Audiometria Example

When we use and, the terms in the joined document can occur in any part of the same. However, being about a great document, many words will be able to generate some inconveniences that really are not object of the document. To have certainty that the terms typed for the research will be next one to the other, we can use operator NEAR, whose tolerance varies very enters the search systems. Example: Cachorros to near Linux Cats to near Windows Truncation the truncation is, basically, the reduction of the extension of a word, whose the result can or not coincide with the desired intention. We can define the Truncation in two distinct types: opened (it is possible to substitute some characters and to recoup documents that brings terms with the same semantics) and closed (an only character is substituted). Example of the open type: Music* In the case above, the located truncation the right, will be recouped: Musician, Music, Musical comedy, Amateur musician, Musicalidade etc. In case that the truncation were located to the left, as in *metria, the system will go to recoup: Symmetry, Audiometria, Trigonometry etc.

Example of the closed type: Planning (Brazilian form) and Planning (Portuguese form) to have the certainty to recoup all the documents that will count this context in the Brazilian or Portuguese form, become a closed truncation: it glides? amento, normally, designating the gap by means of a interrogation point. Main Advanced Methods of Research Searches Related In both the sites of search studied here, when using the operator related, the search will return similar pages that are related or the one that we are searching. Example: related: related: football Documents After Specific Date offers an interesting resource very. In case that let us intend to search for documents published after the specific date that let us type, we use the prefix afterdate: Example: Judo afterdate: 20100110 In the example above, will go in them to return all after the documents published on jud it dates 10 of January of 2010.

Czech Republic

Note that even in the absence business firms in the Czech Republic for the year shall be the order of fifteen mandatory public reporting. If there is no accountability, need some firm executing the costs of rehabilitation and submission of reports to state tax authorities Czech Republic. The outcome of this option is the result of the release of the founders of the firm and as a consequence of the addition of the powers and obligations as to the firm, and before entrepreneurial law Bohemia. The firm continues to exist under the new data and with its new lineup of founders. The elimination of private entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic is a procedure for complete termination, re-registration procedure under the laws of the Czech Republic does not exist, the liquidation of the private entrepreneur is imperative that all taxes were paid, and no debts to third parties. The owner of cp in the Czech Republic need to know that even in the complete absence of entrepreneurial activity in the Czech Republic, Inc. immediately after registration is required to pay monthly and one annual taxes.

Consider the registration of private Entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic as an option for immigration to this country is not worth, annual losses and costs of emergency management in times greater than keeping the company in the Czech Republic. The third option liquidation of the company in the Czech Republic is the way to the absorption large firms are small firms, a merger. Typically, the procedure used by large corporations and business giants.

Windows 7

Probably any of the existing operating systems, developers do not put so much work, how much invested in Windows 7. This system has all the advantages of earlier versions and revolutionary innovations. And on our website, we will learn the basics work in Windows 7 and its applications. Also keep in mind that many users have decided to go to the Windows Vista operating system and all its innovations, which have remained in the 'Seven' will be for them a novelty. And we must all say, that all the problems that have been in Vista for Windows 7 is not available. And she is not 'greedy' computer resources.

Windows 7 has a simple and reliable operating system, XP, all new Visty. And a lot of nice new features. But this later. For different user groups, Microsoft has launched several versions of Windows 7. They differ in the range of possibilities and, consequently, cost. Let's consider comparative performance editions of Windows 7.

There are five versions of Windows 7: Windows 7 Home, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate". This list of issues ranked in order of increasing functionality (and value). Simpler versions of Windows 7 are obtained by cutting capabilities of the full publication, available to a wide range of users, – Windows 7 Ultimate". Windows7 Home." This version is the simplified version of Windows 7. Its main goal – to use as a pre-installed operating system on a netbook. In this version you can not change the desktop background, there is no interface Aero, is not supported by the system automatically generate backups on other computers on the LAN, there is no program Windows Media Center, Notes, Scissors. It is clear that this was done to the price of notebooks with Windows 7 is not too high. Windows 7 Home Basic." This basic version of Windows 7 targeted at home users, computers which are not very powerful. As in Windows 7 Start ', it does not support style Aero, as well as some multimedia features. Windows 7 Home Premium." This version is also designed for home users, but it has a support interface Aero. But still there is no system of automatic backup to other computers on the local network. You also can not control your PC remotely. Windows 7 Professional." This version includes all the features of Windows 7 Home Premium", plus the ability to attach a computer-controlled version entitled to corporate LAN with support for domain names, as well as remote desktop management and support for data encryption technologies BitLocker. Windows 7 Ultimate" and Windows 7 Enterprise." These versions are one and the same product but with different names. All the difference lies only in the fact that Windows 7 Ultimate" is designed for a wide audience of users, a Windows 7 Enterprise" is available only for a special corporate license. These products combine all the features mentioned above plus additional features. For example, the new technology of data protection (encryption BitLocker That Go), all the language packs BranchCache technology to speed access to large corporate network, ramdisk support. Source:

Series Series House

With the development of information technologies and the Internet as a way to consolidate them, the uniqueness of the television broadcast began to lose its relevance. If television had been the only option for viewing movies and TV series, then now is the opportunity to effortlessly watch series online and not worry about having missed the next series on television. Conventionally, the target audience of Internet viewers can be divided into those who watch soap operas again, already seen on TV and those who fundamentally view the new TV series, such as a rabbit on the net. For the first category Spartacus: Blood and Sand online or Dr. House Online is a great excuse for an interesting pastime, such viewers love to watch high-quality series that nashumeli at the box office.

Also, elderly people may be great expectations online or as any other series. And watch soap operas on the Internet is very nice, because people are not constrained by some temporary restrictions, prohibitions. Also kilometer commercials at half the show, too alien to online television, place, the man himself disposes view mode – to pause and revisiting some moments. People who live a fast pace of advanced technologies, know that most recent series and the series appeared on the Internet before on television. First of all, this will involve foreign serials. Particularly happy about those for whom English is a second mother. These people can watch foreign TV series in thematic web sites immediately after their release on TV.

Others who prefer a Russian translation, must be patient and wait for about a month, while the long-awaited series will be released in the Russian version. It should also be noted that viewing series, but these pluses, has one indisputable advantage – a huge number of proposed kinoproduktov. To view your favorite TV series in network television, you need to shell out hefty for additional channels, which broadcast series. And on the Internet these restrictions do not exist.


Working conditions, such conditions of packaging production, replacing the old image of the smoky "foundry." In this way, get the casting of iron and steel of all kinds, bronze, brass and aluminum foundry all brands. In the box on the "Christmas tree or a bush" may immediately pour tens of castings, as in the jewelry industry, with almost exquisite accuracy. Up to 90% of castings can be used without subsequent machining. The technology is very economical in comparison with the traditional. At 1 m Casting consume 50 kg of quartz sand, 25 kg antiburning coatings, 6 kg of polystyrene and 10 square meters. m polyethylene film. Low cost of model-forming materials can save at least $ 100 per 1 ton of casting, location Casting the entire volume of container produces 70-80% of suitable casting, the savings of the charge of the metal is 250-300 kg, power – 100-150 kWh, weight of castings is reduced by 10-20% compared to traditional flask molding. Big savings obtained by molding of complex castings from wear-resistant steel (truck parts and caterpillars bronefuterovok, body parts) as sharply reduced the cost of machining.

Pour without restrictions on the design and configuration wheels, stars, heads and engine blocks, pipes of petrol and diesel engines, crankshafts, etc. Capital expenditures for the organization and startup of production are reduced to 2-2.5. The experience of running sites capacity up to 50-150 tonnes / month showed that the payback period of no more than 1.5 years. You can place these areas at the smithy, thermal and repair shops.

Keeping the Streets Clean

Special equipment is used 'nurses' all the towns and cities, without it we can have clean streets. Such machinery is represented by garbage trucks, and cars with trotuarouborschikami combination padlock equipment. Our company offers spare parts to units of CO, CMD, ED, MDC, intended for the maintenance of roads and sidewalks. All delivered products meet state standards and specifications of manufacturers. Invite all who have an interest, has already become very popular due to its characteristics and quality equipment.

Fair to say that virtually none of the production (particularly technologically sophisticated) can not avoid the use of vacuum. It is used in electronics as well as in the computer industry. In the special technique is widely used vacuum pumps. To clean sewer pipelines used cars KO-502B, CR-512 CR-514, TO-514-1, which are divided by a vacuum force. Also, pumps are used in machines, combined, KO-829A. The earliest types of vacuum pumps is considered to be the so-called volumetric pump type.

The evacuation of these pump is due to periodic changes in the volume of the working chamber. Vacuum pumps are widely used type of volume in various designs: a liquid ring, rotary and reciprocating compressors. Of diversity vacuum pumps with different transmission of the gas diffusion can be identified, ejector, molecular and jet pumps. Vacuum pumps are divided according to the following parameters: maximum pressure start-up limiting pressure, the minimum operating pressure, operating frequency cycles the pump. Most of the municipal vehicles – cars combined type. This is due to the fact that they do not odnosezonny, and are used for different purposes, in Depending on the season. That is changing attachments, replacement of faulty parts spare makes it possible to increase the life of the machine and apply the same technique for different types of work.