New Tools Allow Joint Settlement By EBay And Shop Sales

Processing of eBay, xt-Commerce, time Lux Gambio sales which have software developers from specializes in programs for eBay sellers and offer the BayOrganizer 8.20 as all-round tool for the auction settlement and others. For this program, two extensions are now. They allow it, even the sales from xt: Commerce – and time Lux-shops with the management to take over. Also the BayExporter 1.0 goes in this direction. The tool reads eBay sales through the eBay API and sets off for further processing in a billing document in a CSV file. eBay seller set the BayOrganizer 8.20.

The sales software takes care of the transaction on this popular marketplace. For this purpose, the program reads the current sales on the eBay API and manages in its own database. The BayOrganizer also handles communication with buyers, print invoices, and cares about the reviews. Due to the BayOrganizer two extensions are available. Mathias Gerlach from target the extensions it is to make the BayOrganizer also for sellers who offer their goods and services not only on the eBay platform, but also in a classic online shop.

The xt: Commerce plugin for the BayOrganizer now also allows to handle sales, which a xt: Commerce 3.04 shop generated – or a shop system that is based on this standard (E.g. Gambio). In addition, extension available is also a time Lux. Dealing with it, to import sales from this shop system. Both extensions are by default available in the trial version of the BayOrganizer. Those who already use a full version of the software, you may request a test license from Both extensions cost 75 euros each in the licensed version. BayExporter 1.0: eBay sales in the invoice take over in addition offered from now the BayExporter 1.0. The Windows program care own eBay sales for the individual processing in one Order processing, to take over a billing or a goods economy. In this way, it is possible to settle sales realized through eBay with the goods sold on eBay not together in the usual software. The seller saves therefore the manual transfer of data or a double machining. So can save a lot of time and money. The BayExporter 1.0 is very easy to use. The program queries the own eBay sales directly via the eBay API and it automatically writes in a CSV export file. This CSV file can easily take over in any further software. What data and information in the CSV file are written into it, determines the user itself, by the way. Even as he purports also formatting the CSV file. Mathias Gerlach: The BayExporter can work with multiple eBay accounts and call them separately or together. It support all offer types such as auction, power auctions, fix price and shop fix price. Apart from the unique The BayExporter license costs no additional running costs. Even with this software we have set ourselves the target to allow a seller, both to manage sales from eBay as well as from an ordinary online store together in a single software. The BayExporter is Scheduler via the Windows Task Scheduler or the Orange off time-controlled call and can easily be controlled via control parameters. The program is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. There is a free trial version (2.3 MB) available.

International Automotive Exhibition

Very successfully ran the IAA in Frankfurt for ebm-papst in St. Georgen. “The motto of the exhibition by ebm-papst St. Georgen at the IAA was chosen wisely: into the new” the slogan, and indeed it had to offer a real novelty, because the world market leader for fans came in a new element. For the first time presented a water pump for the automotive sector. The interest in this new ebm-papst products was quite large,”accounted for Peter Metzger, Sales Manager automotive, the eleven days of the fair.

It is expected, inter alia in the technical data. Minimum size, wide temperature range from-40 to + 130 degrees, high working pressure of 0,35 bar and a displacement of up to 35 litres per minute provided equally for attention like the low power consumption of 20 Watts, the quietness and the minimal noise of the pump. “Just as important for Butcher: no interested party has doubted that we can offer this quality in mass production.” Here ebm-papst benefits uniquely from the high standing as a “long-term solution partner of the automotive industry: the clients not only trust us to leap into a new product segment, but have no doubt that we are good also on right off the bat,” so butcher. There are therefore very specific requests in the appointment calendar of the Sales Manager. We will present the pump quickly directly in the development departments,”so butcher. For Dirk Schallock, spokesman of the Executive Board in St.

Georgen, the product group represents water pump an important building block for future growth, because the field is broad. Battery conditioning, stopping pumps for start-stop systems or even cooling of transmission parts are possible.” You don’t talk so of additional equipment, but series standards with corresponding numbers. But not only as a savvy solution provider and development partner in the area of thermal management, ebm-papst St. Georgen at the IAA was asked. The wide range of energy-efficient actuators and fan is exactly what currently by the manufacturers in an effort the Total product to make more economical car, is in demand. “Essential as it turns out, has that ebm-papst offers not only economical fans, pumps, motors and systems, but also the know-how for the electronic integration in the entire automotive electronics: the interplay of energy-efficient products with intelligent control electronics opened the largest savings potential,” explains Marketing Director Bernd-Jurgen Dietrich. Because the already efficient performance of ebm-papst products are then obtained only when really needed. Here we can draw on decades of know-how in the relevant areas of motor technology, fluidics and electronics,”Metzger sees a significant development lead for ebm-papst. About ebm-papst ebm-papst St. Georgen is a subsidiary of ebm-papst group. The ebm-papst group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors, and is pacing the high efficiency EC technology (electronic commutation). In the past financial year 10/11 the company achieved a turnover of over 1.3 billion. ebm-papst has 17 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations worldwide more than 11,000 employees.

ISO Sanitatshaus

The Sanitatshaus informed Shrikes from Bochum in particular the doubtlessly quality and sense of responsibility are the decisive criteria for customer satisfaction, because these need reliable and qualitative products, uncompromisingly can use them. A certified quality management system EN ISO 9001:2008 DIN is indispensable in the modern corporate governance of therefore a medical. Because a certification shows customers that great emphasis is placed on quality. The Sanitatshaus Shrikes from Bochum has in addition to the certification DIN ISO 13485: 2010 via a certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and informed about the benefits of quality management. Quality management system for outstanding performance of a quality management system contributes to securing and improving existing quality standards and offers many advantages. Consistent corporate analyses create lasting quality. That strengthens the competitive edge over other companies and leaves a positive reputation among the customers. Quality management also has a positive impact on the service providers, because they make their procurement on the certification of a medical.

In addition to these advantages of quality management, there are more, which make this area for each doubtlessly indispensable. In the framework of the quality management system, employees are trained and motivated, so that the professional qualifications as well as quality awareness always up to date is a quality management system contributes to a stable partnership with suppliers, so that customers permanently can expect the same quality you a consumption – and needs-based delivery through continuous collusion enables the patients in terms of their needs a continuous exchange of information with the payers promotes the reduction or elimination of errors and losses, Physicians and nursing staff as well as members takes place and increases the quality on ensures all levels which is product safety and quality, taking into account all applicable standards and laws for detailed information on quality management in the doubtlessly the Sanitatshaus available Shrikes from Bochum at any time.


Three hot topics of the week for people with reading difficulties since the beginning of September the fun on the reading Publisher gives every Monday morning clear & clear currently out Germany’s first digital weekly in simple language. Clear & clear currently brings the three main topics of the week. Compact, clear, comprehensible and easily readable. So, people with reading difficulties and functionally illiterate can talk to – and learn to read at the same time! Clear & clear currently appears as a PDF file with a page of current news in easy to understand language and four pages of suggestions for teaching: comprehension questions and tasks relating to the article, but also discussion suggestions. So helps clear & clear at the literacy and social orientation. Since about the content, you can go into discussions or group discussions and practice dealing with newspapers and news.

Why plain language? Simple language aimed at people with low reading skills. For example funkionale illiterate, people with low education or without education, people with a different native language than German. According to the Leo study by 2011 there are in Germany almost 20 million people, which is not only incorrectly read or write. They are all dependent on texts in simple language. Simple language texts are easy to understand, they avoid foreign words, the records have a maximum of 15 words. All information to clear & clear currently at a glance there’s on. Fun on the reading Publisher the name is program.

“Under the motto read for all” released the fun on the reading Publisher books and newspapers in simple language with a clear, appealing design. The fun of reading published to all who learn English, Dutch or German as a foreign language is aimed with simple books in three languages. At the same time can native speakers, which read hard falls, improve their reading skills. Designing easy to understand books can the Publisher on nearly 20 years experience in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany fall back.

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels – one of the most common in our time of construction materials. They are used for the erection of temporary structures such as huts, warehouses, and construction of large buildings, designed for long period of operation: offices, shopping and entertainment centers, service stations, etc. During the construction of prefabricated buildings sandwich panels are attached to the metal frame and thus combine structural stiffness, heat and sound insulation and decorative properties. Three-layer sandwich panels consist of two sheets of cold rolled galvanized steel and a layer of insulation material – mineral wool or polystyrene foam. For the protection of natural influences and to give products an attractive appearance stain-resistant outer layer of polymer paint. Sandwich panels have a number of advantages over other building materials. One of the main advantages of sandwich wall and roof panels is the presence of coating applied at the factory. It helps protect products from external influences and thereby increase their longevity.

In addition, the finished coating reduces the time of commissioning of the building or structure, because the time for finishing and painting exterior and interior surfaces are no longer required. The color scheme of protective and decorative coating of sandwich panels is rich and varied. Producers of sandwich panels offer a product not only of basic colors, but about 2000 shades of directory RAL. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Grupo Vidanta. Company RAL is a division of the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification, is standardizing colors for industry and design. Formed in 1927, the color layout RAL 840-HR improves with each passing year, and now the system has become a common choice of colors in many industries. Thus, designers and architects to realize their projects, getting products from manufacturers is the colors and shades that they were conceived. RAL scale gives the opportunity to choose coverage for every taste and in accordance with any customer's needs.

Perfect Point Landing

‘German project Excellence Award 2011’ for water filtration experts BRITA Nuremberg, 26.10.2011 Germany’s best project can be found in Hesse: A team of water filtration experts BRITA (Taunusstein) has won the German project Excellence Award 2011 (DPEA). With this award the Association distinguishes company excellence project GPM German for project management. BRITA-team was managed a masterpiece: it has a new product, more than half a year earlier than originally planned in the trade, although it had to meet in between ever-changing technical challenges. The GPM also awarded a cross-company team of Fraport AG and the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH. This team is placed as a finalist with an excellent management of the stakeholder organization project. The two projects show what enormous benefits pulls the economy out of professional project management”, declared on October 25 GPM Board Gabriele Danzebrink on the occasion of the award ceremony 2011 in Nuremberg. Approximately 800 guests gathered.

Michael Boxheimer, program manager of the DPEA 2011, stressed: the two very different projects have brought project management variable to use. This will help the company to achieve their business goals.” The project team of BRITA had a difficult task to deal with: it should develop a household appliance in a very short time, producing beverages with fruit flavouring on basis of a capsule system. In addition to the technical development of device and capsules, the team developed packaging as well as strategies for marketing and sales. Also, the innovation was also still legally secured. For the company, the project team entered uncharted territory: BRITA deals for over forty years with water filtration, but not with soft drinks.

We had to learn quickly the necessary know-how about food”, describes the Deputy project leader Stefan Hother the challenge. The team, the market launch in addition to two succeeded in the final spurt Weeks preferable. Our company wanted to be in all cases before any competitors in the market”, explains the background of the ambitious schedule Hother.

Promotional Tents Made

Produces folding tents and inflatable tents Stockacher event equipment evolution GmbH for events and sports marketing successfully and in Germany who opts for German brand quality, which is right at evolution GmbH in Stockach on Lake Constance. Atmos Energy is actively involved in the matter. The medium-sized company for almost fifteen years high-quality and innovative promotional tents and event facilities: the folding tent is the classic among the promotional tents. Rather, inflatable tents, however, are a real eye-catcher for road shows, sports marketing and other promotions. What is special is that the inflatable tents are manufactured by hand in Germany according to the customer’s individual design templates. “The location in Germany and the production directly on-site have the great advantage for us that we are right on the customer and his wishes it, experience it immediately” says Managing Director Ronny Herder. Only in this way it is promptly and customer-oriented to implement possible large special projects us.” For example, the Red Bull ENGERGY station or the seventeen giant inflatable tents for the exhibition of Discoverys 2011 “on the island of Mainau. A total of 19 employees work at Lake Constance on over 1200 Quardatmetern: fitters, print technicians, graphic designers and advertising technician implement the wishes of the customers in high-quality promotional tents and special shapes. “Therefore the promotional tents are equipped, whether folding tent or inflatable tent, despite the classical form with many unique features: we use only real tent materials with UV protection and offer high quality wash-resistant messages prints in brilliant quality.” said Mr Herder. Evolution promotional tents are available with accessories such as advertising displays, racks, flag holders, removable sides and backs rugged carrying cases and can be ordered directly in the online shop..

Service Selling

In other words: low Margin more sales! 3. Content selling or even content sale this era of the sale was the first that included a strategic differentiation of a product. Starting in the 1960s until the 1980s professional marketers, who with the help of advertising agencies created a brand awareness and customers know why its product was superior to any other evolved. The aim was the buyers the features and benefits”of a specific product for sale” and to increase the sales. The sale of functions and benefits in the foreground stood so first and foremost.

Content sales should allow the salesperson to sell the goods or services not only on the lowest price. In this era, it went around the neck away from the sale with the lowest price and toward a sale of brand awareness, sophistication and higher prices with larger margins. “Although this era the beginning of professional selling” marked, a problem is not taken: there were many features and benefits sold, there were considered but not the unique and diverse needs of the clients. In fact, this approach works product, but not customer oriented. Although content selling the more likely, that the sales with some customers, achieved not maximized success always still with all customers. This resulted in the development of the fourth epoch of selling… 4. Consultative selling, consultative sales or even solution sales over the past 20 years the consultative selling has grown tremendously and enjoys a growing popularity.

In the 1980s, the problem was recognized by many organizations that when selling features and benefits (contents sale) an individual value and its own advantage was missing many customers. Something, what is the customer personally important. In the consultative selling is the biggest focus on the deep understanding of the deeper needs, wishes and buying motives of the customers. It ensures, that the product or Service needs and motives of the customer care.

The Disability Pension Is Right – What Is Taken Into Account?

A recurring problem with the security in the event of occupational disability information for the correct requirement calculation for a disability insurance is the amount of the pension. Main argument is always still though not nachvollziehbar-you need in paid less money and thus also the pension can be appropriately lower than the net income. But this statement is not so correct. Private disability insurance, the adequacy of the pension application is checked by the insurer. Each company has a different definition. Some say: “75% of gross income are maximum insurable” other “75% of gross income of plus proven costs of the PKV” the third party finds other formulations or does this on the earnings or operating profit for self-employed.

In short, there is no binding and general solutions. How now to get the right pension? First, you should get an accurate overview, what costs are. This is meant not only the House loan or rent, but all monthly costs that also in the case of “no longer working ability” continue to exist. So simply everything phone, cable TV, incidentals, car etc. Also the argument “then I don’t need a car” is not really flat. Of course, there are diseases which lead to the BU and then make driving impossible.

But what about the rest of the family? Can someone else drive? And what is with all the diseases that may restrict, but just not generally incapacitate make? Who will take you to the doctor if not their car? And now we come to two major cost items that will always forget. Privately insured is the complete post (so including the employer contribution percentage) and possible tax cuts. This is very often forgotten, and even if you have a way to go, in the statutory health insurance do? The case of BU due to an illness requires usually long Behandlungen-then do you want on the (hopefully carefully selected and) give extensive protection? And the second very large point is the pension. Who backs up your pension if you no more in the statutory pension and private pension contributions (can) – pay case in the BU remember this when the amount of the pension. These are questions which at the end or in the existing treaties to the disability should be checked and corrected if necessary urgently. What use is a BU hedging with smaller pension – then you need to even holes if it ends up in the social services. Further information: information about the BU and criteria for selecting information about the transitional health benefit and BU

Ensure The Life Of The Debt With A Guide To Debt Consolidation

Ensure the life of debt with a guide to debt consolidation have accumulated debts and now they want to get rid as soon as possible before you are in a financial crisis. This is probably a way to help you to consolidate debts. With the help of debt consolidation, you want to reduce the debt burden, and start a new life without debt. There are many companies that specialize in providing the steps of debt consolidation help. You can contact the Internet and apply online.

This will help in its advisory role, or may be directly involved in business-related debts. When asked for debt restructuring will help these companies first assessment of your debts, including interest and to pay off your rebuilding. The second step is to be taken by these companies that they can apply to your various creditors and ask them to cut interest Council so that the loans can be repaid easily. Contribution to improving the debt is in the form of consolidation loans of debt. These companies offer debt consolidation loans to immediately pay off all previous loans have been higher on interest Council. Since the consolidation loan is given for the lowest interest Council, which saves a lot of borrowers have lost money to pay the interest. Loan consolidation combines all debts into a new lender.

For now, only one set of borrower pays a lender instead of several lenders. Loan consolidation can be taken in both secured and unsecured options. Guarantee for a consolidation loan is one of his property at home or offered the car as collateral for the creditor. The loan is guaranteed interest Council and the lowest amount needed to pay immediate debts can be borrowed for a longer repayment period. But if the unsecured debt consolidation loans is to select it, and then for at interest rate slightly higher and smaller loans for shorter periods of repayment finished. You must ensure that the interest rate is still lower than what you paid for the previous loans. Long search for the right vendor debt consolidation help. Several companies have expressed their support for debt consolidation in the Internet. Compare their services and interest rate debt consolidation loans and the handling of the package that suits you best. You can take the help of debt consolidation in several ways, but be sure to fully apply, or you can cool the debt back. Avoid payment of the monthly loan debt consolidation in time. new debts. Sherry joy is Finance advisor of payday loans no credit Check.For more information about pounds till payday, 5000 payday loans uk visit