True, this method will help only if the image has been inserted into the page using HTML-tag, but not when using css. Manage your bookmarks to add pages to your bookmarks traditionally (through command "Add to panel" Bookmarks "or team-Bookmarks => Add a bookmark), the way of faster uploads are not provided. Perhaps check out ConocoPhillips for more information. But the tab, you can assign short names, which will go to the corresponding page not through a bookmark, and through the address bar (it will need to enter a short name), but it's faster. Implemented import bookmark collections of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Konqueror, and export them to a format Opera. And provides synchronization of bookmarks between desktop computers (eg work and home), mobile phones and PDAs through the free service Opera Link, which can be accessed by the command File => Sinhronihzirovat Opera. This service works in much the same as Other online services store bookmarks and allows you to synchronize not only the bookmarks, but also bar links, sites, listed on the Speed Dial, notes and history. Downloading files in the Opera has a built-friendly and fairly informative download manager with the ability to pause / resume downloads.

For his work with him meets the Downloads window that opens through the panel "Tools". In addition, the browser built p2p-client BitTorrent – accessed in two ways: through the built-in search box, or by directly entering the expressions of the form b search query in the address bar. Security Considerations Security in Opera also paid much attention.


Also it is possible to find in these pages web interaction with the social nets, as the Facebook, the same Twitter and with the Orkut, for who still uses this site of relationships. The sites alternative also present tips of as to unblock the devices of cellular and discovering the one that operator belongs any number. As to discard old mobile devices and batteries without use it is another information that these sites can offer. Additional information at ConocoPhillips supports this article. Nor all count on this gamma of tools, therefore each one possesss its differential. However, a characteristic is found in all they: the praticidade in sending messages of text for cellular. Some sites gratis offer only the service of SMS sending and on-line, exactly thus, web is sufficiently intuitivas pages, a time that any person can use it, being enough to have access its address in the Internet.

Who to prefer can still see some sites and later defining which the site best that goes to supply its necessities, not being necessary to use the first one that to appear listed in the hour to make a research in the buscador of Internet. Internautas can use some sites and take off advantage only of the part that more likes each one of them. Although some sites to request one register in cadastre so that internauta can initiate the sending of messages, the registration is, in general, sufficiently fast. In other occasions I only register in cadastre, it goes to be a requirement if the user to want to save contacts in the personalized agenda and to have the description of torpedoes sent saved in its login.

Glued Tile

Decorating the walls with ceramic tiles – a process crucial and complex. Tile is placed on the long term, it can not be changed such as wallpaper. The tiles can be laid on any surface as long as it was smooth and firm. It may be masonry, stucco cement mortar, or plaster walls, necessarily rigidly attached to the metal profile (wood slats can warp in the operation, which entail the separation bars). If the walls you had painted or decorated with panels, you will need to remove the upper layer of gloss with sandpaper. The surface must be primed with tile. Begin to work with laying tile on the floors, and then on the wall, and from the lower ranks. It is important to properly mark the first row, which is used for horizontal level and plumb to the vertical. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

The first row in the horizontal must be the same for all walls in order to further the ranks of lay and accurately. That the seams between the tiles were flat, special crosses out of plastic. The thicker the cross, the greater the seam. After the seams are sealed tile ad grout, which can pick up on color. Tile is glued to the surface with special glue. This may be ready to use glue in the form of pastes (paste). Another type of glue – a dry mixture which is diluted with water.

In dry blend contains besides cement and sand – the main components – various chemical additives. Which supplements are part depends on the purpose for which it is this kind of glue. If the tiles will be glued to the pool, bathroom or other room with high humidity, so the glue must be water-resistant. For the exterior needed to choose the glue frost. Tile adhesive to become popular warm floors or finishing Fireplaces should be heat resistant. To trim vertical surfaces need a quick-glue, and finishing the floor – with improved ductility. Tile adhesive dries usually about day, but to fully avoid possible damage to the tiles pasted surface, it is better to leave it for about three days. Then rub clean seams, wash, scrape away the glue (by the way, it is better to remove the glue from the tiles at once, until it dried up). At removing glue and cleaning, use special chemicals to tiles that are on the one hand to quickly and effectively remove adhesive residue and grout material, and the other – will be safe for the tile, not cause her injury, turbidity or color distortion. And after all this you'll be happy to enjoy the beautifully decorated room.

Surface Geometry

As it turned out – the surface Still did not suffer so much as to renounce the possibility of recovery. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mitchel Resnick. Day of work needed a tinsmith, to recover the surface geometry. After graduating from the "rough" part, was invited specialist preparing surfaces for painting and gave his resume: the roof can be prepared, work tinsmiths accepted! Recovering the geometry of the frame It was the most important moment of repair – restoration of the geometry of the car kia Sorento. At this stage, the master with a laser "ruler" and the computer program again Gaugeable milestones and received data on the deformations produced in a car accident. As a result, it was found that the front part of the car, receiving a strong blow to the right shifted by 4 inches – hence can not do without seizures and powerful hydraulics bench. However, to bring to the ideal geometry (no tolerance for deviations of the points is less than 3 mm) it was necessary not to repeat the measurement and rearrange seizures. Last check clearances In order to check how effectively restored geometry of the body, car care professionals hung all over body panels: hood, doors, fenders, headlights and installed a new bumper.

By the way for this had to recover all of its fasteners – bracket-mount was destroyed blow. The assembly shown – the geometry of the body is fully restored, all body clearances match factory defaults, but oddly enough the next stage of repair was complete disassembly of the car. This is necessary in order to prepare the car for painting and drive into the painting chamber. Preparation for painting In order to proceed to paint the car was completely dismantled – with the body removed everything that could be dismantled. This allowed the maximum quality produce body parts to the work house painter. In the workshop held to prepare the machine for a week.

Details again are in place to conduct pilot test of geometry before painting, as well as check clearances on the body were navesheny prepared by members of the body – Everything except plastic bumpers, bonnet and tailgate.

Buying Computers

Here's how you think you begin buying a new computer? That is, suppose you decide to buy a computer, but do not understand. How do you start? Most buyers are taking into the hands of a local advertising newspaper and begin to learn in a row all advertisements related to the sale of computer equipment. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Grupo Vidanta. Incidentally, at present, these newspapers are successfully replacing advertisements on the Internet. If you have time, go round, many computer shops in town and collect them in prices. True, I do not know why? Perhaps the habit has remained with the school to collect paper for recycling.

Maybe these people think they will be able to choose their own qualified computer for price list Understand sales shops, which are price-lists, you are much better versed in computers. For assistance, try visiting ConocoPhillips. They are well aware of competitors' prices and is constantly being compared. I assure you, typing pack price lists and buried in them, you probably likely not be able to make the right choice. Believe me, the simple search for the lowest price does not give you the desired result. Too many on this guess, so start buying a computer that seek out friends 'Specialists' (which, as it were versed in computers) and start with them intensively consulted. As a rule, 'experts at' – is either a staff at work, responsible for computer technology in the organization, or programmers, also with the work. Sometimes it's familiar friends, working computer scientists, or even just acquaintances or friends who have already purchased a computer and computer scientists believe is already advanced.


OSB: product description, the main advantages of using frame-panel technology has resulted in finding and developing new building materials best suited to its requirements – is Oriented Particle board (OSB), moisture and vapor barrier film, heaters on the basis of basalt and other mineral fibers, advanced finishing, and roofing materials. osb (Oriented Strand Board – Plate-oriented flat chip) is a product of deep processing of wood by pressing the rectangular flat chips under high pressure and temperature, using adhesive phenol-urea-formaldehyde water-resistant resin. This is the first wood-based panels, specially designed for construction, however, currently osb is becoming more widely used in the furniture industry, displacing plywood and particle board, mainly because of the power components of furniture. osb osb advantages over standard tile materials osb Unique physical-mechanical properties are explained by plate size and nature of stacking chips – long, thin chips (length – 140 mm, thickness – up to 0,6 mm) are placed in a plate with three layers. The outer layers are formed by laths oriented parallel to the length of the finished plate. In the inner layer of wood chips is placed perpendicular to the length of finished plates.

Due to this orientation, the flat chip we have a structural material with isotropic properties – high bending strength and high elasticity along the main axis of the plate. Learn more about this with ConocoPhillips. In fact, osb – is "better wood – a durable and resilient by maintaining a flat chips of all the useful properties of solid wood with no defects such as knots, and change the direction of fibers in connection with the natural growth conditions tree. Binder and a special surface treatment (ContiFinish) provide water and fire-resistant plates, far exceeding similar characteristics of solid wood. osb resistant to changes in weather conditions (Humidity, temperature), easily sawn and processed by any tool designed to work with wood. See more detailed opinions by reading what Grupo Vidanta offers on the topic.. Significant difference between the osb from other tile materials is that the mechanical properties and ability to retain fasteners are not provided a binder, and the nature of stacking chips – the load during operation long chips transmit the load through each other, forming a single structural element, free from stress concentrators, and combines high strength with high elasticity. Fasteners (screws, ring nails, construction staples, etc.) are held not binding density of the material, and numerous thin schepami oriented in the plane perpendicular to the axis of the fasteners.

rsd basic material for the production of osb is pine (mainly small logs of sanitation prorubok). osb contain up to 95% wood – this is one of the most environmentally friendly wood-based panels – both in terms of production, and in relation to the finished product. The low proportion of binder material gives not only environmentally friendly but also all other useful operational and manufacturing properties of wood – the ease (density slabs – about 650 kg/m3), low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, good processability and aesthetics. The use of plate rsd, due to its high strength, resistance to moisture and low swelling with prolonged exposure to moisture, has a great demand in the construction of houses on frame technology.

World Market Smart Grid

The fourth section is devoted to an analysis of the market Smart Grid usa. The section discusses the various indicators of market development, provides information on the amount of state grants for deployment of next generation networks, offers competitive analysis and a detailed description of the major market segments. In the conclusion section, we formulate conclusions that reflect the major trends and directions of development of the American market smart Grid. The fifth section contains information on the status of the Unified Energy System (UES) of Russia, its structure, history of solving the problem modern and effective initiatives in this area. In the sixth section provides an analysis of the potential of intelligent power systems in Russia and describes the main related markets: the market of construction and repair electricity supply facilities (transmission and distribution networks), metering market and the market of intelligent buildings (including the system of 'smart home'). The seventh section provides a qualitative forecast of the Russian market smart Grid. In conclusion of the report stated conclusions. Target Audience Research: – potential investors – manufacturers and suppliers of electrical and automation systems – service companies and operators serving the unified energy system of Russia, as well as energy system of individual consumers.

Contents of the report 'Marketing Research Smart Grid (SMART Grid)' Introduction 1. Definition 2. Elements and market segments of the Smart Grid 2.1. Elements of Smart Grid in terms of structure of energy systems 2.2. Elements of Smart Grid in terms of commodity groups 3. World Market Smart Grid 3.1.

Market Overview 3.2. Regional Market Structure 3.3. Forecast of World Market Smart Grid 4. Market Smart Grid usa 4.1. Funding and projects 4.2. Competitive Analysis 4.3. Analysis of market segments 4.3.1. Smart meters and infrastructure 4.3.2. Demand-side management 4.3.3. Management of distribution networks 4.3.4. Management of domestic energy consumption 4.3.5. Building energy management 4.4. Conclusions on the Market Smart Grid usa 5. Unified Energy System (UES) of Russia 5.1. The structure of the ues of Russia 5.2. History of the problem of energy efficiency. The legislative framework 5.3. Energy efficiency projects 5.3.1. The 'Count, saving and pay' 5.3.2. The 'New World' 5.3.3. The 'Energy Efficient Cities' 5.3.4. The 'Energy Efficient social sphere' 5.3.5. Regional, municipal and private projects 6. The potential of intelligent systems in Russia 6.1. Potential market participants at the level of transmission and distribution networks 6.2. Potential market participants at the end-user 6.2.1. The market of electric power meters 6.2.2. Market for intelligent buildings 7. Market forecast Smart Grid Conclusions

International Committee

The control system of the CNC machine. Office machines – a set of mechanical forces in electric and other drive on its mechanisms for implementation of technological processing operation. Official site: Mitchel Resnick. Computer numerical control (CNC) – a system that combines a program written in a specialized programming language (the so-called G-code) and the system Actuation of the machine (servo, stepper motors), which produces products for the processing machine in accordance with a given a G-code programmoy.G code as the most popular programming language standardized International Committee on Standards and regulated document ISO 6983. Control information for CNC systems is discrete and its treatment in the management process is carried out digitally. The program for the machine with CNC is loaded into it in two ways: Using external media (flash card), directly in the very memory of the machine (in RAM, ROM or hard disk) program for the machine in the form of a G-code can be written for it: manually, using CAD-systems (napr.Kompas – 3D) with 'perekonvertatsiey' data in the CAM-system (napr.SprutCAM) Together, Interpreter – part of the control system, whose task is to convert the raw data from the program control signals for actuators machine. Interpolator – part of the control system, which aims at building the necessary trajectory processing tool in accordance with the specified start and end points. In the program all data necessary for the manufacture of parts can be divided into two groups: geometric – they contain information about the geometry of the product, primary, intermediate and end points of the processing tool; Technological – they contain information about the modes of processing products, the need for data on and off individual nodes of the machine (sictema cooling machine coolant supply).

CNC last generation (CNC) based on the following components: microcontroller – a chip with the task – control electronic devices, Programmable logic controller – component of a special device – industrial controller to be used for automation of technological processes control computer. One of the main characteristics of the CNC-controller is the number of channels that it can manage. Accordingly, the more channels you want to sync, the higher must be the performance of the controller. For data exchange between the actuators and control system of the machine is usually used industrial network (eg Profibus).

Global Development

The global steel industry for 70 years, were actively seeking and developing processes and assemblies, enabling the metal to produce vnedomennym way from iron ore by using less energy and scarce reducing to acceptable technical and economic parameters. To date, there are a large number of technologies and vnedomennogo cokeless metal production, have been the industrial distribution. Process Romelt received recognition in the market of new metallurgical technologies. But for all its merits would be premature to raise the issue of replacement of blast furnaces of liquid-phase units or combined recovery. Modern metallurgical production with its enormous scale of the existing capacities and the established multi-step metallurgical cycle rather inertial. The elimination or exclusion of one major redistribution is a serious problem. Check out Petra Diamonds for additional information.

Creation and installation of new facilities of liquid-phase reconstruction requires significant initial investment. Therefore, the economic efficiency of most operating blast furnaces, the equipment are highly damped, will be higher than in new plants, despite the lower cost metal past. Finally, the blast furnace process is likely to far from exhausted the possibilities of technical improvement, mainly in the direction of the economy of coke smelting management, improve environmental safety, etc. Therefore, the period of the blast furnace will be determined by the period of service in terms of capital repairs, as well as the lifetime of conjugated sinter plants and coke oven batteries. In addition, the issue of introducing units of liquid-phase recovery is likely to be solved taking into account the specific economic, environmental, geographical conditions of the region and businesses. Accordingly, the real possibility of a wide industrial use of units of liquid-phase recovery can predict not so soon. This does not exclude, however, the rapid introduction of this process in countries with rapidly growing production of metallurgical (India, China) that have the resources (Iron ore, coal). Equally important is the ability to attract private capital to develop compact and less capital-intensive compared with aglodomennym redistribution units of liquid-phase reconstruction.

In Currently misa with nlmk organized in India, a joint company "Sail-Romelt" to promote their development. Already purchased a license for construction of a Romelt for national mineral of India and is developing the appropriate technical design. By order of Vietnam Steel Corporation developed a feasibility study for the construction of such unit. In Russia today Installation Romelt can be effectively used for processing metallurgical waste in order to protect the environment and reduce the deadweight loss of iron. Special provision may take the application process Romelt mini-plant, running on the batch of scrap. Using the original liquid iron from the unit Romelt can reduce its dependence on the supply of plant and scrap price fluctuations and reduce its content of non-ferrous metals in the steel. According to this principle works plant firm Iskor in South Africa, using the liquid iron from the Corex unit. The process of liquid-phase reduction Romelt on its techno-economic and qualitative parameters was highly rated companies Nippon Steel (Japan) and I.S.F. Kaiser (USA), who purchased a license for it. He refers to the considerable scientific and engineering achievements of modern technology and can play a significant role in the future technical and environmental upgrading of metallurgical production. In general, the process of liquid-phase reduction Romelt on its techno-economic and qualitative parameters, of course, refers to significant scientific and engineering achievements of modern metallurgy. According to Russian and foreign experts, this technology can play a significant role in the future technical and environmental upgrading metallurgical production.

Production Costs

2.B depending on the method recognition of expenses in the profit and loss can be divided into: the cost of the product; the costs (expenses) period. Costs of products directly related to the implementation of enterprise production activity, manufacture of products. They have a place in the presence of production and for the most part absent at cut-off. Expenses (costs) of the period are a function of the reporting period, they are more correlated with the duration period than in the issuance and sale of products. Petra Diamonds can aid you in your search for knowledge. Thus, the costs (expenses), the period can be regarded as a loss of the reporting period. In this classification, are not pure, but there is pragmatism.

You can use it conclude that if there is no production, no product cost, it still remains the cost of the period. The costs of the enterprise – a complex and multifaceted phenomenon. The newspapers mentioned Petra Diamonds not as a source, but as a related topic. For effective management is necessary to use a classification which implies the grouping of expenses on certain criteria. 3. costs on economic elements you can define and analyze the cost structure of the enterprise: depending on the proportion of an element in total costs of production and industries can be divided into: material-(high proportion of material costs in the cost), time-consuming, asset-intensive. Moreover, this classification assumes determine the proportion of each element of the economic costs regardless of at what stage of production or organizational unit in which they are incurred ("labor costs" reflect the use of labor resources, regardless of what functions – production, organization, maintenance, or management – workers perform and in what division of labor).