Dierk Rohdenburg

I’m trying to shake them off, but they are stuck, be thrown at my feet through the air, not letting go. Disgusting idea. Horror. No, I must not have really. Rats can transmit disease. Even the plague! Deadly diseases. I’m looking for.

I tell myself don’t panic, even though my heart beats such as before an attack. The man is smarter than rats. In any case, he has more power and can prevent these creatures to heave up a grid. Bricks are stacked on the shed wall. I go to grab one to me. He has a rough surface, is pretty hard.

Should I go to the drain so now? Never. The critters just waiting and launch their attack, if I’m right up close. So, I’m trying to throw the stone from here on the grate. Had I been more sports! The first litter goes far past. Full doof! I do it again, and now I meet. There is a high-pitched cry, rattling the drain cover, but he stays so that no gap occurs through the can the rats out. The stone is located above it. So, now you’re trapped! Is it in your sewer below! Hopefully the critters be gone soon, think I and prefer to the courtyard behind me. Is still bad to me. Alone this Squeak! My knees tremble. Thereby, the rats have been not really big. But it’s also not: Ultra-ugly you are! This long, bare Dick! Cute animals have dogs, cats, rabbit fur on the tail. Or just Springs as for budgerigars. But rats! If I try to imagine that the critters in the sewers to climb upwards the author: Dierk Rohdenburg, born 1966 in Bremen, studied German language and literature and cultural studies at the University of Bremen. He published his first book at the age of 29. Since then, numerous children mysteries, young adult novels and books for adults are published in loose intervals. For many years, writing is his hobby. As a teenager, he began to write short stories. In 1992, he received the author’s grant of the Federal State of Bremen, in 1995, he published his first novel. Rohdenburg lives in Bremen. He is a full-time editor of a local newspaper in the Lower Saxony region of the Hanseatic City. Dierk Rohdenburg going what? Youth novel Pascu-verlag, Berlin black and white illustrations ISBN 978-3-943018-40-0 10.90 (D) / 11.90 (A) / sFr 15,90 available in any Bookstore, online bookstores and Verlag: Our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old alike: beautifully illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books. Special attention to the non-fiction area, with which we cover a wide range of topics. “” So, our program includes a series of partly regional cooking and baking books, the edition of sunlight travel “and the book series Technic3D computer technology made easy”. Advice from other areas are also in the planning. In our programming, we are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our long-term goal is but also, in our program to showcase the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects. Started with Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin and we will in our program after the other federal States and regions. Contact: Pascu-verlag Heidelinde Nurnberger Tauentzienstr. 13A, 10789 Berlin Tel 030-217-999-19,