Metric Ones

Without doubts, the key words are the most important factor when it is to plan a positioning strategy Web. For this reason to learn to interpret the metric ones is one of the points most important to assure the correct decision making as far as the strategies positioning that are selected. The key point, with respect to the metric ones of the key words, is to be able to evaluate the many dimensions that intercross when measuring the effectiveness of the key words. It is unique when one considers all the involved variables that we will be able to have an exact idea of which they are the most suitable words for our campaigns. In principle, we will see the amount of visits that each key word or phrase drift to our site.

These numbers are available, for example in the Analytical ones of Google. Simply, we entered the page, we go away to " Sources of Trfico" , and in the part inferior, of the right side of the screen, we will find the phrases key that they have derived traffic to our site, that is to say, the queries from the users (consultations in the finders). Clicamos in " to see all the informe" , and we were with the list of words and phrases in its totality. Here we will see important information. Firstly, we will see the amount of visits that each word has taken. Doubtlessly, we will tend to think that whatever more visits better, but this not always is certain. It can happen that a consultation takes many visits, but the average time of them is not significant.

For example, we imagine a Web site that develops software. It could happen that the phrase " software gratis" it takes great amount of visits. But this is not one of the benefits that the page offers, surely the average time of each visit will be minimum.

The Productions

Instigante this search desvairada for the freedom, therefore we finish prisoners only in the search, whereas the verborrgica exposition of this anguish does not have borders has imagination to reach the writing with freedom fury! The individual that says to be social runs away from the environments that give access to knowledge they extend the culture; the young had lost the skill to deal with books, the adults also want to follow the modismos and if they risk in ‘ ‘ it copies and cole’ ‘ of the Internet. The medias more used by the population leave the people without critical sense becoming mere repeaters of what they hear incessantly. The vocabulary for the writing is the same of the informal colloquies of the taverns and shoppings (local where the majority of the adolescents and its tribes if find), and, the reading reading? Ah! It goes badly! much forgotten and neglected in detriment them famous and conglomerated social nets. In a said society of the information and innovation development and reflection on some values and habits must coexist (specifically the habit of the reading) that they can until finding ridicule or dmod, but that they are healthful and they collaborate sufficiently to improve the rhetoric, to extend the vocabulary and to facilitate the grafia in the productions of texts. Of pra to be an intellectual and life antenado with softwares of last generation, what of it is not to continue with the minds imprisoned for the traps of the words of the proper writing.

Looking for Spiritual Refuge

Now that I compose, I realize my dedications. It was at 19, after receiving and considering a retreat and other tricks that broke my cathedral rose window inside when I experienced firsthand the border rejections and assumptions were embodied in the Catholic religion. One day, just like that, for me love, I was out and I got a bang on the nose that left me full of anger and resentment. I was carrying enough problem then face myself to think that was just the beginning and also I had no “spiritual refuge” “No One” took away my right to pray and I responded with an obscene sign that I will not describe me went into my shell and started walking on a path lit only my faith in me (though not yet know well what this meant.) Years passed and finally accepted me and I began to love more (a little). In the context of buildings, new foreign friends like myself and a port city and distant as Buenos Aires, I decided to formally begin a spiritual quest, after all when one leaves his country not only see more things, it gives that the world is much bigger than their problems and gaps. With the platform of my swims to Scientology and the controversial “fourth way” (now called: semiology of everyday life) I set a goal to find a Master, a Guru, Buddhist. My routine looked completely flat without any ritual, without a moment of silence with a candle or incense. It is for this lack of myself into something else, there is now an item in my writing called “On Types of Faith,” because while I squeezed and resentment is not more against religion that I grew up and raised my social context and moral (what a word), the need to find the great “beyond all this” is good effect and interesting encounters I have had not only spiritual intellectuals also where the growth is equitable, where blind faith and the shut-no- no wonder there is more: there is more.

And I finish this to get started with this beautiful and touching quote: “You ought to consider my words to its deepest sense, then testing them as if having analyzed barrage analyzed, and tested the validity and truth of what I say, only then, can accept them. “Buddha. Siddhartha Gautama V. Many Thanks … He was born one morning in October o79 Puebla City. BA in Graphic Design.

He has made many professional jobs design, photography, documentary production, art direction in short, etc. His true passion: the theater currently resides in Buenos Aires living of it, the art itself as a way of thinking and living. He has painted since age 12 and writing.

Lighting Science

Solar Street Lighting: The APS can be used to provide a source of clean energy, economic, available on the site, for various lighting applications, among which are street lighting and spectacular lighting. The solar lighting systems or solar lights are well designed systems and proper maintenance free and provide reliable lighting for many years. A solar lamp basically consists of three elements: the solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity, storage and control system that stores energy and regulates their use and the lighting system depending on the requirements is chosen emitting diode technology light, light, magnetic induction, low sodium vapor pressure. Assessing the potential of solar lighting. Lighting for every need there are several factors to consider when evaluating the feasibility of implementing solar lights, factors such as light levels physical characteristics of the installation location, cost comparison between solar lights and conventional lights, are critical factors when implementing or conventional solar technology.

. The solar lighting equipment are independent unitary systems designed to operate autonomously to 100%, the photovoltaic panel is integrated into the post, normally at its peak, batteries and control system are housed in a cabinet attached to the post. The lamp itself is complete lighting unit consisting of the outbreak, ballast, reflector – diffuser and housing. Systems are integrated one or two fixtures per pole. Lighting levels. The solar lighting fixtures provide lighting levels averaged 30 lux, depending on the model, mounting height and luminaire type employees can change this value. The installation site is suitable for solar lighting.

Interaction Maps

Same author is this who presents information on the conceptual maps and the relevance of its use for the university community. This instrument in such a way can be used as net of concepts, how much as guides for studies. The conceptual maps allow that the concepts are articulated in a visual representation, materialized in diagrams, spread sheets and glossaries each one with its form specifies to present the contents. In the pedagogical work of classroom, the related maps are important assistant it professor to organize its lesson, to present and systemize the subject to be studied. On the other hand, it makes possible the pupil to use itself them as guides of its studies, consisting of important resource auxiliary for the learning. The contribution of Cordiolli, (2009, P.

25) are significant so that if it obtains to improve the result of the management of classroom: different techniques exist to elaborate the conceptual maps and some softwares specialized. In principle conceptual map can be constructed from the following basic script: (a) the accurate definition of the study object; (b) at as the moment to promote one ‘ ‘ rain of palavras’ ‘ , raising the diverse terms related to the concept in study; (c) the terms can be grouped by purpose composing groups; (d) from this point is possible to write glossaries, to mount the spread sheets to schematize the diagrams. (CORDIOLLI, 2009, p.29) the importance of the conceptual maps Is undeniable as contributo for the improvement of the teach-learning process.

Fast Reading

Some people wonder themselves why somebody would take the annoyance to spend money in a course of fast reading. After all, the majority of the people is competent readers. In addition, the magazines and the newspapers tend to be writings in a 6 level of degree. With this type of reading level it is easier to see what subjects of intellectual high level are not being discussed long and layings. The reasons of improvement of the reading are quite basic. A one of the main arguments by which some people choose to acquire program of fast reading is for saving time.

Great part of our modern life is consumed with the reading. The students in the university read volumes of information of text books, notes, works of laboratory, preparation of examinations and updates by electronic mail. In the same way, the majority of the present employees is spending long time with the reading. The electronic mails have become a main method of communication. Along with the post office electronic the attached archives of electronic mail of variable length are numerous that must be reviewed. The new thing in the work, software bulletins that are used in the work and the company, are still more numerous that never before.

And we do not forget our personal life. The majority of people has an account of personal electronic mail for the friendly and relatives. Many people maintain two or more subscriptions to magazines related to their likings and the personal interests. With as much information that she bombs to us from multiple angles, many people choose to follow a program of fast reading with the purpose of to reduce the amount of time spent to all this material of reading. Less time in the reading means that there is more time available to complete tasks in the work, or to realise certain likings after the work. There is a common bond that it comes with a course of fast reading. With the increase of speed of reading, the people are able to digest more information. The people who own more knowledge usually are able to make better contributions to the discussions of group, the telephone requests of electronic mail and calls generally. This new ability to respond to more individual questions to the people is like going to the person whenever a similar question or similar problem appears. This causes that a person generally, can better be lead to an increase or promotion. The majority of people would wish an increase of pay as a result of being able to read more express. Reference:

Educational Technology

In the attempt to search an evaluation of the understanding of the pupils concerning the argued subject, it was asked for that they confectioned its proper histories in quadrinhos that would have to treat on inertia. Our objective with this type of activity was, beyond propitiating an activity that stimulated the creativity of the learning, to explore the characteristics of formatting histriasem of them quadrinhos. The HQspossuem a writing of easy and accessible form, what it allows in them to infer that, a pupil to deal with a complex subject as inertia inside the one context quadrinho, it would have that to possess a knowledge on the content, so that it could deal with it form contextualizada with the narrative that it would consider for its personages. A comics with histories created for the pupils in the classroom was elaborated, for after that working in the STE (Room of Educational Technology) with the HagQu program. The teacher of the STE explained all the tools of the program with the use of datashow, by means of which, the pupils had started to know and to train each available tool in the program in the computer. In the following lesson the available resources in educative software had started to create histories in quadrinhos using, the doubts on the part of the pupils had been few, obtained to create with easiness histories in quadrinhos, however, had had difficulty and many errors in the writing, as mediating in the learning of the pupils, the teacher regent indicated, stimulated the due corrections. Valley the penalty to add, that during the lessons developed in the technology room, the pupils had demonstrated to more interest and will to carry through the activities proposals, revealing anxious for the accomplishment of the lessons in the STE. Carrying, to work with this subject being used the computers and the HagQu program it provoked in the pupils a great one progress in relation the production of texts and the verbal language, since, had been motivated with this way to create histories in quadrinhos, since, was in the technology room using the HagQu program that they had shown what they had learned in the theory through the practical one.