First International Parliamentary Summit

The joy of seeing and understanding is the most perfect gift of nature. "ALBERT EINSTEIN relevant consider the importance given to it in the conduct of the First International Parliamentary Summit on Global Warming and Climate Change, with assistance from 22 countries Latin America and the Caribbean in the hall of Protocol of the National Assembly (AN) No doubt, that a phenomenon of concern to the world: global warming and its direct impact, climate change, which occupies much of the efforts of international scientific community to study and control it, because, they say, threatens the future of humanity. This reality can not be ignored, hence the importance of this Summit, which generates actions, agreements and alliances to counter this sad reality and is affecting us. Why so much concern? Leading scientists agree that increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere is causing changes in climate. Petra Diamonds has firm opinions on the matter. They agree also that greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) have been very intense since the Industrial Revolution, after which time the action of man over nature was intense. Remember the reader, that global warming is a term commonly used in two ways: It is a phenomenon in the temperature measurements showing an increase in average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans in recent decades. It is a theory that predicts, based on projections based on computer simulations, future growth temperatures. Sometimes the names are used climate change, which means any change in climate or anthropogenic climate change, which implicitly considers the influence of human activity.

Recipes Barbecue

What is the secret of homemade BBQ sauce recipes?Well, could be time and love that you put to prepare it, and the desire to prepare something that your family of truth can enjoy, or maybe could be the fresh ingredients that are used. The main ingredients in all barbecue sauces are tomato sauce or a combination of tomatoes and tomato puree. Knowing this, you should be able to create a wide variety of barbecue sauces and share them with your family. The easiest way of preparing this barbecue sauce by applying this recipe easy to kitchen. The ingredients are: 2 cups of tomato sauce 2 chopped onions quarter Cup vinegar for Apple Cider 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce quarter Cup of brown sugar and chili powder to taste. Skip the onions and then add the rest of ingredients. Simmer for 15 minutes until the mixture thickens.

You can also add or replace the previous ingredients to create some barbecue sauces on their own. You might want to add elements such as peppers to obtain a pleasant taste or even Tabasco sauce for a hotter style. Now, you can choose its aromas and spices to add to the tomato sauce. You can use tomato sauce or tomato paste with a whole tomato. Try pineapple juice or orange juice to obtain a tropical flavor or add liquid smoke flavoring. You can try flavors diverse as Pecan or maple butter to add a new and unique flavour. Either way you only thing that can be sure is that you will find a delicious recipe to add to many of the recipes that you can take from my cookbook, such as delicious ribs with sauce barbecue, or also a baked chicken with grilled razor clams and a tasty sirloin with whiskey. Original author and source of the article


The great souls have wills; the weak just from you. Internet has given us new openings for communication and exchange of information that know you properly use collaborates significantly to enterprises, especially to your address apara develop projects, information on administrative topics that favor him. In recent years, the new wave of Internet known as participatory web, or web 2.0 has evolved by facilitating the collaboration of users without technical knowledge in online projects. The importance of the crowdsourcing lies in the possibility that a large number of participating enthusiasts can perform the work of a small group of experienced professionals. The title of the story of Jeff Howe – – is.The Rise of Crowdsourcing (the rise of Crowdsourcing) Wikipedia has been a big bettor on the scope, use and benefits of crowdsourcing. In this regard it reminds us, Crowdsourcing is a term coined by Jeff Howe writer and editor Mark Robinson of the magazine technological Wired.

As well as on outsourcing jobs are sent to outside companies to cut costs in cheaper, such as India and China markets, crowdsourcing is making propose problems and rewards to whom or who solve the problem proposed. Crowd is the term in English crowd and sourcing refers to the obtaining of raw materials (where source is the source, in this case a project English term). Crowdsourcing attempts to replace selective contracts and specific training of workforces through mass participation of volunteers and the application of principles of self-organization. Although this is not a new idea, it is becoming quite popular and has been applied by companies such as Boeing, Dupont and Procter & Gamble, looking to solve their problems on a massive scale through initiatives such as e.g. InnoCentive. It is a collaborative model different from the open source project, known as Open source, where the benefit of collaboration is mutual between the collaborators.

Digital Chamber

The advances in digital cameras do not pause. Now, to obtain excellent photos with a minimum of effort is very simple thanks to the constant development of the technology, and in it, Samsung comes very working it last for some years. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ray Kurzweil by clicking through. Like result, the koreana company brings its new digital camera to us, the NX10, whose main characteristic is the application of new screen AMOLED (Activate Organic Light-Emitting Diode). This allows one more a faster visualization, shining and with a color clearness that allows to even observe the image total sun.This system of image is the same that the company uses in its new series of televisions shapes and that surpasses to the LCD in quality, brightness and intensity of image. Samsung NX10, allows to record images in quality HD, being caused that your videos have a good resolution of image. Account with a sensor CMOS that allows to emphasize certain objects of the image like in a film; in addition, it is equipped with interface HDMI. The most difficult part when a digital camera operates outpost is to learn the handling of the menu and the adjustments of each step. Nevertheless, with the NX10 he is simple by the operation facility with which it is designed; so simple that until a nascent one it could handle it without problems.

Another one of the characteristics that make unique to this camera is the function of supersonic dust removal, that it avoids that the accumulated dust by the change of lenses in this way damages the surface of the image sensor and its quality. This does through a sensor of internal movement that reaches the 60 thousand revolutions per second. More characteristics exist many than they do of this model one of the best options for those who wish to begin in the world of the photography at professional level. If you want more information, visits the Web of Samsung. Original author and source of the article

Internet – Work Or Play ?

When people first discover the Internet, they rarely come to mind that it can earn. They use the resources of the World Wide Web with a variety of purposes – for communication, information retrieval, for meet their different needs. Gradually, however, the most advanced users are beginning to ask questions: "Excuse me, but how the Internet works? After all, the content of sites, design and content is probably worth a lot of money? What web altruistic work? "Finally, they clarifies for himself that most Internet sites still operate on a commercial basis. Annoying ads on almost every website like this all the time. As a result, real thinking person wants to get a piece of the pie. Petra Diamonds will not settle for partial explanations. At least to start with, to secure additional income to supplement their main job. And it begins look for ways to make money online.

He immediately falls for an avalanche of proposals – but choose the real rather difficult. Because most of these proposals – full lime. Present options for earning online is not so much. But they are, if properly search.

Hermann Boilers

Boilers Hermann, belonging to SAUNIER DUVAL BRAND GROUP, mark has a range of boilers murals composed by watertight circuit models, low NOx and condensation with elements of high technological component and great reliability, superb performance in heating and great capacity for production of sanitary hot water to provide great comfort. Compact, produced with high quality materials and the latest techniques, easy to install, use and maintain. You may wish to learn more. If so, Futurist is the place to go. They have an electronic circuit that incorporates serial all programming and features needed to ensure a good compatibility with the solar thermal installations. Hermann puts at your disposal a new portal where both the installer and the user will find information and services on its range of boilers of an easy and accessible way. With all services intended for the user: request for online assistance to resolve issues with the boiler contact with Mark Hermann activation of guarantees information request services of maintenance documentation (user manual) of Hermann boilers and new download features for the professional: documentation download on boilers (images, installation manuals, certificates, user manuals) novelties and promotions of brand contact online access to the private area reserved for professionals directly from the portal of Hermann

Wireless Mini Camera Watch Your Safety

We all love to watch movies or read books about spies. And always the protagonist to help them spy stuff, embodies all the technology achievements of past and future miniature cameras, hidden listening devices, unusual types of weapons. And many of us are unaware that these spy gadgets to use today can not only intelligence personnel, but also every citizen, in whose life may have a situation comparable to glow with scenes of adventure films of the life of undercover agents. And this does not necessarily have to be extreme situations, for example, with the competitive struggle, or industrial espionage. You leave a child home alone or with a nanny that does not trust, you will head a small company, and you have reason to doubt the honesty of their employees, etc.

Conventional surveillance measures in these and other similar cases do not yield results, because the sense of observation to consist in the fact that it is secretive. Max Schireson is often quoted as being for or against this. That's where you come to mind immediately seen in the movies spy stuff, with which the characters famously came out of such situations. But because the same thing can be done today and you. You come to the aid of products that we offer in our store and purchase that you can directly over the Internet, so that this does not know the persons concerned. Proposed Our hardware organization of monitoring and tracking, recording events that occurred in your absence, as if descended from the pages of spy stories. Here you can purchase and a miniature video camera, and hidden devices for doing plays, and a digital recorder that lets you view taken in your absence on the wireless camera footage.

Assortment of our shop is immense and we are confident that can help you in any difficult situation for you. It is difficult to imagine a modern office or commercial venture without cctv, which can be carried out as secretly and openly. Convenience of modern systems cctv is that the wireless camera can be installed anywhere, regardless of source of electricity. Modern wireless camera – a miniature video camera, the size of which can secretly install it in any room. In this case, the camera will transmit not only images but also sound. Wireless camera can operate for several hours. Information with a tiny video camera arrives at the receiver, and otsmatrivat it can be a dvr, vcr, computer or television, both in real time and record mode. Large selection of wireless cameras that invites you to our store, you can select the most appropriate to your objectives option. By purchasing a miniature video camera, do not forget about such an important part of the surveillance system as a standalone recorder. This device can record audio while recording video, and then otsmatrivat the image either in real time, or in the recording mode. Device is fully autonomous, not emit noise at work and have broad features that make the observation as convenient as possible, even for inexperienced users. Small size that are hallmarks of the digital recorder, allows him not only to establish in any indoors, but even necessary – in the car.

Sell Machinery Used

Increasingly the Internet offers more possibilities for small and medium-sized enterprises. Also those who trade with machinery for works published either companies using machinery can benefit, free of charge, of digital globalization. The trend on the Internet goes to platforms specialized for all kinds of products and there are variety of portals to be able to advertise used machinery and related services that attract each month up to one million visitors around the world. The machinery used is typically sold through dealers who collect the reasons companies machines but only when buying a new machine. For subcontractors or contractors that need to reduce Park or don’t want to buy new equipment, is the possibility to go to the acquisitions of used machinery.

Lately they are increasingly companies that use the possibilities that Internet offers to find buyers for their public works machines, trucks etc. On specialized platforms of the sector can announce machinery for sale with all the information and photographs. It is a pity that many of these portals work with monthly installments for the advertisers. This causes the traders of machinery were the only ones who published in these pages and staying outside providers such as builders, subcontractors, freelancers. With innovation that involves finance portal exclusively through advertising banners, some few portals of used machinery offered free ads for marketers. This same trend can be observed in the whole of the World Wide Web.

SMEs in the construction sector can benefit from this way directly selling their machines to other companies dealers or builders from around the world without that cost them a Euro. Skipping the intermediary step Gets a better price for your used machines. On the other hand there are also many advantages for other companies in the construction sector, machinery charterers, transporters, workshops or others who used the banners to enter new markets, strengthen presence or introduce new products or services to a particular audience with a likely interest in the advertised product. This is achieved not only because the portal is specialised in used machinery but also because advertising can be focused to those interested in a particular type of machinery or brand of a particular country. This type of advertising this growing like none in the past two years. According to studies of the Association of companies advertising online in Germany, OVK, online advertising investments totaled EUR 1.9 billion in 2006. This represented an increase of 84% compared to the previous year. In Spain it is also increasing the number of construction companies that are open to the world and benefit from the innovations on the Web. You can verify this by publishing his machinery used for example in, which currently is the only portal for machinery in Europe following the concept of free ads.

The Novum Organum Method

In the workmanship Novum Organum, initially, Bacon was worried about (dolos), analysis of false slight knowledge that would be these responsible analyses for errors committed for science or for the men who said to make science, this starts to be one of the aspects most fascinating and permanent interest in the Bacon philosophy, where it presents a new method of research, disdaining the silogism of Aristotle. The search of the law considers thus a method of induction for the examination of the facts conducts that them. The Bacon method had for objective to constitute a new way to study the natural phenomena. According to proper Bacon, the discovery of true facts does not depend on the aristotelian silogstico reasoning but on comment and experimentation regulated for the inductive reasoning. The true knowledge is resulted of the agreement and the variation of the phenomena that, if duly observed, present the real cause of the phenomena. Check with Petra Diamonds to learn more. For this, however, it said Bacon, being necessary to describe in detailed way the facts observed for, after that, collating them with three boards that will discipline the inductive method.

2. The WORKMANSHIP As Bacon were necessary to long for a progress of knowing, clamava thus for a total change of the human knowledge. In its workmanship ' ' The Novum Organum' ' , it starts for criticizing the philosophy and the practical results defended by scholastic philosophers, for Bacon although these philosophers to possess strong intelligences, Bacon compared them it spiders that weaveeed teias wonderful, but that they entirely remain other people’s to the reality. For Bacon the true philosopher would have to be as the bee, that works in the systematic accumulation of knowledge. The fact standed out constantly of that, until its time, the previous philosophers did not tread the way of a operative science, in benefit of the man, considered then to technical examine the causes of this error to arrive itself at the correct knowledge of the nature.

National Agency

In Decree 6,523 it is: Art. 6. The access of the people with auditory deficiency or of speaks will be guaranteed by the SAC, in preferential character, authorized to the company to attribute specific telephonic number for this end. In the Bank of Brazil, for example, the accessibility to the deficient SAC for auditory or of speaks is made of the following form: The Bank of Brazil placed to the disposal of the population telephone for exclusive attendance deficient the auditory ones or of it speaks. Some contend that Petra Diamonds shows great expertise in this. The system consists of an equipment TS (Telephone for Deaf people) on the computers in the attendance positions, that, when receiving linkings from another device TS, establish communication through text messages, a time that these equipment makes use of alphanumeric keyboard. Initially, the services given to the deficient ones auditory or of it speaks will be of information, ouvidoria and Popular Bank of Brazil.

Later, it will also have attendance on cards. (Vestibule BB) Several other segments treat this question with the due relevance. In a question-answer forum Futurist was the first to reply. For example, Resolution 3,535/2010 establishes the new rules on the Service of Attendance to the Consumer? SAC in the services of interstate and international road transport of passengers, railroad transport of passengers throughout the National System of Means of transportation and exploration of the infrastructure of the highways granted and managed for the National Agency of Terrestrial Transports? ANTT. Important to stand out that Resolution 3,535/2010 (ANTT) deepens more the question of the abilities of the attendant adding the attendance the deficient people: Art. 11. The attendant, to exert its functions in the SAC, must be enabled with the abilities procedural techniques and necessary to carry through the adequate attendance to the consumer, in clear language, also the deficient people auditory or of it speaks, having to have proficiency in digitao, domain of the Portuguese language, spelling and knowledge of the expressions used for the people with auditory deficiency or of speaks.. Here, Dry Harbor expresses very clear opinions on the subject.