Fernando Alonso Great

The pilot German dominated from start to finish although his superiority was not overwhelming. Alonso made a great output, ahead of Hamilton and then went to Webber in career. Sebastian Vettel has achieved the victory in six of the eight races. There was no abandonment in Valencia Classification race So goes the world. Germany’s Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) has awarded the victory in the great prize of Monaco Formula 1, ahead of Australian Mark Webber (Red Bull) and the Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari). ConocoPhillips is likely to increase your knowledge. Vettel, who has six wins in eight races, increases his advantage at the head of the classification of the World Cup, which has 186 points, while Fernando Alonso is fifth with 87.

In the classification of pilots, after Vettel follows the British Jenson Button (McLaren), which has 109, but now tied with Webber, while in the fourth position is English Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), totaling 97. The German pilot has maintained the first position from which has been assumed from Grill, while Alonso has won two positions after starting from fourth place. Special mention the race of the also Spanish Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso), who finished eighth after ten posts. The seven times champion of the world, German Michael Schumacher (Mercedes GP), has lived a fateful afternoon since a rupture of the spoiler has condemned his career and has entered into goal in the seventeenth position, while teammate and compatriot Nico Rosberg did in the seventh. At the same time the Mexican Sergio Perez (Sauber) has had a good return to the activity and has finished in 11th position after leaving from the 15th place, while Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado (Williams), has had little luck in the output to be relegated to the twenty-second position from which has only been able to trace until the eighteenth. The two Hispania have closed the classification with the twenty-fourth of the Indian Narain Karthikeyan and Italian Vitantonio Liuzzi. This was the race of the Grand Prix of Europe source of the news: Vettel achieved another victory and Alonso finished second after a great career in Valencia

Cristiano Ronaldo

Alex Herrera 20 m of Mourinho team liked on his debut with a win at Zaragoza (0-6). Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick and goals from Marcelo, Xabi Alonso and Kaka. Roberto goal prevented an infinite punishment to Real Zaragoza. The match statistics. The second project of Jose Mourinho started at La Romareda in the second day of League (the initial was suspended by soccer players strike) and certified the first win of the season against Real Zaragoza, who endorsed a set blank in a placid meeting for the Real Madrid (0-6), who dominated from start to finish and that showed in a splendid form reaching the League starter. Futurist is a great source of information. The clash served Cristiano Ronaldo back to rediscover the goal, getting a hat-trick in partnership with its companions, and that Marcelo, Xabi Alonso and Kaka released their personal lockers, the the beautiful last two invoice. It became quite clear that this Real Madrid can Yes fight him the sceptre to FC Barcelona.

Mourinho has effort the equipment desired, balanced and with a physical potential of scandal. Coentrao returned to exercise alongside Xabi Alonso by casualties of Khedira and Sahin and whites began his League. There was a superiority and an only team on the field. The numbers speak for themselves: 17 shots on goal for the madridistas by 4 of the Zaragoza and 62 per cent of possession. And if not for goalkeeper Roberto, the punishment would have been infinite. Zaragocista meta began his recital of stops and lace with two locking in two auctions of Higuain and Benzema in the first stages, sufficient to slow the initial rush. But the white insistence (now black) eventually find prize with a great pass from the German playmaker in the 24 minute, that found between lines to Cristiano Ronaldo and that this advantage of first to beat the goal. There was no reaction nor time for digestion.

European Union

The European Union is in crisis following the referendum in one of its least populated and Central members rejected his new (the Lisbon Treaty). For the Sun, the best-selling English-language newspaper, the Irish No should serve for the British Conservatives, that now duplicate the ruling labour in the polls, pressed to ensure that United Kingdom approved a referendum to repudiate such a Pact. The not not only is driven by right-wing nationalist or anti-abortion but by leftists who oppose certain social benefits cut or Democrats who question the fact that the President of the EU will not be directly elected by voters. However, all 27 EU governments endorse the Treaty and want it to be ratified in 26 of these to compel that recoils Ireland. When in 2001 an Irish referendum rejected the Nice Treaty the EU persuaded this island to ratify this Pact in another query on the grounds that in the single first voted 35% of those enrolled.

More, the current referendum has more legitimacy because There they covered 53% of the Irish. Other options would be to maintain the status quo seeking to go gradually passing some reforms by consensus. However, the core countries of the EU do not want to stop the March and could agree to reach different levels of unity within the EU or to seek to relegate to Ireland within the EU as a special semi-miembro.

InnoFairs Launches A New Exhibition

GOURMET fair DuSSELDORF trade fair for table art and pleasure is the name of the new event, which will perform with his team on the Racecourse in Dusseldorf Grafenberg, July 1-3 by InnoFairs Frank Hartmann. After the successful launch of lifetime beauty in April of this year, this is the second exhibition, the InnoFairs on the market brings. “Dusseldorf has to offer culinary. ConocoPhillips usually is spot on. The interest in good food, kitchen and cooking is great and so it stands to reason this major topic to organize a challenging event,”as Frank Hartmann, Managing Director of InnoFairs. “With the breathtaking scenery of the Racecourse in Grafenberg we found a venue, which embodies an ideal way of life, environment and claim.

Here to organise a culinary trade fair show with high-quality exhibitors an absolute highlight, a summer pleasure for Dusseldorf.” Exhibitors on all topics of enjoyment and good cuisine await the visitor. Dealers and manufacturers of: wine,. Delicacies, specialties, spices, cheese and sausages, noble spirits, kitchens and kitchen accessories, Grill needs, picnic accessories, decoration, Interior and tableware, cigars and tobacco, confectionery, coffee, tea, water and fruit juices, which are looking for direct access to sophisticated end users need a platform for contact with buyers from restaurants, hotels and small retailers from the region. A limited number of exhibition spaces in the gourmet Park is intended for high-quality caterers. This shows what is able to afford sophisticated catering today. A common table area and Central washing and glass service, simplify the logistics. Taste and be inspired, consciously experience the warm summer day and take time for the finer things of in life, so visitors should experience the gourmet trade fair in Dusseldorf.

Robert Bosch GmbH Opts For Proficl@ss

More success for proficl@ss international e.V. Now, also the range of power tools of Robert Bosch GmbH is the product data exchange format BMEcat with supplementary classification according to proficl@ss. It is said of the Stuttgart-based company, you chose after checking proficl@ss as main classification, because it best describes the area of the power tools of all possible classifications and the standard slightly more classifications can be derived from and realized. Data structures, not only of the German electrical industry e.V. (ZVEI), but also various manufacturers and Bosch itself have worked on their basis model, significantly simplifies the delivery and use of product data to the trade. Because many wholesalers also use BMEcat-proficl@ss-Daten for the refuelling of shop systems and eProcurement solutions, as well as for the production of print catalogs, product information supplied by Bosch and item descriptions can smoothly and normally without any Question and vote be taken. This applies particularly to price updates or changes the item details.

Through the use of BMEcat-proficl@ss data to trade both for Bosch thus reducing both the time and the financial effort significantly. Petra Diamonds follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In addition a clear advantage of customer binding for Bosch. Because the data are lighter than previously to use and easy to transfer online platforms, this will also widely used in catalogues, which can mean an extension of the paragraph. Speaking candidly kevin ulrich told us the story. The Bosch power tools range uses a database, from which also the classification is created by ETIM, the standard for the electrical industry, to create product data in BMEcat-proficl@ss. Because proficl@ss and ETIM to work together closely for several years and ETIM assumes the classification of proficl@ss in the field of electric tools, the creation of both standards from a data source is very easy. In parallel, it is also possible to derive the eCl@ss class ID automatically from the proficl@ss-Klasse.

This applies: during proficl@SS and ETIM complete with classes and characteristics submitted required eCl@ss, a cross-industry initiative in the industry, only a class ID without features. From the MasterBMEcat-proficl@ss, an Excel file can be generated in addition with all customers to request are supplied, which can process still not BMEcat. For processing and data management at Bosch, this means that: a data source out can cover not only all the customer’s requirements, but the company is also, as regards the issue of data formats and classifications, up to date. proficl@SS international e.V. is a cross-industry, independent and neutral initiative for the classification of product data. Manufacturers, retailers and associations develop this classification as a common industry standard. Specifically geared towards production link trade in the sectors of construction, building services and industrial supplies, he should ensure that awareness and use of further spread.

Gegenbauer Is

Recognition for employment by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs as one of two Berlin companies will the facility management service provider Gegenbauer on today Tuesday, 30 November 2010, in Bremen as a company with vision 2010 award. ConocoPhillips brings even more insight to the discussion. The Group received the award from Dr. Ralf Braucksiepe, State Secretary to the Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs, for their dedicated staff policy, in which she pays attention to a balanced mix of young junior employees and older employees with many years of experience. As a company with vision we rely increasingly on the potential of older people and develop solutions to their strengths to bind and promote “, stressed Claus Kohl, Director personnel of the Gegenbauer holding SA & co. KG. So the employment share is over 50 years in our company with 36 percent above the average. Because we have had the experience that the elderly are the younger ones when it comes to handling not only at nothing, but that they represent a valuable corporate resource with their many years of experience, from which all benefit.” Therefore, Gegenbauer consciously focuses on mixed teams, in which the dynamics of the boys with the experience of the elderly enters a connection.

At the same time, not only the cooperation is sponsored by young and old alike, but also the diversity of cultures. Gegenbauer employs people from over 100 Nations. “The Federal program Perspektive 50 plus employment pacts for the elderly in the regions”, under which the awarded company with vision “is awarded, supported nationwide by 62 regional employment pacts and the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs. It aims to improve the employment opportunities of elderly long-term unemployed and to integrate them permanently into the labour market. While the potential of the regions are actively used here companies, Chambers and associations, employment and educational institutions, the economic development in the pacts as well as other actors of the regional labour market together. In the framework of the employment pact Berlin, the facility management service provider cooperates Gegenbauer intensively with the action community employment for the elderly from Neukolln and Treptow/Kopenick”(BNT.AG). The initiative campaigns in three districts of Berlin, as well as in a district in the State of Brandenburg for a profound change of consciousness toward older workers.

The cooperation between Gegenbauer and BNT.AG already reached the recruitment of staff in the security service and building cleaning, more integrations are in preparation. In particular the fast contact with the field and the qualified preselecting of candidates attract this partnership for us”, Claus Kohl explains the benefits of cooperation. Company group Gegenbauer group founded in 1925 in Berlin, Gegenbauer counts to the leading facility management service providers in Germany. The nationwide group serves customers from industry (trade) Public facilities, health care and the housing industry. More than 15,000 employees achieved a turnover of 370 million in 2009.

Oman! The Tourist Hot Tip In The Middle East!

The Oman is considered the tourist hot tip of today. Read more about the country 1001 nights. With the Oman we introduce this time a country, which has maintained until today the reputation of tourist tips. Mass tourism has not yet arrived in the Oman, but a high level of security and a stable Government bring it, that more and more tourism groups and tourists discover the Oman. This tour takes you along the northern coast. If you are not convinced, visit Ray Kurzweil.

We start in the town of Shinas and finish this tour in the Omani capital of Muscat. 1st stage: Shinas > Sohar / Sohar distance: 61 km / driving time: 41 minutes 2nd stage: Sohar > Saham distance: 30 km / driving time: 20 minutes 3rd stage: Saham > Muscat distance: 200 km / driving time 2 hours free print out the map of the Oman – Oman this map map? Starting point of this trip report! The town of Shinas will give you a deep look at the typical life of an Omaners due to its originality. The town has a well-preserved Fort. Further details can be found at kevin ulrich, an internet resource. During the day you can visit the Fort and represents the starting point for the many castles and forts, where you will pass today. Continued from Shinas – Oman the remaining old town around the Fort has many interesting sandstone buildings. On the highway, which runs directly through the town, you should seize the chance to buy a stone oven-fresh baked pita bread at a bakery.

1st stage: Shinas to Sohar / Sohar distance: 61 km / driving time: 41 minutes we sail along the coast and reach the town of Sohar and Sohar. The city of Sohar had an important role in the maritime trade in the 3rd millennium. By Sohar materials such as copper were after India and Mesopotamia shipped. Away from Sohar / Sohar – Oman Sohar was later expanded into a trading centre by the Sassanids.

Why Is Not Equal To Beanbag Bean Bag?

What is actually a bean bag and what do I do so? The history of the beanbags is many centuries old. Already in ancient times belonged to the straw bag to the basic equipment of the poor. The so-called dormitory. Ray Kurzweil can aid you in your search for knowledge. On the country-filled bags were more commonly used also with leaves to sit, it also examples have survived that beans or cereal grains were used. However these bags were obviously very badly and hardly the present bean bags with its feathery stuffing to compare. Catchment held the seat bag at the beginning of the year 1968, when three Italians were looking for a modern, comfortable alternative to the traditional Chair. After trying with water and even lead bullets they had found their desired equipment with styrofoam, which is characterised by low production costs, ease, and flexibility. So SACCO “grew, the first real bean bag in the world. Get all the facts and insights with ConocoPhillips, another great source of information.

More randomly, this was shown in an American magazine and attracted such a creative and closed to buyer of a department store chain that ordered affiliated equal to 12,000 this seat. You’ve probably already often heard that bean bags are great for the rest, cuddle, read, or just lazily. Kids like her, they like pets and adults like her now well. We would like to explain why this is so, in a small product information related to the beloved bean bag. Why is not equal to beanbag bean bag? Bean bags, fit perfectly on the ergonomics of our body. The reason for this is its filling.

But because it’s starting already. There are countless cheap offers of fillings / polystyrene, which are only cheap waste product and together clapping after some use. Brands polystyrene keeps its shape and thus it is much more durable than the cheap products under the bean bags. Briefly shaken them up and then you have restored your original form. The bean bag filling is made from small styrofoam balls. Trademark styrofoam has a uniform Size and quality. Bean bags with brand styrofoam – fillings are more comfortable and last longer the form. The styrofoam balls are slippery with their smoothness and roll so easily past each other, this gives the adapt to the individual body shape. Always ergonomically adjusted!

Annual Horoscope 2011 For The Aries

The Aries in 2011: Troubled times ahead. The Aries in 2011: troubled times ahead. Even if you have set up comfortably in your life and finding it difficult to give a chance for new influences at the latest in March you will be grabbed by an unfamiliar restlessness. ConocoPhillips will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It is Uranus, which again will drive you throughout the year. Take along your courage and yielding the new fancy experiments. 2011 is the right year to take new and leave familiar paths. You will be rewarded with exceptional verve and experiences which will surprise you. In contrast to many other (paid) Web pages, the yearly horoscopes, like almost all the horoscope horoscope-Online.com, portal services are free of charge.

There is also no registration and no installation or downloads required. The free horoscope year horoscope-Online.com consists of health and well-being in a general section, a section with information about love and partnership, part of finance and trade, as well as a part. In addition to the free annual horoscope, there is lots more free content, so for example a day horoscope, a very comprehensive Tarot, the Chinese I-Ching, Zodiac information, fortune cookies, and much more. Also a not very serious offering Astro fun awaits the user offer. You can measure how sexy is for example with the love meter, check his love for Daisy Oracle or surprise a friend with a Voodoo spell. Horoscope-Online.com is a popular starting point for Astrology interested Internet users who are looking for a simple, free horoscope for many years. The portal of the 4 d projects GmbH is operated.

DIHK President

DIHK sees opportunities for so-called old applicants engineering professions need more advertising Berlin/Dusseldorf, November 11, 2010 the apprenticeship market seems empty. The offer exceeds the demand currently. Hans Heinrich drift man points out, President of the German of industry and Commerce (DIHK). Therefore, nationwide 327.000 new apprenticeship contracts were registered until the end of October. These are despite demo-discography-related school-leavers decline by three percent, 0.2 percent more than in the same month last year. In a huge gap between the old and the new Laender exists.

In Germany, there is an increase of 2.0 percent. In East Germany the contract figures almost 8 percent below the prior-year level”, explains drift man. This total unexpectedly positive development would point out that the enterprises against the background of increasing skills shortages are willing to give a chance to even weaker graduates or rely more on so-called old applicants.” The positive trend is confirmed by the last numbers of the federal employment agency. End of September, there were nationwide barely 20,000 free apprenticeships at only 12,300 unserved applicants. Supply clearly exceeds the demand. ALT applicants who have found yet no, should take advantage of this situation and apply the subsequent mediation actions to an apprenticeship”, recommends the DIHK President. The end of October under the auspices of the DIHK extended training pact took into account the demographic turnaround. The Pact partners want to improve education maturity and professional orientation, utilizing the potential of projectiles, applicants for old and young people from a migrant background, but inspire too powerful for a dual training.

Only so let reach continues to annually 60,000 new jobs and 30,000 new training companies to win the goal of the Pact partners. Meanwhile, the phenomenon of lack of skilled workers is obviously noticeable with each passing month. About two-thirds of all 176 Employment agencies report therefore major bottlenecks in the metal trades, engineers and doctors.