According to Ribeiro (2008, P. 1): For in such a way, the professor must have knowledge on the educational potentials of the computer and to be capable to adequately alternate traditional activities of teach-learning and activities that use the computer. In this context, when recognizing the innumerable possibilities of the use of histories in quadrinhos in education by means of the job of this software, the professor made possible to the pupils the tool to deepen its knowledge, creating histories in quadrinhos. 5 – The Use of HagQu Software in the Production of Histories in Quadrinhos in the School Shining River Considering that the use of the technologies was inserted in the schools to help in the learning of the pupils, becomes necessary that the educational area dominates these tools technological, using them in the development of pedagogical activities aiming at the construction of the knowledge of the pupils The project was carried through having as reference the pupils of 5 year of the vespertine period of the Municipal School ' ' River Brilhante' ' with aid of the teacher regent Maria of Ftima Blacksmith of the Conceio and the teacher of the STE Adriana Joris. The teacher of the classroom detected in its pupils difficulties in the production of texts and in the writing, thus she considered to the pupils a creative and pleasant form to learn to create texts and to develop the writing by means of histories in quadrinhos. First a study regarding histories in quadrinhos by means of texts and illustrations was carried through, with a followed historical boarding of the systematization of the main elements that characterize the production of comicses, as the visual speech, resources, balloons, onomatopias, etc. With this exploration, that initially left of the magical world of comicses was worked diagramming of page, composition, creation of personages, scenes and history, developing in the pupil the mood and creative imagination.


– Confidence: So that the people accept their recommendations must manage to obtain their confidence, to work with a feeling and enthusiasm that infect. And for it you have to have an ample knowledge than offers, as far as possible it promotes products that or have proven or in their defect products of which it has realised a rigorous investigation as well as to present/display them of a way which they do not show any type of insecurities of its part. – Harmonious publication: The clarity and the coherence than expose or publish, as well as the form in which it does, is very important; we must obtain a skill in establishing and simplifying what it is said. For example if we want to publish a campaign in a certain account, or they are these of Facebook or Twitter, he is not advisable to use a same account to promote products to thin and books on relations of pairs. Also we must pay attention to that what we promote publications programmed with some software do not only seem, we can program a part but we must also interchange with messages and interventions our daily ones. – The repetition: This trying of which after to see, to often read or to listen to the same we finished accepting it; this it is the simple secret of the propaganda by means of posters, radio or television. He is therefore that he is advisable to use automatic programs like for example SocialOomph, with which we can program great part of our messages in Twitter with total security. – Direction: You must show, to make see that you know than you are speaking, that you are worthy of confidence, that you are only able to present/display information and products to them that really can help them in their lives.

This is managed after to have created confidence in its followers, never before, is why a certain account in social means is not advisable to begin to promote products when initiating. – Perseverar: In the profit than we set out, we must make reach our message the greater amount of possible people, for it the social means are the perfect option, exist thousands of forms to propagate by the network, To look for the results that we hoped and to make changes if they are necessary until it works. The people who accumulate great wealth are people that own a great force of will mixed with persistence and desire, which work until reaching their objectives. If we managed to create harmony in which we do, to share and to transmit constructive attitudes with all the people, surely of which we will be also constructing our own way by a footpath that provided the wealth to us and abundance that we looked for. This it is a subject that has many variants, so many as types of people exist I invite, them to that they leave his commentaries me in blog. If they need major information on this and other subjects marketing them visit I invite me in which they found ample information to unload free. By its greater success. Jorge to Magallanes. Original author and source of the article

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16? Whatever is the amount of time that takes him to the body to aborber an essential oil through the skin l$p. 17? Because it is extremely important to use essential oils you will carry to dilute l$p. 22? What is the only oil that only must be used per short periods of time l$p. 29? The plant that can be found in hundreds of different versions, but of which 10 only produce the essential oil with medicinal properties l$p. 33? If you suffer of insomnia, this it is a verified remedy that helped to solve to this problem of effective and safe way you l$p. 36? Beneficial the essential oil whose composed desinflamatorio but especially for gastrointestinal problems – it is only generated during his extraction and one is not in the original plant (Therefore, he is not the same to use the plant that the essential oil of her) pag 44? The oil that combines furthermore with the majority of other oils and potentialises its properties l$p.

36? As the aromatherapy can help the children (ace) who suffer of hyperactivity l$p. 44? What is the oil that due to its high cost in its pure form the majority of the times is sold mixed with other oils of similar aroma l$p. 46? Including like main ingredient in the majority of products of dental hygiene since its main component is that it gives the sensation of freshness – l$p. 50? and much, much more the course " It discovers the Aromaterapia" it is an electronic book in format Acrobat pdf, which you can read with software Acrobat Reader (which surely already you have installed) from the comfort and privacy of your personal computer. That way, you can begin to only read this exclusive course in a few minutes after acquiring it, and you do not have to pay any cost of shipment or to hope until it arrives at your house, furthermore you can acquire it to much smaller price. Click to enter but details original Author and source of the article here.

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ltimamente, a novel treatment known like " reality virtual" it is being used for the phobic treatment. By means of computer, that emulates the situation that puts in check the emotional stability of the patient, exhibits the person so that it can face of a much less drastic way his fear. Also technical of relaxation and breathing they can be of extreme utility to alleviate the symptoms of this disease. SOME FAMOUS CASES the phobias do not know classes nor distinctions sex, race social, religion or nationality. So it is the case of very many personalities historically recognized that suffered of this disease. Brad Pitt has an excessive fear by the sharks; Michael Jackson always covers his face with a mask by his fear to the germs; the director of cinema Stanley Kubrick, Sylvester Stallone, Brushes Willis or the singer of soul Aretha Franklin suffers or suffered of aerofobia, that is to say, fear to fly.

Another one of the frequent cases between famous is the one of the social phobia, that it prevents them to be in events public. In this case, who suffer this type of fear, they cannot control that sensation and they finish lowered by panic attacks. The writers Jorge Luis Borges and Juan Ramon Jimnez have suffered this phobic typology. By Carlos Heads Lopez Connection to the original source: Bibliography: – Araos S., Boris. " Phobia: the sum of all the miedos." Magazine To live More. June 2004 16 MAY 2007. – DSM IV – Fourth edition of MANUAL DIAGN? STICO AND YOU ARE? STICO OF the MENTAL UPHEAVALS, the American Psychiatric Association. ED. MASSON – 1995 original Author and source of the article