Al Vicentinos

A life is all. The closing point is that this is not determinative. What it can be determined by the person is always its possibility to grow and if to transform to each day. In a lecture one day was said that ' ' The caxias are breaker of paradigms. To the times, its attitudes do not have as goal promoo' '. However the man does not have the obligation to conform for being, to the times, a little Caxias with the people and not even to believe that always he will be abstract in the speeches, therefore it is continuously moving.

Hour is caxias, hour is abstract, however it it never leaves of being person because of this. Everything this, in definitive, salient the true one to be of the man With the things of the life if needs to follow a half term: nor to be all caxias and not even all abstract. It must, for the force of necessity, being caxias in what it needs and abstract in the speech in the measure that the same it demands to it. Without, it is clearly, with this to give to edge pra not to make nothing certain or exactly not to have the clarity of a speech fearing a high level the point to become it utopian. Caxias or abstract the man will be always he himself that relates obtains and with the other things. However, in certain direction all the men are with some rigid things or not. It goes to depend, exclusively, of the necessity of its action.

Also being abstract, a theoretician air searchs to mask its proper rigidity giving to it. That is, the man obtains to move of behavior how many times will be necessary. It comes across with its rigidity and tries to be flexible, but he digs to be abstract. Wanting to be so abstract he does not happen in a harshness I obtain exactly. Thus being, I believe that in mine and the life of many men the being ' ' Caxias with the people and abstract in discurso' ' it depends, before everything, of the present moment where the person is living, being difficult to support a constant good sense. Therefore, it is urgent to live the life is being a person caxias or having an abstract speech. * Joacir S. d? Abbey is deacon of the Diocese of Formosa-Go; it attended a course Philosophy and it is finishing theology in the SMAB; he is author of books: ' ' Opsculo of conhecer' ' (Cidadela), ' ' The charity and the problem of the poverty in periferia' ' (Agbook) and ' ' The Church of ressuscitado' ' (Virtual Books); it writes for periodicals: ' ' Al Vicentinos' ' (Formosa-GO) and ' ' Letter of notcias' ' (Ownership); it participated, per three years, of International Competition of Philosophy beyond keeping a Blog of Philosophical texts.

The Destruction

One is about the beginning of the proportionality, has very recognized for the jurisprudence and doutrina' '. (Ibid,). The liberty of speech must, therefore, of the place ' ' whenever to place concrete at risk more valuable legal goods, as life, freedom and propriedade' '. (Ibid, p.5). Today, after judgment conviction of Scrates, we more see the reinforcement of the stimulated liberty of speech each time for a media, national how much in such a way international, that becomes an important instrument in the denunciations on corrupes, on the social injustices, in the spreading of ideas and in the contribution of clarification of the truth.

FINAL CONSIDERAES Which are the relation of the old concept of freedom and the current one? Of this relation, in accordance with Gigon, can say everything, less than it is simple! Of a side, the old texts, of the historians and the orators not less than of the philosophers, had exerted influence and always transmitted for the thought of the modern times final words of order. Another side, we need to have well clearly for us that, in the development of the modern thought, they had always participated two factors that, in the direction considered here, had not originated from the old ones. The pluralstica freedom of thought, acquired with the destruction of the theology and metaphysics, only creates the entirely different space for something From there results one of the most visible differences between what it is desirable for the old ones and for the modern. Already we speak of the difference. For old a freedom it is basically not to be dependent of nobody and thing some. This target had, always always, a decisive priority in relation to the improvement of the life conditions. In the gift, however, the opposite happens well. The programmar of the freedom only disfara the interdependence each bigger time of all in relation to that, in the interest of the improvement of the survival conditions, she is not only accepted, but also express conceived as something desirable In the Antiquity the freedom is, in first place, the autarcia that we finish to mention e, later, the cautious relation with them to be able exterior and uncontrollable circumstances, and is always ready to collect itself in that closer region of the man in which the individual, in all the cases and definitively, is Sir of itself exactly.

Commission Temperature

Although this can not suppose a great problem in the devices of measurement with an ample angle of view, the superiors to forty degrees or more, for the angle devices Straits, the differences in the readings can be considerable. (It is possible to indicate that IT BACKS WATER (Internationale Commission of l" Eclairage) the recommendation is to use the mechanical axis of the LED instead of the optical axis like measurement reference) – the measurement of the yield in a certain time interval or when it became stabilized finally. When the LED receives the first current, the temperature of the union is increased due to the consumed electric power. (The temperature of the union of the LED is determined by Tj = Ta + (* If Vf) * Rth (ja)), and it can take several seconds or several minutes before the exit of light has reached the heat balance and a stable value. A diminution in the 5-20% production or is not infrequent more.

Often it is not practical to wait for lengths periods of time between the accomplishment of the tests in the LED, reason why approximately settles down like standard an interval of five seconds like an acceptable limit in the traction of the stabilization. – To assure that the room temperature is constant during the test. The LED usually changes of brightness and color with the temperature. As it increases the temperature, it diminishes the production and the changes of color towards the least upper bound of the phantom. – To always use a current source direct voltage plateau (Vf). – To use a configuration of easily reproducible test. Felipe Garci’a is consulting of Ibertest the International Testing of material and Traction original Author and source of the article


The accused greaters it deforestation are the agriculturists. This is the reinante speech in the urban world. In the truth our ancestor had deforested pra in such a way agriculture how much for the construction of the cities. Or you find that our gorgeous Copacabana or the internationally famous Ipanema was not a great forest when caravelas first had arrived here? This conscience is very recent: not to be able to construct in declivity above of 45 degrees, nor at least of 30 meters of the edges of the rivers, nor in the quota of 1800 meters above sea level etc. That is, with the proposal of the new forest code, we would have that to also finish with the vincolas all it Rio Grande Do Sul, with the cafeicultura south it of Mines, it Espirito Santo, without speaking in the just elect seventh wonder of the world, in the high one of the Corcovado that will have that being demolida, because we cannot occupy the top of the mounts Therefore in the new law it has the part where if it calls ' ' fact consumado' ' , that tipifica cases as of the Sumar, that already was used, of the proper Christ who already occupies the high one of a mount that was deforested so that the statue was implanted, vinculas that already they exist there has 200 years more than, the coffee plantations has 300 more than, then, it has that to become a great national agreement, they do not find? It is what he is being considered. If already it has a deforested area, with any of these occupations that I mentioned, has that to preserve others, as measured compensatory, but not to declare the Christ as an outlaw! This Law deals with a real world, and this world has problems. Normally when it arrives a journalist and it looks at a catastrophe and it appears an authority, it attributes it guilt. .

Visual Interpretation

The visual interpretation of image the vetorizao of the mapeadas classrooms had been also carried through in software SPRING 5.0. RESULTS AND QUARRELS the result of the classification pointed 4 classrooms with respect to the year of 1965 (kills, cattle, urban area and aboriginal land) and 5 for the year of 2000, therefore beyond the four classrooms mapeadas in 1965 temporary lagoon was identified in 2000 the classroom. Figure 01 shows to the evolution of the transformations of the use of the land and vegetal covering throughout 35 years. The bush area is distinguished for presenting the biggest transformation related practises it of the deforestation and substitution of the native vegetation for pasture. In 1965 the bush area occupied 9991,2 hectares, what correonde 88.02% of the total area of the basin of the stream Joo Days. In 2000 a 54,4% reduction is noticed, what it represents only 33.8%. The busy classroom for cattle indicated an evolution opposes of the bush with a very expresivo increase in elapsing of the 35 analyzed years. In 1965 the cattle one was developed in only 3.5% of the area, increasing stops 54.2%, configuring an addition of 50,7% of the previously busy extension for this category of use.

The mapeada urban area mentions portion to it west besieges of it urban of Aquidauana. The transformation noticed in this classroom is marked by an increase of 3% in the direction the northwest of the same one. The aboriginal land expressed when comparative significant increase little the too much classrooms. In 1965 the oupada area was of 3,1% and in 2000 it passes to 3,7%, indicating small transformations in entorno of the village Green Lemon. Figure 01 – Evolution of the use of the land and vegetal covering figure 02 represents the espacilizao of the four classrooms mapeadas for the year of 1965. A domain of the vegetal covering in relation is notable the other classrooms, over all in the areas of the springs of all hidrogrfica basin, what he contributes very in significant way with the maintenance of the ecological stability of this environment.

Robtica Conscience

Robtica conscience In that sunny afternoon, I went down in my garden to meditar. The thoughts went and came as butterflies around of the light without me to cause no emotion. – Master Buddha who was that it said exactly? He had finished to read a book of those masters Hindu and Buddha haunted my mind. – What was that it said exactly? Ah I remembered; When pergutarem to the Buddha, what he is the man? It ordered to bring a lettuce and started to take off it the leaves. When nothing more he remained, he said the master, here it is the man. He wanted to perhaps say, nothing more than a hollow bamboo, in which celestisal music sounds. I continued with my thoughts …..

Imagine? celestial music, ahead of as much misery! Freud where if it incases ‘ ‘ Eros, pulso sexual with trend to preservation of life, and Tanatos, pulso of death, that would lead to the segregation of everything what he is alive, to the destruction. Both the pulses do not act of isolated form, are always working in conjunto’ ‘. Deuses of new? While it heard my monlogos, I sighted a doll, a doll? Vine if approaching, when I perceived that it was a robot! I asked? – Who is you? – You Who I know were not ventrloquo! I asked another time? – Who is you – You, I are part of you; – I and you, I and the robot, are I? – Yes Suddenly in one he has relaunched I understood, what he lacked the Buddha and Freud. A formation in computer science. What it is our mind? We are nothing more than an accumulated series of software! I will choose a good happy software and either! He knows you exactly.