Oriental Fukuoka

Doctor Fukuoka don’t give boil, a. learned to live intelligently with weed herbs, doctor Fukuoka not already flooded their land for the cultivation of rice because its methods with this waste of water is no longer necessary. The grounds of the doctor Fukuoka are more productive because it returns all organic matter to your fields and they rejuvenate year after year. What is the method of doctor Fukuoka their method is simple, is like one of those Oriental combat styles where the wrestler simply uses the strength of the enemy for their own benefit. The doctor Fukuoka simply knows to plant, in that time and with that should be planted. As Dr.

fukuoka is bad herbs in rice crops? Ironic as it may sound, the doctor fukuoka discovered that eliminating the tillage many bad herbs exist, plowing and furrowing the ground puts the ecosystem in an uncontrolled and conducive situation for the proliferation of bad herbs, instead of plowing and furrowing the soil doctor Fukuoka sowing or scatters clover seeds and other herbs that the can be controlled in the fields, in this way creates a natural mat on soils which also serves to preserve suitable soil temperatures and avoids having to in flooded fields for rice planting. doctor Fukuoka scatters the seeds for the next crop when the preceding crop still maturing and When mature cultivation spreads straw of rice on the ground with seeds in germination and thus controlled the bad herbs and protects the rice cultivation. The green revolution washed us the brain from which started the green revolution to the country people got you into head that is only possible to obtain profitability with the help of chemicals and costs much out of that paradigm are cornered, in which in part are right of course that if it is deleted the use of machinery and chemical inputs and works with the same seeds that germinate with its weak roots in in flooded land, there will be a change in the methods used. To exit this spiral dead-end in which we’ve duped is necessary a change of consciousness from consumer to producer because she must break with the idea that only the expensive is good and natural agriculture by definition has to be expensive. Humanity has come to a limit in which what was before a solution such as the modernization of agriculture and the proprietary software now is becomes a problem for which we have a fully viable solution within the reach of everyone but revolutionary and visionary minds that is required to put in practice the new techniques that revolucionaran to the world and take you to the balance.

In Situ Legalization

Shall be taken as a General research objective: perform the elicitation, analysis, specification, and validation of requirements, which facilitate common understanding between customers and developers, for the development of the process of legalization in the Directorate-General for registries and notaries. It implies in general sense with this work as a novelty. The creation of a computer system that integrates and controls all the information relating to the legalization, which facilitate the paperwork associated with a document control and operation of the process of legalization and signature of the document. 2. Methodology from the beginning worked basically oriented towards obtaining the requirements that provide the features required for the realization of legalization in the MPPRIJ. The development of such work was first investigated different activities that possesses the engineering of Requirements, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the activities.

Planteandose the use of the elicitation of requirements, because that is the process during which the information that determine the desired characteristics and constraints which must satisfy the software system are identified. Existing techniques for the development of the elicitation, were then analysed to contribute to the improvement in terms of quality and cost reduction in the construction of the final product. It was determined to use the brainstorm to view a general of the legalization process identifying the needs that the system must satisfy, these early ideas were implemented through interviews in which is desarrollareon each of the features that your system should meet, they served as support In Situ observation techniques and the study of the documentation. To carry out the modeling of such system conducted a study of the different trends and technologies in the development of the software. For the selection of the same is tube into account the dimensions of the solution and knowledge of developers in such tools. It was determined using: RUP because it defines every moment of the life cycle of the software, which artifacts, with what level of detail and which roles should be created.

Content Project

Research paper should show academic specialist qualification, his knowledge and skills. Thesis project must meet criteria such as sound and valid conclusions technique and work with the sources and solutions and the relevance of the topic. The head of your graduation project can give advice on how best to prepare a report. For the graduation project is important the corresponding structure of the report. Structure of the report – the main part of the overall assessment of the degree project. Initially, subjects submitted a diploma project and the manager. In the introduction, explains the primary issues raised in the paper, denotes a subject of research. Also estimated severity of the study and its significance are indicated by the goal and objectives that lead to definitive conclusions.

Then tells the data and methods of study, identifies the elements of that considered separately. The next step is a general characteristic of assorted events and will be implementation of the scientific question. Sketches of the phenomenon appears. In this phenomenon, or patterns of the first thing izlogaetsya obvious part, then features that are highlighted by the report and after a hypothetical or more unproved trend in this issue. Summarizes information specified in the research, compared to the available sources and your own materials. In conclusion, the study demonstrates the solution to a problem. Conclusions – the general statement of progress research, specification of solutions to tasks.

Carried out the calculations. The conclusion may not be one – to five, and they are done in this order, first general, then partial and complete the chain methodology. Report pre-written, but it is not allowed to read. We are acting to meet the project logical chain. At the beginning of the report should put an entertaining question, which will create the necessary suspense and received approval to issue additional assistance kontse.Pri have the opportunity to develop an applied field, to present new methods for a possible solution to the problem of well-known and much more. Illyustaratsii talk about existing volume of research in the capstone project, the methods used in the work, work to enhance the imagery of the report, the possibility of discussion with the audience. For these purposes the charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, drawings and other visual material. On the requirements for registration of illustrations should inquire in advance. To better understand the protection of the diploma project is necessary to analyze the various theories as prepare a report. Source: The protection of the diploma project