a. NET – the usual command-line utility that displays in a console message 'Hello World'. Now let's look at it from the other side. The following shows will look like IL-code for the Main ():. Method private hidebysig static void Main (string args) cil managed with Visual Studio and. NET SDK (Software Development Kit – a toolkit of software development). When the utility ildasm.exe loaded, you need to take advantage of available in the menu File (File) command Open (Open) and select the desired DLL-or EXE-file that was created with.

NET. Meanwhile, Who needs a powerful disassembler that can try to take advantage of the wonderful (and also free) program, Reflector, which is available for download at the following address:. Thanks to the volunteers set up the plug modules, it allows you to make a chart, analyze and decompile the IL-code in any assembly. Since the client never gets compiled code file, the client is not possible to disassemble it, so issues of privacy and control code is not an obstacle for developers ASP.NET. Fourth fact: ASP.NETobsluzhivaetsya CLR Perhaps the most important aspect of the mechanism of ASP.NET is that it operates within the runtime CLR. The entire medium. NET Framework – that is, all namespaces and classes of applications – called managed code.

The main advantages of CLR: Automatic memory management and garbage collection. Each time an application creates an instance of an object reference type (reference-type object). CLR allocates memory space for it in the managed heap. However, you never have to clean the memory manually. Once the object reference goes out of scope (or application ends), the object becomes available for garbage collection.

Face Recognition Software

With the theme, I'll try then risked projecting a false image of myself. I say this because in today's society, dominated by hedonism (pursuit of pleasure as the supreme end) there is a tendency to stereotype so easily. For example, usually when I make one of my thoughts, I am branded as 'communist', which shows that having a critical view of the system of modern life makes people look for the best-known model to represent that vision. When this happens, to keep things simple, I prefer to remain silent, as if trying to explain that I am not and there are other stereotypes that define me better, I'd have to start long explanations (unpopular because of what it is these stereotypes): secular humanist, scientific skeptic, freethinker, anarchist, 'bright', etc., etc. Despite the above, I refer to the issue of Venezuela. Many times I heard about the horrors of that country, in particular on the limitations of individual freedom that supposedly imposed or government seeks to impose. Do not want to look further into this subject, which gives me mixed feelings.

On the one hand, it seems, the country is moving away from the neoliberal system (of which I am so critical), but that is to be achieved from the top down and a libertarian believes the changes are from the bottom up. However, what really worries me are the priorities that have people in my country about issues that affect societies. According to the experience I have, most of my compatriots are terrible these restrictions allegedly trying to impose the Venezuelan government, but there are terrible events occurring before their very eyes and, from my point of view often are worse. To show that this is so, I refer to some examples. – The freedom we have some foreign companies to come and settle the country and remove non-renewable resources and all that that implies: environmental damage, internal conflicts, the creation of new needs, etc.. The most important recent , is the arrival of. – The provision to use progressive technology to identify people. This, in order, supposedly, to give greater security to the citizens, however, this would clearly violates individual freedom.

The most recent case, software that detects and identifies people at a distance by recognizing faces. – The complete freedom and impunity that politicians to violate the law. A case 'cool', and can be seen by anyone, is that even though the statutory period does not begin to do so. In my opinion, these examples do not generate the debate that should, with only the Communists claim ever. And if you want to criticize what is happening in other countries, finally, I consider much more important to talk about countries that use force to free the others (if you know what country I mean.) Finally, I can not mention that the 'order' in the social priorities that a person has in this world so hedonistic be the least to complicate the existence. So you think will become the majority and, in general, most believe what is said in the media.

Migration Registration

The main activities of riu are: – maintaining a contingent of foreign students – passport and visa paperwork foreign students and people arriving on international hmei program of educational and scientific cooperation; – migration registration at the place of stay of foreign students and guests. Currently, department employees are forced to manually carry cards of foreign students Fixing basic information about their stay in Russia, to monitor students and registration deadlines in a timely manner to send reports at the request of the Interior, the Ministry of Education and the Federal Service security. To clarify the current status of educational information department employees are turning to obschevuzovskoy database of students, whereas the state passport and visa documents are tracked manually. January 15, 2007 entered into the Federal Law 109 "On Migration Registration of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Russian Federation, under which temporarily residing or temporarily staying in the Russian Federation, the foreign citizen is obliged to the expiration of three business days after arrival register at the place of residence. It is necessary to submit documents to the list of standard pattern, or a notice, which must be two Signature head of organization and official seal. After passing through the account in the fms in the Saratov region of the tear-off notice is an international student.

Each time you travel abroad a student must in 2 days return this part of the university for the subsequent return to the fms. Violation of the rules for foreign citizens on account of the place of residence faces a fine of 40 to 50 thousand rubles officer of the University, which requires special careful attention to paperwork and control timing of registration. Despite the importance of the role of departments dealing with foreign nationals in each institution and the growing year by year the number of foreign students, so has not been developed the software to support the success of the department. To solve this problemybyla system passport and visa registration of foreign students and visitors to Divisions subjugated to foreign students umc and wec automate the following functions of RIU: – Maintaining filing of foreign students and visitors – reporting; – archiving foreign students and guests. The introduction of this information system will optimize the management of the Passport and Visa account umc and wpp, to increase the efficiency of riu, and possibly increase the number of foreign students wishing to study at university, which in turn will increase the ranking of educational institutions at the national and international levels. Currently programmazaregistrirovana registry programs Computer and successfully used in one of Russian universities.

Watch Series Online

If we consider the numerical number of feature films, defined every year appear on the screen, with real conviction to assert that the world film industry is not standing idle in one place. It is clear that review all existing movies is hard enough, but in turn is quite legitimate and understandable desire to see all the best, in fact – is feasible. In addition, absolutely no need to wait, definitely when any new feature film will go to a movie theater in his native village, and certainly no need to buy a ticket and spend their personal time to visit the cinema. Quite enough to have personal or notebook computer with an Internet connection. It does not bring problems to look for a special Web resource, representing a free online movie theater. Movies online offered for free in the cinema can pick their own, given their own wishes and of course taste. Given the fact that on the website are collected in general, all genres of film, as well as the latest movies, you can say with absolute certainty that absolutely anyone will pick up in this online movie theater for themselves what a fascinating addition to this fully, regardless of age and gender. Series online would be a perfect wholesome recreational activities for almost any adult, as they have in stock a wide selection, and view them it is possible to absolutely any time day or night.

Of course, a significant number of movies available for fans of science fiction. Of course obviously will be, satisfied and happy children, because this online movie theater, offers an impressive set of children's films and of course the cartoons, it is understandable in the compilation of both already-known bands, as well, and recently emerged on the cinema screens. Definitely through this web portal, will not challenge than take their own children, because it should just simply get on this here web-based resource and enable children interesting modern cartoon or film. Watch movies at any given time offers a wealth of resources on the Internet, but here it is specifically this web site offers their full free and therefore fully nothing prevents enjoy exciting and modern films. In addition, clearly will not be superfluous to note that this web-portal also offers a variety of video clips without pay legendary performers musicians. In absolutely any period allowed acquainted with trailers feature new films, the official real way that the screens only highly planned. Looking at this web resource Alternatively, you can not just watch any movie as strictly for adults and for children, but, in turn, together with this look at tv programs or listen to online radio. The notable advantage of this very definitely Web portal is that it daily updates, well, it would mean that the tapes are being added. Find something entertaining for me personally would absolutely everyone, even those which directly do not care about movies, because the site has an impressive collection of documentaries and natural history films. Suggested videos are produced specifically as a foreign film companies, including including domestic ones.

Large Scanning Equipment

C inception, Colortrac was the leader in creating color and monochrome large format scanner. It was first proposed affordable equipment to scan a color image in the process of copying large originals, and wide-scan printing, construction, engineering, gis, cartography, and many other industries where you want to translate the image into electronic form. Industry applications Colortrac scanners varied: Architecture Building internal corporate services Electronic document management (EDM) Digitization of documents (EDC) Mechanical Engineering (CAD / cam / CAE) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Printing and art copy documents into the scanner Colortrac apply the latest technical advances in order to expand the market wide-scan imaging and large format. All Components of scanners, ranging from mechanical components and ending with electronics and software, made by Colortrac, and its subsidiaries, which allows complete control over the entire production process reduce production costs and assure our customers of quality production and low cost products. This article we have dedicated review of the fifth generation ccd scanners Colortac – SmartLF Gx – the most innovative and perfect for crawlers today. Scanners SmartLF Cx currently lead the market CIS-scanners. Scanner models: any scanner Colortrac SmartLF series is ideal for all types of large-format scanning, archiving, copying and printing as applied to a wide range of originals.

Series Colortrac SmartLF Cx – recommended for the image width to 40 inches and is represented by three models. Uses the latest CIS-technology that provides high-speed monochrome scanning, color and rapid color widescreen rapid scanning. The maximum resolution of 3,600 dpi.

Network Software

Today on the forums more often you can find such topics as "Prompt program for nerds," "Which network program better," "Help me pick a program for a grid consisting of the N-th number of computers, servers, and such a number of users ", etc. What is the meaning of the term "network programs" and what are they for? Networking software – the software responsible for the stable operation of the computer park of the organization. I think it makes no sense to explain that all the computers in your organization with the need to enter into a common network, so such programs are called network. Network performs in the company of two main functions. First, it allows employees to work as a team. And, secondly, the network helps to make better use of available resources, helps employees to share the scarce or expensive resources.

For example, a printer for each workplace – it is expensive and inefficient. Sharing a printer on the network can save on equipment costs. Network programs are designed to solve many problems and challenges associated with the network, such as: having problems with the equipment, hardware and software, information security companies, equipment inventory, the organization shared file system of the enterprise, and much more. AND Although a variety of computer networks is enormous now, problems occur everywhere about the same. Network programs are designed to quickly deal with them. Protect the network should be primarily from external threats: hacker attacks, viruses, sniffers, etc. But most importantly, the system administrator may have to protect the network and from internal users.


The resort town of Anapa found refuge in the Black Sea coast near the Strait of Kerch. Picturesque Krasnodarskie steppe and formidable Caucasus mountains surrounded it from all sides. Despite the fact that this is one of the most northern resorts on the Black Sea resorts in Novorossiysk has become one of the most popular holiday destinations. Abundant sunshine over 280 days a year flock to the water surface of the sea, heats it up to optimum temperature. Thus, This area boasts of a uniform, mild climate, not tayaschim a no surprises in the form of sharp temperature fluctuations. Many thousands of tourists interested send their views in Anapa side, seduced by beautiful sandy beaches, velvety-soft sea, abundant fruit and smiling locals. Anapa has deep historical roots, because the amount she was about 2,5 thousand years.

Being in the power of the Greek ancient city Syndic emerged on the northern Black Sea coast in the vi century bc In those days it is fairly rapidly gained fame center of commerce and culture, to spread its influence throughout north-eastern part of the Black Sea coast. Further follow-century natural development of handicraft arts, viticulture and winemaking, as well as commercial operations. iii century ad – The decline and destruction of beauty the city under pressure of barbarians. Stage revival of the north-eastern coastal land associated with the nation Genoese, but over time the palm in data management areas into the hands of the Turks. It is this historical period, the researchers associated with the emergence of the modern names of Anapa, descended from the fortress of Anapa-Calais, built in xviii century.