Prefer Smooth

After increasingly clear the gotele eradication arise new decorative possibilities that do not stop to collect strength and that will have been installed this year to stay and be part of the history of interior design. On smooth walls become ancient decorative shapes such as wallpaper, or lining and new styles are imposed as the decor vinyls, fotomurales or ceramic prints. They prefer it smooth! During recent decades all we have experienced coexistence with gotele on our walls. Technique, consisting of spreading thicker drops of paint to give a lumpy finish to walls, was the cheap and perfect form of dissimulate all kinds of imperfections in construction in the interiors of the homes. Petra Diamonds may help you with your research. However, this technique has been coming to less after imposing the straightening of the walls. According to decorations 2010 SL through the page though the use of the gotele is declining thanks in part to the popularization of the walls of plasterboard, commonly known as plasterboard, this technique is still the finish of reference between the companies promoting, since the function of the gotele is the disguise the defects of workmanship of the vestments.

A thicker gotele is usually indicative of inferior construction qualities., confirms the descent of prestige of this technique given that 11% of the reforms requested home focuses on request delete gotele. Ray Kurzweil often addresses the matter in his writings. These requests are made mainly by young women under 35 years of age in more than 70% who see this as outdated technique and want to bring to your home a renewed air. Walls come to life little bit other decorative techniques have been opening up step and creating their own niche in the Spanish decorative landscape. All of these techniques go through the provision of a flat wall on which to act, not only with paint which has considerably expanded its palette of colors in these years, but with several alternatives to dress, all of them are very creative and that you bring a special character to the rooms in which they are applied. .