Perhaps, it may be that you’ve asked the question, why my Windows 7 is slow at any given time? Below I’ll discuss some techniques to speed up your system. First, make sure that you have the basic minimum requirements for Windows 7 to run smoothly. These are: 1) GHz (32 or 64-bit) 2) 1 GB main memory 3) 16 GB of available disk space. ((4) Support for DX9 graphics with 128 MB of memory (for the Aero interface) 5) a DVD-R / W if you have complied with the requirements and Windows 7 is still somewhat slow, then the problem may be somewhere else. As a first step, you can disable the function of index search on your PC.

This feature is only required when performing searches in the system. The next step should be to disable the Aero theme. The aerodynamic function interferes with the maximum shape video card or graphics card. If you want to authenticate this, enough that you can see the memory consumption when the function aerodynamics turns on and shuts off. You should then disable unwanted PC additional services. This helps accelerate boot time.

Some services, such as the characteristics of the printer only can be activated when the need arises. This helps free up disk space. Disable the user account control (UAC) in Windows 7, which is sometimes very annoying also should accelerate the PC considerably.There are many features that can be disabled and its overall effect is to free up space on the disk, which in turn greatly increases the speed of the computer. You can also clean the Windows registry as a final precaution. The registry cleaner software you can scan the windowing system for possible defects and ensure that all errors and registry entries unnecessary, be deleted safely and automatically.

Demeter Transmogrifiers

The law of Demeter, is one of those essential practices that must know and apply any software developer (at least so I think). It is a rule that guides us to reduce the coupling of components/classes/modules of our systems by avoiding an object known to B, a B object known to C and to not know C then to not should be able to manipulate or send me messages to C via B, doing so violates the law of Demeter, in words more simple, means that a method of a class m or only should be able to send you messages to these types of objects: – or – objects parameter that receives the method m from the object itself – any object that instancie m – of any attribute or prevents (.b) type call () .c () .d () which clearly indicate a problem with our code. Looking as exemplify found the example of the chico-diariero (paperBoy, seems to be a classic example of this law). The example is based on the relationship between the Argentine and the client of the journal at the time that you want to collect only a delivered journal. Let’s look at a example that violates the law of Demeter: (clarified that these codes did them on-the-fly, are not tested and may generate errors, are only for example) class Argentine static protected $costoDiario = 5; public function cobrarDiario(Cliente $cliente) return $client-> getBilletera()-> extraer(static::$c ostoDiario); class client protected $wallet; public function __construct() $this-> wallet = new wallet (100); public function getBilletera() return $this-> wallet; Obviously the Argentine class ends by manipulating the wallet class without any need. A correct example would be: class Argentine static protected $costoDiario = 5; public function cobrarDiario(Cliente $cliente) return $-> cobrar(static::$costoDiario) customer; class client protected $wallet; public function __construct($billetera) $this-> wallet = new wallet (100); public function collect ($amount) return $-> billetera()-> extraer($monto) this; In this example we see that the method charge daily sends a message to an object passed by parameter and the method charge invokes an object of a class attribute, both comply with the law of Demeter. Disadvantages – it sometimes requires writing many small methods of sheath (called sometimes Demeter Transmogrifiers) to propagate method calls to the components. Martin Fowler says that it would be more correct to call this rule the suggestion of Demeter, which is not absolute.

Powerpoint Presentations

I have applied this technique, especially for the analysis of commercial situations with clients, the goal very well understand your position of purchase and the factors that define their criteria of evaluation and decision. Secondly, to create a vision of solution and finally to communicate a concept, idea or proposal to the prospect or customer. Support me in the mental maps for presentations and on many occasions I have replaced the develop presentations in Powerpoint presentations with mind maps and the results are satisfactory, i.e. I can communicate ideas in a more effective manner. Goal: Having an effective methodology of analysis, generation of ideas and effective communication that will help to gain productivity and develop a more professional job in the sales process. Tools: More than 4 years ago I started using a free tool called CmapTools (), an excellent tool and it is used worldwide by an impressive number of users, most of them in the field of education, but the interesting thing about this solution is that it has developed a community of users around the world and it is possible to obtain much valuable material through this community. About 2 years ago I started using a commercial, more robust and comprehensive tool called Mind Manager Pro. I’ve used it in many to many of my activities as a seller and me helps a lot to organize the concepts and to transmit them in an organized manner.

This is a very great help to gain time in the development of a sales opportunity. This software is acquired by license and bse installed on the pc. A few months ago I am using a complementary tool of mental or conceptual maps called KnowledgeLink. This software helps me much in the process of lifting of customer needs Control of the process of sale as a project over the years I’ve learned to the extent that want to achieve greater effectiveness in the sale process, it’s best to deal with it as if this was a project.

Corel Draw

Don’t be afraid to start over many times the decision to discard a design line and begin another, ends up becoming the turning point that gives him more fluidity to our work. We should not be afraid to start again, must be within our considerations. To the extent that we are confident that the design line we carry is the desired, we will be able to play a very fluid and productive pace, doubts come down that pace and us head-on trivial decisions. Don’t underestimate the keyboard only the use of ctrl + c and ctrl + v have saved us hundreds of seconds of work, now imagine the time that you can save in the development of their designs using other shortcuts (hotkeys) applicable to your software. Customize toolbars Hey don’t forget what your programme and you can locate toolbars as you see fit you. Currently the latest versions of Adobe and Corel Draw line programs present ease of adapting our workspace in your interface as we want better, take advantage of it and removes all those options that you do not use constantly and extends those Yes, the idea is to minimize that unconscious stress that causes open menus over and over again. This will certainly save you many seconds in the development of your own designs.

You not obsessions do everything shot recalls that inspiration is not a moment but a process and many times the car force us to develop all design in one sitting, ends up blocking our ideas, resulting in the lack of emphasis in the design of the final details by the tiredness. Our inspiration depends on the ease and creativity with which we carry out a design, therefore we must consent to our mind with the rest periods needed to start new days full of energy and freshness. No doubt this will reduce times and improve the quality of our work. The purpose is ahead never forget that design is art with purpose, therefore maintaining a constant concentration in the objectives, it will allow to develop a design under solid foundations that justify technical and creatively is your criterion, the benefit of this is to achieve a permanent approach that makes our work, something more fluid and without setbacks. Plan before you design should support you in all the reference material supplied before you begin designing, reviewing and highlights the most important details that will serve as a parameter for your design, evaluates the volume of texts to use, key points of information, quantity and priority of the images to show, branding to consider details, etc. Proper planning facilitates more productive work and ten on the other hand this one keys to impress and please the customer is, submit a design that took into account all the details discussed in the meetings, especially those whose proposal was born out of the. Defines a list of items that must contain your design once you’ve reviewed and prioritized information relevant to your project, you must proceed to create the list of elements of that design will be composed, can also lean on schemes of composition type wireframes and, so more focus your creativity.

The License

In simple terms, the resale rights or private label rights, they are rights which are given to a person to change or alter the content of an original product, and can such a person put his name as the author of the product after having made some modifications and even, in some cases, without making any modifications, if the license that is received so specified. Products using this modality include e-books, web templates, packages, images, software, articles, courses, etc. Many people are having lot of PLR products, without knowing what important about them entitled and, moreover, without knowing what to do with them. Perhaps you are one of those people possessing of some products with this type of rights and, at the same time, wishes to start in business by internet. In this article I give some basic suggestions for working with PLR products, particularly with articles that you have that type of rights. Generally, when you buy a package of articles with PLR rights, means that you can give them to them, almost any use you want. Keep in mind that this has to be specified in the license that is transferred when you buy them.

If you have qualities to write and, in addition, has one or more thematic domain, surely you do not need the help of this type of articles with PLR rights, and insurance will delight writing everything yourself, product of his creation and personal ideas. However, if this is not your case, however, you want to have a business on the internet and, of course, having to sell, keep in mind the following suggestions. Compile and create an electronic book the only thing required is a little time and dedication to organizing their articles in a way logical and sequential, until you obtain a digital book with content that is of interest to a niche market in particular.

Word Press

Nobody was accustomed to the lyrics on the screen, to read with these visual patterns, and to effectively decode What we saw. However, now all we have become accustomed. The hand of the postings, newspapers online and the articles of the subjects that interest us, we are faced with hard, long and complex texts all the time. And nevertheless, we are perfectly able to understand them, read between the lines and extract its full meaning. Therefore, write content complexes, range and relevant for the web is possible. Here are a couple of recommendations to ensure the maximum effectiveness when it comes to putting our ideas into words.

Follow the inverted pyramid format. This way of writing notes, imported from the journalistic, proposes to put in the first paragraph the central idea, to go then unfolding the auxiliary or secondary ideas in successive paragraphs. It is a somewhat schematic, but ideal for those who do not have much discipline when composing a text. Try writing with this structure, and their texts will gain in clarity and readability. Do not endless prayers applies to the text on paper also. Follow the simple verbal sujeto+predicado format. Do not reverse the order, unless it deems it really important to give a certain effect for example great was my surprise, when the natural order is my surprise was great is consistent. If you start the text talking about a subject, complete with the same theme.

Include any conclusion in the last paragraph or idea which has arrive, after exposing his main idea and secondary ideas. Wander leave it to his personal blog. If you start talking about the new iPhone model, and its characteristics, not end the text with an ideological reasoning about why Apple has a monopoly on the software of its products. Soften. Long paragraphs are not good. Use all the resources that your content management system allows, which surely are several. Without going further, Word Press, one of the most popular content management systems allows apply complex formats to the text (style paragraph, bold, color, quotes, etc) don’t be afraid to expose his ideas in format Web. Users are already used, and if the topic is really interesting, and relevant, will have no problem in reaching the end point of your article, just as you expect it.