Steve Jobs

The company has produced thousands of computers that have found their place in the universities. According to legend, in 1979, Steve Jobs visited the Xerox Research Center in Palo Alto, and then many of the features of the Alto were embodied in "apple" computers, Lisa and Mac. Soon realized the mistake at Xerox and the company began to promote the graphics workstation, Xerox Star, which was based on technology developed for the Alto. But to say that it was too late – to say nothing. Next: Five more annoying bugs, including the history of Napster, CompuServe, and Craigslist.

6. The record industry is on nakatannomu Perhaps no other industry like the music, you can not count so many missed opportunities. In 1999, Shawn Fanning file sharing (Shawn Fanning) Napster opened the world of people is incredibly easy to share music in real time. Record companies immediately filed for Napster to court for complicity in copyright infringement. Then CEO Hank Barry of Napster (Hank Barry) asked representatives of the music industry with a proposal to distribute the music in its network on the basis of radio – and to pay performers' fees. This appeal was never heard.

Napster users quickly migrated to other P2P-networks (such as Gnutella and Grokster), and music "pirates" have become the main enemy of the RIAA. In 2000, the site has launched a service allowing users to upload songs from the CD-personal collections and distribute them to any other user. Record companies have filed for service to the court for aiding in copyright infringement and won in the end.

Raysa Oliveira

Stack is one of the structures of data, where its basic idea is that all the access to its elements is made from the top. In this manner, when a new element is introduced in the stack it starts to be the element of the top, as well as all the removal of the stack is initiated solely for the top. The elements of the stack alone can be removed in the inverse order to the order where they had been introduced: the first one that it leaves finishes is it that it entered (to describe this strategy acronym LIFO is used – last in, first out). The stack is composed for five operations that disponibilizam the manipulation and the access to the information of the same one. The operations are: to create, to insert, to verify, to remove to eliberar. The operation to create stack consists basically of inicializar it as NULL, that it means null. It is important to remember that for each bred stack its inicializao is essential, therefore this null element has the function to inform the end of its stack.

The function to insert, objective to pile up a new element in the top, for in such a way is necessary that a space is placed in the memory and that, of preference, either a dynamic allocation, therefore thus you will only use the amount of memory that really necessary. The function to verify, aims at to inquire if the stack is empty. The operation to remove, unpiles an element of the top, that is, it removes the top of its stack. finishes it operation is to liberate the used memory for the use of the stack, generally is made with the function free (). The structure of data (stack) widely is used in elaboration of programs and, an example of known use of stack more is the proper stack of execution of language C. The local 0 variable of the functions are made use in a stack and a function alone has access the 0 variable of the function that is in the top, not being able to have access the local 0 variable of other functions.

By God

Children and grandchildren are not initiated into the mystery of origin. They lived, not knowing that belong to another god and another people. Outwardly, nothing different from other people, they still had one more feature. By God's will present the feeling of love and affection they can experience only to the person from their tribe. And they had for a long time to find their half. Often they helped in the monks, pilgrims, wandering around the cities. They could easily distinguish among the crowd of his fellow tribesman from other people.

Their sacred duty was to help young people of his people to find each other. But marriage not always made in heaven. Those who could not get my half, are not forever remain bachelors and old maids. That's only children born of such marriages already lost part of innate abilities, which had the monks. Passed the century. The desert and its secrets guarded by monks, and beyond developed civilization and technological progress. People have tried using the machines to subdue the elements of nature, and the priests have long Narfeya ruled that the element with the thought.

The monks knew everything that happens in the world and not only because of the sacred mirror. In order to become a full priest of the temple, the monk was obliged to make a pilgrimage to all major cities in the world. At times it takes many years, but that means time for a priest of the god, who argues that this value is also relative. When the sky began to appear the first aircraft to lift Sabur air dust storms, obscuring the monasteries from prying eyes. But planes are becoming more and they began to fly higher. And then the archbishop covered oases, mirages domes, creating the illusion of wilderness. People have always tried to cross and to conquer the wilderness, but Sabur suppressed all attempts to sharply and severely, making it clear that this area is impassable and dangerous. After each lesson a long time people leave the desert alone. In border areas, the Archbishop of people do not touched until they approached the forbidden line.

Why Do I Need A Computer ?

What is the modern world? The modern world is the era of computer technology, greatly expanding and highly progressive. Nowadays computers are closely into our lives and help us solve many problems, in particular access to the Internet has given us an opportunity to gather a huge audience of people who are able to share experiences among themselves. In this regard, computers today are closely intruded into our lives, work and age paper-based information have gone to the well-forgotten past. For different people the computer can represent different interests. According to various statistics, we can determine why your computer is for certain people. I would like to note some of the most important of them: The computer as a tool for relaxation and entertainment.

Well, I think everybody understands that the computer can serve us as an expensive toy that allows us to head to leave the virtual world. What is the benefit in this case, we can bring this "television" with the buttons? Working on the computer, people can relieve fatigue and stress, obtained in the real world. It can replace us and the tv, watching videos, television programs and music, listening to music, radio, acts as a means of viewing photos, and more. etc. Also, speaking of entertainment, we can not say about the games, which have now become almost real reality.

Significantly expands the scope of entertainment when the computer is connected to the Internet. In the Internet you can find free software for your computer and download it. Computer to work. This point I would like to split into two parts: 1. Computer for work online, 2. Computer to work offline. In the first case, the work is fully connected with the connection to the Internet. We can choose the ways of generating income, existing today, that we love. Through the Internet you can look for work, do work to order and get paid to learn and earn in a particular direction (for example, you can learn how to make your site a bad thing make the creation and promotion of a website). One word to us online opens the door to financial independence. Three times that for the work is that all the office work you can just bring home and carry her home in comfortable atmosphere. Internet connection is not required. What here can be attributed specifically – is to work with office applications and text editors, is to work with graphics and video applications, it is also working with audio applications, and more. Computer as a communication tool. Today, the computer serves as a means of communication: Email Internet-pager (through special programs, such as Icq, with that message comes anywhere in the world in seconds) Phone, allows you to talk on the phone at a lower price, you can video conference when the conversation is with your camcorder. And Finally, special sites allow to leave messages, comments (forums, blogs, message boards, online diaries) In conclusion I would like to note that the pc is a remarkable creation of man, by means of which mankind has greatly accelerated the pace of growth and production. This machine performs a huge number of operations per unit time, which is not manageable, neither man nor what else exists on this planet. Internet, with the help of modern technology has given people the ability to communicate, work, study and rest. In short, life without a computer is simply not conceivable.

Winter Tires – Features And Options

Universal winter tires on all occasions, unfortunately, it's fantastic. However, this is not a lack of buses, but only limitations possibilities of designs and materials, and, besides, an extra argument in favor of timely seasonal replacement tires. After all, if not winter tires are universal, then what about all-season models, and even more so – about summer (year-round operated) tires. When choosing tires for the winter, First of all, note to any road surface in the first place they will be used. Tires for urban roads – is one thing, winter tires for Proselkov – it's a different story. Non-studded winter bus divided into two types – the European and Scandinavian. Tire tread pattern is similar to the European figure protivodozhdevyh tires – to build a diagonal extensive network of drainage canals, an abundance of fine cuts, strong lugs.

This type of tires are designed to ensure safe movement of the wet – after the rain, wet snow – cover. For many motorists one of the defining characteristics for Tyre choice is their price – and located it in close association brand tires. Tyre marks can be divided into three categories – authoritative, affordable, low cost. Tyres, belonging to the first category, the most expensive, but it allows the manufacturer to use when creating the newest technologies. The latter is cheaper, and they have an acceptable quality for most car owners. Tires third category inexpensive, have an acceptable quality and in our country the most popular.

Cache Memory

The cache memory of the first and second level. In all 486 have an integrated "first-tier cache controller with of 8 or 16 Kbytes. Cache – a high-speed memory, designed for temporary storage code and data. Circulation to the integrated cache occur without wait states, as its performance capabilities suited processor. Through this exchange of information with relatively slow system memory accelerates with authority. The processor does not need to wait for another piece of code or data will come from the main memory area, and this leads to a noticeable increase in the productivity of companies. When lack of cache, such a pause would appear quite frequently. In coming up with an integrated cache, the cpu time is even more central role, as it is often the only type of memory throughout the system, which can work synchronously with the processor.

In a variety of walking up to date processor clock frequency multiplier is used, so they operate at a frequency in a couple of times the system clock frequency board is connected to these processors. For example, the clock frequency of the "333 MHz" is running on a processor Pentium ii, a 5-times have superior clock speed of the motherboard, the same 66 MHz. Since memory is connected to system board, it also can operate only at speeds not exceeding 66 MHz. In such a system from all types of memory integrated cache can only operate at a clock frequency of 333 MHz. Inspected in this sample processor Pentium ii 333 MHz on-chip cache, a total of 32 kb "a 2-separate blocks of 16 kb. If the required data in an integrated cache available, the processor asks for them in the cache memory of the second level or specific to system bus.

In systems Pentium P5 cache in the second level is set on the motherboard and runs at the system board. In the P6 family processors cache second level is set to the processor. In and Celeron processors Heop cache second level operates at a frequency of the processor. The unique Pentium ii processor cache in the second level is working at half the processor frequency.

Medium Tank

Commander's tank was developed in 1954 and adopted by the adopted in 1958, he differed from the tank by the presence of a linear short-wave radios additional P-112 and benzoelektricheskogo charger unit for power consumers in the long-term operation in the parking lot. Exchange machine-gun sgmt has been saved. With the use of components and assemblies of the T-54 were developed and mass-produced self-propelled SU-122 and ZSU-57-2, launched bridge mtu bronetyagach BPS-2 and self-propelled crane SEC-12d. Some of the tanks has been fitted for mounting mine roller-trawl PT-54 tank btu bulldozer, snowplow tsa and individual craft PST-54. T-54 tank had two versions – T-54A and T-54B. Export T-54 and its modifications carried out in 39 countries. Medium Tank T-54A Medium Tank T-54A was developed in Tagil design bureau under the leadership of ln Kartseva and adopted in the 1955 serial production was carried out from 1955 to 1957 in , Tagil and Omsk. For the first time Soviet tank manufacturing in a production tank gun mounted D-10TG with stabilizer in the vertical plane of the STF-1 'Horizon' and eductor for purging the barrel of gunpowder gases after the shot. These technical solutions served as the beginning of a great work of designers in this field and at the end of the first postwar period, all tanks were held at the Soviet Army, had a two-plane gun stabilizer for aimed Shooting on the move and the kicker is to reduce the gas content of the fighting compartment. Propulsion appeared stage air cleaner and radiator shutter controlled to maintain optimal engine operation.

Online CRM System

crm – Customer Relationship Management in the translation from english customer relationship management) is a corporate product to automate and improve business processes, customer interaction organizations. Today, crm – it's pretty well known and highly demanded technologies, most of the architecture is defined by the developers. Basic definitions crm systems: – increasing and structuring information about their customers – organization and integration of all business processes, procedures and systems by which the company manages relationships with clients, customers and partners – a methodology which is based on modern information technologies designed to help organizations achieve better serve its customers, – crm system is integrated organized business strategy for managing the overall success, which primarily allows companies to improve relationships with partners and get new business clients. Of course, crm while not used in all Russian companies, but eventually the situation must radically changed, and that there is reasonable cause. crm systems are needed to solve many problems that are associated with an increase in various business processes. crm system is able to analyze information on contacts with customers, increase profitability at the expense of opportunities to develop new strategies. crm provides the customer with a single base, can take into account sales and development prospects of the company. The first crm system designed to ensure a successful relationship organizations and partners organizatsiibyli for comfort and the prospect of further sotrudnichesva.

Multifunction crm systems assume Classical automate marketing campaigns to attract new customers and retention of existing service and customer support. It should provide quick access to all available information and provide it according to the different needs of users. is an online crm system designed to accommodate customers and activation of control sales. Our technology is designed to improve the performance of your business and improve interaction with customers. The main advantages our crm system – is smaller (compared with other systems) demands on resources, reasonable price, ease of maintenance and technical support.

PADS Software Environment

Valery Klimenko (Ph.D.) An important feature of the modules Logic, Layout, Router software PADS, created by Mentor Graphics for designing printed circuit boards (PCB), is the presence of automation as part of Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) 1. Automation includes the server and client. Speaking as the servers are, PADS provides its data and functionality of other programs, as well as the client can use the data and the functionality of other programs. This means in particular that automation as part of OLE creates the preconditions for a harmonious integration of modules in the PADS software environment of the enterprise. The presence of such assumptions, however, is often underestimated in practice they are implemented, usually in very limited extent.

At the same time, OLE and its elements can be used with high efficiency to address the very urgent practical problems, for example, to comply with the PP in these special projects requirements that are not reflected in the PADS Design Rules. Specific design requirements are usually formulated by various parties – the developer of the concept, a specialist in electromagnetic compatibility, the manufacturer of PP … – And stored in different documents. The maximum objective is to provided by means of OLE in a certain way to introduce these documents to the project and possibly contribute to the implementation of automatic design of their requirements. Analogue of this is the impact of Design Rules and Preferences for work tools PADS. Recorded in the Design Rules and Preferences settings are taken into account two types of instruments PADS: design and control.

Learning Language

The Internet is the ability to read and watch the news giants such as cnn, bbc, Rater, so to speak, first hand, without waiting for the Russian Service will prepare a transfer, citing a source, read blogs from around the world watch movies and read books in their original language, without waiting for their translation into Russian. As you can see, with the knowledge of languages you are always one step ahead. Today I'm learning two languages simultaneously. You can not imagine what a mess at this is in my head but it's worth it – it is impossible to convey the feeling when you are free to speak with someone totally from another country, another culture, their language. For days to sit with a book and teach "Irregular verbs in English" is a deadly bore.

I will try on their own experience to tell you how to diversify language learning, how to combine business with pleasure, using a computer and the Internet. I think we all love the movie. Someone comedy with Jim Carrey, some militants with Bruce Lee, and someone Reviews. Most high-quality movies Hollywood produces today, which is known to speak primarily to English. Watching movies in their original language, you really raise your level of hearing a live speech from the lips of native speakers. Agree to learn and remember the phrase, said Bruce Willis, and not a teacher at school / university / to courses much easier Additionally, you win that many jokes and the "chips" of the films disappear after their translation into Russian.