Perhaps you’re a genius and it is not my intension desilucionarte but I do not think that your working can exceed or match the work of thousands of experienced programmers in the world working in a common cause. The most successful content management systems today have something in common that identifies them and this is GNU/GPL seal which in other words means that while your worry only of publishing posts on your site, thousands of programmers around the world are working for that software that your use free work increasingly better according to the new standards for the industry. Why pay for something when you can choose more quality for less price?. The human mind seems to have the mental conditioning that makes us believe everything by what we pay is good and on occasions we think that you between higher is the price better is the quality of the product. Times have changed and with the advent of the free software the theory that only expensive things are quality, has dismantled so well that using content management tools based on free software represent a relief to the economy of many individuals and companies offering excellent quality for nothing. Some successful content management systems currently exist hundreds and perhaps thousands of managers of content applications, among the most prominent are: WordPress: the system lead the industry in creating blogs with multiple adaptations (plugins) that allow you to convert a web created with wordpress in a virtual store or web directory. PHPNuke:script that allows the creation of portals on the internet with multiple adaptations that allow the creation of forums, chats and other-Drupal: Script written in php that you can create very robust websites that can be used for any purpose thanks to the modularity of its design and the large team that works on the development of the script. Freeglobes: Php/mysql Script that allows you to create a web directory of companies, fairly easy to install and handle with excellent adaptations that allow you to change the overall design in question in seconds. Andres Sanchez free software original author and source of the article.


If you want to know how to do to achieve a better internet browsing, without the classic drawbacks that tend to have the web browser traditional, I recommend to download opera free from this web site, which gives you the possibility to download this excellent browser, without having to pay a single dime for him, and with complete confidence that contains no virus or any other type of malicious file that may adversely affect negative to your equipment, since the download links are directly related to the official site of the program. He operates, has been developed there by the year 1994, and initially it was sold, but quickly this concept changed to offer it to the public a free software program, which is in constant improvement in way such offer their users a browser that add functions and tools, and correct that possess the rest. Mainly highlights the navigation options using commands that are operated by mouse gestures, making it possible to open or close tabs, reload or save a page, go to or backward only with movements and clicks of the mouse, without having to resort to the icons on the toolbar, or keyboard. Download it here.

Adem Customers

Customer loyalty Software allows you to efficiently manage a system tailored to each company, providing assistance and good service as a way to retain customers and attract new consumers. Does customer loyalty Software can be any Tama? o, can even handle intelligently millions of daily data, which are of great value to the company and that adem? s allow the user access to a personalized service, discounts, rewards for your purchases or other benefits cards. Do do Adem? s managing data and reports, Software, loyalty customers allows the company keep track of purchases and carry out promotions and plans of campa? to know their clients and provide them with a Premium service. A quality customer loyalty Software, will have? does m? multiple service channels, listening, attention? n and advice for customers in real time, ACE? as the ability to respond to queries, comments and complaints with speed and efficiency. These services, in addition to a s? lido support post sale, are the facilities and support that everything customer values; does this way Software customers loyalty transforms casual customers into customers friends, which is mantendr? faithful to the compa n?to and the brand. Loyalty and esteem they feel towards the brand customers is proportional to the r? ask for response and the commitment of the company with its customers, character? features that make up the quality service which all user needs.

Do do achieve this feed continuous back between company and customer, makes the m company? s competitive and generates satisfaction? n in the user. The Software? loyalty customers complies with a key role in this task, as it is the tool that makes possible that quality of service. Customer loyalty Software it is possible to set up tailored to each company, so it is adjustable to the needs, preferences and budget of each compa?The Software.? do do do loyalty customers can be based on points, benefits cards (do bars cards, magn? practices, with proximity chip) or by tel? phono m? vile;? does using coupons, vouchers or discount bonds and other on-line services that make special and you to? aden value to the shopping experience.

Merrill Brink

This is where a machine translation post editing service comes in.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example, spiral separator, combination crusher Welcome all of you to visite Nuestro Sitio website.cone crushers: Different levels of post editing are available and they are largely offered to ensure the machine translation provides a lucid set of translation. Higher level post editing will also check for style and ensure that the material is easy to understand. Merrill Brink helps businesses to find the right combination of machine translation and human expertise to complete translation projects to deadline and within budget. The automated project management service will also oversee the whole process, tracking its progression from start to finish. onclusion. Merrill Brink s machine translation also uses the latest natural language processing technology to ensure that Asian language translations feature the most comprehensible syntax possible. The best machine translations allow firms to review masses of data and large documents in their own language.

These services are essential for the continued growth in multinational business and the global economy. About Merrill Brink International Merrill Brink International (www.merrillbrink.com) is a leading provider of complete translation and language solutions for global companies and law firms, with special expertise in serving the legal, financial, life sciences, software, travel agencies and corporate markets. A proven leader with more than 30 years of experience, Merrill Brink offers a wide range of language solutions including translation, localization, desktop publishing and globalization services. Merrill Brink is recognized in the industry for its commitment to quality and its pioneering approach of leveraging technology to reduce costs, eliminate redundant processes and accelerate translation life cycles.

Windows PCTV

The world of miniaturization is present in the PCTV PicoStick PCTV PicoStick (74e) is a small revolutionary tuner DVB – T for Windows PC (USB). Thanks to a completely new technology integrates a chip, which brings the DVB-T reception to new dimensions. With a length of 35 mm and a width of 12 mm inside a metal box it is significantly smaller than all other USB dongles television on the market. Despite the extreme miniaturization, the device provides a high sensitivity and allows the perfect TV reception even in areas with lower quality signal. Its metal box of unique design, with its clip of protection makes it an elegant and modern accessory for small laptops, nettops and netbook PCs. The completely renovated included software TVCenter 6 makes it easy to see, making TimeShift and record live TV. With a new design in its user interface, the PCTV picoStick integrates seamlessly in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Allows you to watch TV and the recordings in full screen or in a freely resizable window while working with other programs.

PCTV PicoStick comes with a new mini telescopic antenna tuner TV standard: digital terrestrial DVB-t (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC / H.264) interface: USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) recording of TV MPEG-1 (offline trans-codificacion) formats MPEG-2 Transport Stream MPEG-4 H.264 (AVC) flow of transport DivX (off-line from trans-codificacion) the rod antenna can be connected to the magnetic base, or in areas with good signal from DVB – T directly to the antenna input of PCTV picoStick. Users to the last: these users prefer products with design, which combine the technical advantages with the quality and ease of use of the products. PCTV PicoStick is the perfect choice for these customers thanks to its outstanding industrial design. The series of TV enthusiasts: these users who see much television, mainly with broadcast television series regular schedule. To ensure that you will not lost nor a single episode, those recorded everyone, to see them several times.

PCTV PicoStick that includes completely revamped TVCenter 6 software application, is an extraordinarily small and powerful product to view live or recorded TV on a PC. Schedule recordings to save all the episodes of the TV series is as easy as it can be, since it includes the TV Digital OnGuide guide electronic programs. PCTV PicoStick is the world smallest DVB-T tuner for Windows PC. In an elegant metal case the PCTV picoStick ensures optimal reception of DVB-T TV and Radio1 at all times thanks to its optimum reception technology. With its small size, low energy consumption and the low load of the system, the PCTV picoStick is the perfect companion for digital television for the latest generation of netbooks. The new included TVCenter 6 software, minimizes setup time and allows you to Timeshift and rewind TV Live the way as easy as it can be. Integrated metal clamp protects the USB connector in an effective manner and new mini telescopic antenna enables greater flexibility in settings depending on the intensity of the signal.

Sales Applications

After reading the 1 January 1975 Popular Electronics had created the Altair 8800, Bill Gates called the creators of the new microcomputer, MITS, and offered to demonstrate the implementation of the programming language BASIC for the system. After developing in the next eight weeks along with Allen, the interpreter worked in the partial version of program and MITS agreed to distribute Altair BASIC. Gates left Harvard University and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where MITS, was located, and founded Microsoft there. The name Microsoft, a combined word of microcomputer and software, was first used in a letter from Gates to Allen on November 29, 1975 and on 26 November 1976 became trademark. The company’s first International Office was founded on November 1, 1978 in Japan, call ASCII Microsoft, now called Microsoft Japan. On January 1, 1979 the company moved from Albuquerque to La, Washington. Steve Ballmer inaugurated the headquarters of the company 11 in June 1980, this more later replaced Gates as Manager. The company was restructured on June 25, 1981 to become an incorporated company in Washington State, hence change its name to Microsoft Inc.

As part of the restructuring, Bill Gates became the President of the company and Paul Allen in Executive Vice President the first operating system for the company that released to the public was a variant of Unix in 1980. Acquired from AT & T through a distribution license, Microsoft Xenix nickname you, and he rented the Santa Cruz Operation company to adapt their operating system to important platforms. In this variant of Unix became the first version of Microsoft, Microsoft Word Word processor. The SuDespacho application originally called Multi-Tool Word came to make remarkable its slogan of what you see is what you get, or WYSIWYG. Word was also the first CRM application free with features such as the ability to write text in bold.

Acoustic Wave Device

NOVAFON presents his own acoustic wave device and explains his action. Original NOVAFON acoustic wave devices can look back on a long history. Already in the twenties of the last century was the first Intraschallgerat by the scientist and Professor of Medicine Dr. med. E. Saheed developed. NOVAFON took over the patent and since the production of the special sound wave equipment.

We would like to introduce this device in this communication. Mode of action the NOVAFON sound wave device is more than a simple massage device. The easy-to-use and robust device creates when acoustic wave of listening to mixing frequencies of 100 to 400 hertz. Because the body’s own healthy cells also swing in terms of listening to sound, the natural resonance of the cells can be aroused thus. This was demonstrated in a study by the Fraunhofer Institute. Applications of acoustic wave device off the basic effect of the NOVAFON acoustic wave devices is a great variety of application possibilities. To It is an ideal massage device for the back, shoulder and neck tension.

The sport is extremely beneficial in the case of a muscle hardening treatment with the acoustic wave device and can effectively counteract a sore. Vidanta describes an additional similar source. Whether as a massager for the face or the whole body: NOVAFON devices are ALLROUNDER and serve at home relaxing, as well as first aid for minor injuries and pain. In addition they used as well as more serious complaints accompanying therapy. So, NOVAFON acoustic wave devices are popular therapy companion in many renowned rehabilitation facilities, where they can be used thanks to its easy handling by the patients themselves, as well as speech therapists, occupational and physical therapists. Further areas of application are the sports therapy, Podiatry, and veterinary medicine. But please keep in mind that the NOVAFON sound wave device only as an accompanying measure to understand and replaced not the doctor. Variations of the sound wave device the Device available in different versions. The SK 1/1 is the original unit in its original form. On this basis the SK developed 2/2, as the original is chrome-plated, but 2 different gears. There is no chrome devices in various fresh colors, which have a somewhat softer and are therefore particularly suitable for children or cosmetic purposes. Each sound wave device is equipped with two different massage attachments, which are easily replaced. The sound plate is suitable for larger, smooth parts of the body, the sound ball for the less accessible areas, as well as for the acupressure and reflexology. An additional essay, which can be purchased separately, is the magnetic probe. It fits on any sound wave device and supplements the sound wave with a magnetic field, which is a more intense effect. If you sign up for more information about NOVAFON acoustic wave devices are interested in, or buy is a massage device want to visit NOVAFON on the Internet at. Description of the company the company NOVAFON has developed a sound wave device that reliable and versatile is used for more than 60 years. A growing number of people who want to do something good for their health, well-being and beauty at home among our customers.

Light Creates Security Around The House

Outdoor lighting helps prevent accidents and protects against burglary and theft an optimum lighting protects from accidents and deters burglars. During the day, you can be back towards the House without problems. But at night is a dangerous pitfall of each stage. A wrong step can have painful consequences. And so, suddenly, the day ends on a Chair at the doctor’s Office or in the hospital instead of on the couch.

A well-planned outdoor lighting around the House helps to avoid accidents of this kind. Low bollard luminaires or Recessed floor luminaires are good, providing sufficient light paths and stairs, licht.de, the society declared good light. The outdoors requires a sufficient protection of at least IP 44 (protection against foreign objects greater than one millimetre and against splashing water). The lights make orientation easier for visitors and guide them to the entrance. Twilight switch are helpful to automatically activate the light at dusk.

One Timer prevents that the lighting remains through switched on all night. It is important to pay attention, so that the light is not the source of danger on a sufficient protection against glare. Motion detector kept intruders but light around the House not only against falls, but also against burglary and theft. Brightness deters intruders, especially when motion suddenly turn on the lighting. Headlight in unobtrusive places around the House should be installed to lighten the entire environment. You recommend LEDs as the light source as they emit their full light output without delay. Lighting at the entrance creates additional security: evening visitors find ring and name badge and can be identified with a view through the door window before opening the front door. The House residents in turn must keys not long after Keyhole and door openers. For example, wall lights or downlights are suitable for the lighting of the input. Canopies often provide good Mounting options. Illuminated or illuminated house numbers make it easier to find the correct address for visitors. In the event of an emergency, they save even decisive minutes, must come about emergency or urgently needed taxi to your destination in a timely manner. In many municipalities, in Berlin or Hamburg, a lighted house number is therefore mandatory. Even bright it should be at least four inches high, illuminated still 20 centimeters. Company description on licht.de licht.de – the Fordergemeinschaft good light – is since 1970 the competent partner when it comes to questions of lighting. The society brings together the expertise of more than 130 member companies from the lighting and lamp industry, that are organized in the ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik and electronics industry. Licht.de informed about current aspects of efficient lighting and knowledge based around light, lighting and light bulbs – vendor-neutral and competent. The information portal, as well as the serials “licht.wissen” and “licht.forum” offer comprehensive service, practical advice and examples of lighting for architects and planners, journalists and consumers. Company contact: licht.

VGA, CVBS / S-video Converter SU 521

Streaming friends beware with the VGA CVBS/S-video converter now everything from the PC to the TV check on a new signal converter, which converts VGA, CVBS / S-video Ronnenberg/Hanover, the 28.12.2012 the ViTecco GmbH presents the specialist for video electronics. More and more often it happens that content should be transferred from the PC or laptop to a TV set or a video projector. Either for presentations or should be but if viewed for example the football live stream in decent size on the TV / projector. The SU 521 converts the VGA signal to CVBS or S-video signals. Via the menu you can image format to match image position and zoom individually on your system. The SU 521 supports most VGA formats: 640 x 480 / 60, 72, 75, 85 Hz 60, 75 Hz, 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 / 60, 75 Hz. The ViTecco device is equipped with a 230 v – power supply unit and is starting immediately in the well-stocked stores or at in the online-shop for only 138.00 EUR Excl. shipping costs related.

The ViTecco is a medium-sized, owner-managed company, which was founded in 1968 as Eicke & Bemmerer by naming donors and has since specialized in the fields of electronics development, manufacture and distribution of video accessory products for the entertainment, the video presentation and technical television. Due to the own development and production, we are capable of market-driven products and absolutely high quality to provide and secure by our end-of-life support over decades (!). The ViTecco GmbH delivers the problem solver in the areas of home-video / home theater / hobby film, video installations in industry, trade and commerce as well as at schools and Government agencies, and in medical technology, surveillance video, presentation technique (called entertainment or information) at events, in sales rooms, Sportsbooks, sky-sportsbars, or in the pub next door… anywhere where distributed video signals and / or should be turned: switch, Distributor, separation stage,. Converter, HDMI distribution, HDMI switch, signal converter, Switcher, copy amplifier, etc.

Cell Phone Batteries:

Tips and tricks: cell phone batteries longer live – what can you do for longer service life for the rechargeable batteries, battery is not equal to battery the least mobile users pay special attention to their batteries. While the performance of the small energy can be with little effort maintain and even increase. There are different types of batteries, to clarify misconceptions are tips for maintaining batteries can get long full power. Battery is not equal to battery. It makes more sense to deal with his cell phone battery a little achtsamer.

But caution: battery is not the same battery! The other not even can withstand what good does a which. First you should clear be so about how does a battery at all and what type you have to do it. Which battery types are there? Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries / nickel metal hydride (NiMH) this is the 1st generation of the accumulators. They were used in the first cell phones. For them, the positive consists of nickel compounds, negative from cadmium. NiCd batteries can be recharged 1000 times around 500.

Since these Batteries through the so-called memory effect quickly losing power, they were replaced by generation 2: the nickel metal hydride (NiMH). Here, also, nickel compounds provide a hydrogen-storing alloy for the negative charge to the positive charge. Until a few years ago, these batteries were standard for each phone model. The memory effect not so much occurs with them as with their predecessors. NiMH batteries require longer charging times, and can be between 400 and 700 times charged. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) / lithium-polymer batteries (Li-poly) as modern cell phones are getting smaller and smaller, had to pull the battery. The 3 Akkugeneration, which is still the largest market share and is found in a large part of the current phones are the lithium-ion (Li-ion)-batteries.

You can recharge anytime without memory effect. In lithium-ion batteries, the positive pole of lithium metal oxide and the minus pole consists of carbon. At the same weight as compared to NiCd batteries, lithium-ion batteries have three times more energy, they can be up to load up to 1000 times. The 4th generation and thus the newest batteries are now the lithium-polymer (Li-poly) batteries. In many newer phones standard, they have excellent standby and talk times. Your carrier is, in contrast to the lithium-ion batteries, plastic (polymer). You need no rigid metal box and save more energy than their predecessors. Charging time is approximately 2-3 hours. The first so-called initial charge should be applied 24 hours, then survive it recharges up to 1000. Memory effect: What is it?

With regard to the above mentioned memory effect, you will find two statements. Some claim that this phenomenon does not exist, warn other sources nor always being batteries between upload. This is because, that the memory effect not at all battery types to be found. To be exact, he applies only with batteries of the 1st and 2nd generation, the NiCd and NiMH batteries. This will effectively lose their charge ability you not fully discharge it. You download and remember “is their carrying capacity” only up to the point where they were, as one has reconnected it to the charger.