Embedded Module

Multi-core processor for multimedia applications: Dual-cores bring in comparison to the use of a single-core processor a number of advantages. So convincing Dual-cores with lower power consumption, what, increasingly is required such as in industrial applications or in the manufacture of white goods due to legal requirements. Low power consumption means also less heat and thus more efficiency. Moving and wear parts such as fan may be waived. On the embedded world 2012, the Karlsruhe emtrion GmbH presents an embedded module with just for the industry, useful dual-core technology. The module focuses on the Renesas mobile and automotive-proven dual ARM Cortex-A9 EMEV2 processor. With the DIMM EMEV2 module developers of industrial applications can easily use a dual-core processor for your own projects.

An extensive support among the module next to a clear development environment. The supplied operating system Android or Linux automatically ensures a useful load distribution on both processors. To the core Board the reference DIMM baseboard Lothron of Karlsruhe is offered almost as “Development cheat sheet” embedded experts, on which all the interfaces are available, customers usually require. The development of an own base board is easier. The production of all of boards is very costly especially for smaller projects. For the case, emtrion GmbH offers the baseboard Verno reduced to the most important basic functionalities. And with comprehensive documentation, nothing in the way is a quick development of reliable embedded products.

Quality, flexibility and long-term availability of components that are used in the industrial sector, place high demands on quality, flexibility and long-term availability. Here apply the solutions by emtrion. The DIMM EMEV2 is part of a module family, whose Mitglieder all utilize the same base-board. For the developers of embedded devices, this means that he is in up – and downgrading is very flexible and can also rely, to remain long term technically up to date. This he can replace the shared core Board through an innovative quasi via Plug-and-Play. Renesas used processor guarantees long-term availability and emtrion GmbH selects all other components so that they can pass this warranty for their DIMM modules. This is particularly important in areas such as, for example, medical technology, where certifications are expensive and once removed equipment over many years in use. Further areas of application for the module are thanks to its low energy consumption in mobile and battery-powered devices such as data loggers and measuring instruments. But also in places where advanced multimedia functionality is required. With full-HD control, 2D and 3D graphics acceleration, H. the EMEV2 in these applications can score 264 encoder / decoder, and much more.

Dierk Rohdenburg

I’m trying to shake them off, but they are stuck, be thrown at my feet through the air, not letting go. Disgusting idea. Horror. No, I must not have really. Rats can transmit disease. Even the plague! Deadly diseases. I’m looking for.

I tell myself don’t panic, even though my heart beats such as before an attack. The man is smarter than rats. In any case, he has more power and can prevent these creatures to heave up a grid. Bricks are stacked on the shed wall. I go to grab one to me. He has a rough surface, is pretty hard.

Should I go to the drain so now? Never. The critters just waiting and launch their attack, if I’m right up close. So, I’m trying to throw the stone from here on the grate. Had I been more sports! The first litter goes far past. Full doof! I do it again, and now I meet. There is a high-pitched cry, rattling the drain cover, but he stays so that no gap occurs through the can the rats out. The stone is located above it. So, now you’re trapped! Is it in your sewer below! Hopefully the critters be gone soon, think I and prefer to the courtyard behind me. Is still bad to me. Alone this Squeak! My knees tremble. Thereby, the rats have been not really big. But it’s also not: Ultra-ugly you are! This long, bare Dick! Cute animals have dogs, cats, rabbit fur on the tail. Or just Springs as for budgerigars. But rats! If I try to imagine that the critters in the sewers to climb upwards the author: Dierk Rohdenburg, born 1966 in Bremen, studied German language and literature and cultural studies at the University of Bremen. He published his first book at the age of 29. Since then, numerous children mysteries, young adult novels and books for adults are published in loose intervals. For many years, writing is his hobby. As a teenager, he began to write short stories. In 1992, he received the author’s grant of the Federal State of Bremen, in 1995, he published his first novel. Rohdenburg lives in Bremen. He is a full-time editor of a local newspaper in the Lower Saxony region of the Hanseatic City. Dierk Rohdenburg going what? Youth novel Pascu-verlag, Berlin black and white illustrations ISBN 978-3-943018-40-0 10.90 (D) / 11.90 (A) / sFr 15,90 available in any Bookstore, online bookstores and Verlag: Our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old alike: beautifully illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books. Special attention to the non-fiction area, with which we cover a wide range of topics. “” So, our program includes a series of partly regional cooking and baking books, the edition of sunlight travel “and the book series Technic3D computer technology made easy”. Advice from other areas are also in the planning. In our programming, we are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our long-term goal is but also, in our program to showcase the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects. Started with Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin and we will in our program after the other federal States and regions. Contact: Pascu-verlag Heidelinde Nurnberger Tauentzienstr. 13A, 10789 Berlin Tel 030-217-999-19,

HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (AE) And ElectronicAsia

This year, more than 100,000 from over 140 countries and regions also wrote the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair (AE) their success as the world’s largest industry event continues. Together with the parallel electronicAsia was one of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) over 100,000 visitors from over 140 countries and regions, an increase of six percent compared to the previous year. New materials, products and trends, among other well-known international brands such as Fujitsu, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG and Intel presented them over 4,000 exhibitors in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). Hong Kong manufacturers were represented by companies such as Broadway, fortress and city Super. The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair (AE) exhibitors from Denmark, Portugal and Sweden for the first time were among the 3,436 (2012: 3.322) exhibitors from 30 countries and regions. Special country pavilions showed news from China, Korea and Taiwan. The electronicsAsia recorded a total 598 (2012:578) exhibitors from 12 countries and regions with national pavilions from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. Benjamin Chau, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director, expressed confidence regarding the future Hong Kong electronics exports.

Currently, the electronics industry has accounted for 59 percent of the entire Hong Kong exports. In the first eight months of the year, the industry recorded an export by six percent ($172 billion). Main markets were China, followed by the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Special attention, so Chau, lie in the future on the Asian markets. In addition, a recovery of the market in the United States and European countries, like France and Spain, is increasing. Exhibitors on-site surveys reflected this assessment. Generally, a positive mood among manufacturers and buyers could be observed, as Benjamin Chau. Potential future new products such as 3D offer printer.

You would increasingly demand leading to long term falling prices and new audiences, including small and medium-sized Companies that do. More than 1,000 exhibitors and visitors were interviewed in the survey by the HKTDC in order given, independent exhibition. Over 90 percent indicated that 2014 to be reckoned with even better or similar sales figures. Particularly interest is the rising markets, especially Latin America, Russia and the countries of the ASEAN region. This time electronic accessories, audio visual products as well as Smartphones and tablets were particularly popular among the buyers with related accessories. The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair (AE) once again offered a wide variety of topics and product zones, special exhibitions and events. Among the highlights that were newly introduced i-world (170 exhibitors) and smart home (35 exhibitors) product areas. The HKTDC did thus take account of two industry trends: the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, and appropriate accessories, as well as the trend to the intelligent infrastructure within buildings. The Hall of Fame saw 485 exhibitors this year, including internationally known brands such as Goodway, Motorola, Philips, Princess, Skyworth and VTech. In the increasingly popular small-order zone were more than 4500 products for sale. Total generated these 19,000 purchase requests. In the invention zone exhibitors presented prototypes and new products, including the City University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Hong Kong invention Association Ltd. and the Hong Kong Scvience and Technology Parks Corporation. The next edition of HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair will be held in the spring, from 13-16 April 2014. In parallel, the HKTDC international ICT Expo 2014 opens its doors. Contact for editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 – 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 – 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts: businessmatching.hktdc.com

Experience New Adventures

New exciting climbing elements, exciting student – and Azubiprogramme and cool birthday events for large and small adventurer from Saturday, 10 March, each can be active again and climb in Potsdam’s trees, launching AbenteuerPark Potsdam with many new offerings in the 2012 season. In total over 200,000 guests have visited over the past four seasons the AbenteuerPark Potsdam. The staff recruitment is already in full swing. When it is completed, will be back around 35-40 employees for the benefit of our guests there. The acceptance by the TuV and the tree experts are already successfully completed. In the climbing forest with its now 170 climbing elements, the 200-meter-long zip line and the new course need climbing specialists coolness and concentration, to the rolling barrels, to overcome the stirrup and the shaky Monster Tau. The climbing new, held regularly once a month, extra long and supervised gives a relaxed parents while the children climbing Coffee break in a deck chair in the Sun to enjoy or a short shopping spree in the nearby Potsdam city centre or at Potsdam Hauptbahnhof. The popular class adventure programs from grade 6 were supplemented with the fit-for-job programs for older students from grade 9 and the trainees.

“This involves apply important skills how to properly” and successfully communicate “, are extremely important in the initial phase of the job search. The programs for adventurous learning, the other kind of experience educational tutoring, help Lernpaare, consisting of a child and a parent, successful setting and reaching learning objectives as well as the sustainable climbing over the dating barriers. For corporate events and team events, the AbenteuerPark Potsdam with its varied event offers, such as team climbing in the high rope course, archery, orientation tours and forest rallies offers an outstanding venue. 10 meters to the new element in the high rope garden, the giant swing, you will experience Team event participants adrenaline pur to overcome its own borders. Also private fixed as rustic weddings with lots of activity and a comfortable charm delight the guests. Little climbers and birthday adventures big in the specially designed Adventure events for children and teens together with friends and family. The Tentipi giant tent is an exceptionally adaptable event space, flexibly equipped with cocktail bar and dance floor to the party location or classic with conference technology to the meeting room for many events. The AbenteuerPark Potsdam was awarded 2009 and his home page as the 2010 winner of the German Founder and entrepreneur days as champion of founder of the NEG website award. 2011 he gained for his success in the expansion of the service quality of the seal service quality Germany level 1 abenteuerpark.de

Construction Sites

Bring your work to a pleasant temperature. The season according to it is now significantly colder. Unfortunately also on construction sites and work in unheated halls and premises. So some activity on a shell or in a production hall would be easier if only one heater. There are corresponding devices in principle in two versions: either oil and gas or if the security provisions not otherwise allow with power operated, so electric heaters. Each of these two ranges has its advantages and disadvantages. Clearly for the variant oil heating speaks, that it works more efficiently and brings a significantly higher heat output. “Also contributes to the better effectiveness, that a mobile oil heater just faster” is.

Our top equipment by Kroll and Antares have proven themselves many years in use on construction sites, warehouses and marquees. The technology and comfort of our top equipment is now so far that a reliably functioning thermostat depending on the temperature Default is constant. Thus, you save time and oil. Adequate ventilation is provided, also gas heaters are recommended. They also have a high degree of efficiency and are seemingly no longer away from sectors, like for example, gardeners with their greenhouses and masonry works in the shell. The electric version is recommended primarily for small and medium-sized unheated rooms. Everywhere, where oil and gas heaters are unwanted or not approved, electric heaters are performing their service reliably.

These models also have a thermostat, which provides a safe and effective use. If you are still not sure which heater for them and their projects is right, just ask us!. Benefit not only from our good prices but also by our many years of experience. We advise you gladly!

Merlin Success

The third and final step was the real thing”, so the actual change to the current system. Here timing and the good cooperation between merlin.zwo and the clinic-IT were required now. Day X: all necessary preparations were completed and opened the window of two hours merlin.zwo began work. The system was shut down and the necessary work carried out in parallel on all three databases. It took an employee to the upgrade of Oracle on He also worked to his colleagues, who took over the more challenging Enterprise Edition migration back to the Standard Edition.

As in merlin.zwo usual, worked all employees hand-in-hand, carefully and extremely structured against time. With success, because after two hours gave the Oracle experts green light: the databases and all applications were again available, so the Marienhospital is now database technically up to date. About merlin.zwo merlin.zwo IT is programmed merlin.zwo on success a medium-sized IT service provider, which stands for more than 20 years of Oracle solutions and expert advice related to databases, software and IT-supported business processes. As Oracle Platinum partner of the first hour is one the company for years the exclusive ranks of the leading Oracle experts in Germany. Factors for success are on the one hand to find the excellent technology expertise in often surprisingly simple solutions terms of IT architecture, system development and software integration, on the other hand, flexibility and the ability to, which protect the IT budgets of customers. All services of merlin.zwo are aligned consistently on the success of its customers get exactly the infrastructure they need to be more than just a nose ahead its competitors.

The IT specialists take their slogan we care”it literally: merlin.zwo relies on a partnership and also has IT, always an open ear to the wishes of its customers. For more information: Merlin.zwo InfoDesign GmbH & co. KG Mr. Jochen Kutscheruk Taglohnern gardens 43 76228 Karlsruhe phone: 07052 / 508 98 40 fax: 07052 / 508 98 50 E-Mail: Internet: and press contact: b, slaughterhouse str. 23-25 communication worth 70329 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 699 887-55 fax: 0711 / 699 887-56 E-Mail: Internet:

Green Computation

The Green Computation in Arapiraca Willen Alves Dos Santos Course of Architecture and Urbanism? Federal university of Alagoas (UFAL) Arapiraca? AL? Brazil Summary. In this article we intend to display what it is the green computation and as it can be applied in the community of Arapiraca and the neighboring communities to this, that is, thus it benefits the region in general. 1. Green computation According to article Computers, Support and Environment, green computation is the viable way to guarantee the support of the manufacture, it use and it process of equipment discarding of YOU, but also that one that also that one guarantees some ways that do not harm the environment, that is, that they are ecologically possible. Eliot Horowitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Currently, the green computation, according to this article, is an area of study of the Technology and Computer science of the Information, that speculates and searchs to reduce wastefulnesses and the increase of the efficiency of the new technologies. In the article of Aline Macohin the Support in Computer science? Recycling and Elimination of the Toxic Products of the Parts of Computers, the green computation is presented as support in computer science. Thus, to have support in YOU it is necessary to eliminate or to recycle the electronic products that are toxic to the health and harm the environment, that is, Aline defines that the green computation is that one that possesss social and ambient responsibility. 2.

Green computation in Arapiraca to apply the green computation, according to that we display previously, in the region of Arapiraca, would have that to be made by the city hall of Arapiraca a intermunicipal campaign for the neighboring cities and the proper city for awareness of the population on the subject, that is, of the importance of the execution of the support of YOU of the region. Ademais would have that to be created a partnership with private companies of maintenance and concerts of in exchange for lixos electronic products to offer capital electronic, with purpose to recycle them. The campaign would be that to be made in such a way by senders of radio and television, as well as it saw periodical and Internet and with walks and informative pamphlet distribution. It is important to emphasize that this campaign would be in the responsibility of the City department of the Environment, of the City department of Health, a time that according to displayed concepts already, the support in computer science involves questions if health of the citizens and ecological preservation. The partnership that the city hall of Arapiraca would have that to have with the private companies of maintenance and concert of electronic products it would have that is tied the financial part for the process of recycling of the garbage.

Therefore, if the city hall provided this investment for these companies, these would go in exchange for to offer to an interesting value to the arapiraquenses the electronic lixos. 3. Conclusion We conclude that the green computation can benefit to the community of Arapiraca and the neighboring communities, will have an awareness, due to recycling of the electronic lixos to prevent and to diminish the index of illnesses caused for such reason, beyond collaborating with preservation of the environment of the city. References /sustentabilidade_informatica_aline.pdf Access in 20 of December of 2010. Access in 20 of December of 2010. Access in 20 of December of 2010. Access in 19 of December of 2010. Access in 20 of December of 2010.


It is time that the world stop staining of human blood, because of the man himself, and erase all traces of masked slavery from the face of the Earth. Freedom must shake hands with peace, common sense should prevail in every corner of the world and culture should impose harmony. Jobs with dignity and respect requires people, not exploitation or disguised slavery. All come to this world to give the best of ourselves, to seek a more equitable world, but on the way, take away our human love and solidarity, and we become insensitive to the pain of others. In the neoliberal system, the poor poorer and the rich richer they become. They forget that nobody is born to work dead of hunger. We have to say enough! to a deceptive democracy that only serves the interests of large corporations and that in its interpretation, no longer mean what they literally means: sovereignty and power of the people.

The liberal economic system which is imposed, removes the illusion of living poor, deletes them future and full of despair. Life is Bella, they might say many, but added misery, becomes horrible. He that sows winds harvest storms, says a popular proverb, and we are already seeing storms of inconformismos everywhere, which has sown the wild capitalism that prevails in the world. We are turning the world into an inhospitable place, with masses of embobados slaves of the emerging technology, where favors money as a sole purpose, regardless of anything else, nor the depredation of the environment. I.e., the meaning of the evolution is being lost. Finally, I am of those who they believed, that developed countries have every right to wealth and feel great, if they want to: powerful; but poor countries also have right to live with them in peace, with dignity, and above all, participate for the benefit of that wealth, because ultimately, the wealth of the world, it is all, but tell me otherwise.

Biometrics And Its Application To The Rural Sector

Currently the technology has exceeded the limits of the imagination, be able to identify a person by just putting your finger in a device, or by photography, has allowed the development of several applications that ensure that the person is who they say they. Technologies that identify individuals are grouped in the concept of biometrics but that is biometrics? Below is a definition which I think explanatory: biometrics includes all those technological solutions of identification of individuals, based on unique, immutable and untransferable individual characteristics. Fingerprints, retinas, iris, facial patterns, veins of the hand or the geometry of the Palm of the hand, represent examples of physical characteristics (static), while examples of the behavioral characteristics include signature, the step and the (dynamic) typing. The voice is considered to be a mixture of physical characteristics and behavior, but all the biometric features share physical and behavioral aspects. The great advantage of biometrics is that it allows a secure authentication, unlike the use of passwords or cards, since they can be stolen or used by people who do not correspond to the individual who seeks to identify.

We could say that human beings have very easily accessible, integrated ID cards: his fingerprints for example, which are virtually unique designs. The inability to transfer adds comfort to the user, who will not carry or memorize nothing to identify themselves. Each of these techniques should apply, depending on the environment, to ensure its effectiveness. On this occasion we will discuss that technique applied to the rural sector to perform a control of presence in flower and agroexportadoras companies. The rural sector many entrepreneurs worry about control of assistance from its staff, especially in sectors where the production of inputs such as flowers, broccoli, bell pepper, etc., depends on the timeliness of personnel. Implement biometrics in this sector will depend on factors such as: cost of the solution, ease in the handling of the device, effectiveness measurement and speed of attention.

For this reason, the use of the hand geometry, fingerprint and facial recognition lately have been the most commonly used methods. The rural sector is perhaps the biggest problem environment to implement biometric recognition using digital fingerprint. Because the tasks that each person meets in their daily work: floricultural activity, agroexportadoras, agriculture in general. This problem is resolved using standards and methodologies which help to the proper functioning of the system as such. Hand geometry requires a key to perform the verification, this may cause a problem because at the moment people register their attendance takes to enter your key and locate the hand. The face recognition does not need key only the person puts his face in front of the camera and registers its assistance. They exist location of the face and brightness problems, however are resolved using appropriate mechanisms. As for the cost, it is higher than the footprint and the Palm of the hand, but in record speed, especially for people with difficult fingers, is the best choice. The use of other mechanisms such as: the reading of the iris, retina, similar to the face do not need keys, however these equipment installation is expensive in relation to the footprint, hand and face. In conclusion both the fingerprint, hand or face are effective measurements that meet expectations ensure the identification of the individual, however these depend on economic factors, speed in attention, and ease of management for optimum results in the hourly control. Francisco Fuentes Gerente General biometric S.A.

Options In Christian Preaching

Preach Christian sermons them can be given not only by preachers or women preachers recognized (ACE); You can make them anyone who wants to share a testimony of life. Testimony of life means not mere exposure of a fact that happened to someone. This is a personal story in which the moral is always recognition by and for God in order to have a full existence. This last concept is also presto to confusion. Many people believe that it is live without problems, without difficulties, without challenges.

The full existence means learning to live with joy despite the difficulties. In times that some individuals call Biblical, i.e., in the days in which the stories in the Bible were developed, unique methods to access these sermons were orality and manuscripts. Today remain the main or major source of this knowledge. With the development of technology, anyone can approach the Gospel. This development includes the use of tools such as the Internet, audio systems portable, use of also personalised multimedia services, etc. Now it is undoubtedly easier access to the floor, taking into account the thematic variety which itself reached the Christian preaching. Within this group of analysis find titles such as anxiety, issues of work, changes, compassion, Christian community, confidence, creation/nature, growth, aging, direction, spiritual gifts, God’s love, forgiveness, anger, evangelism, failure/disappointment, generosity / offer, friendship, family, the presence of God, God’s provision, the will of God, Bible reading, materialism, stewardship, mission/scope, death/painNew beginnings, obedience, prayer, peace/restlessness, losses, spiritual practices, concern, proclaiming the faith, Salvation, health/disease, service and live the faith.

This list was drawn from a small text called the upper Chamber (The Upper Room in English), Guide to daily meditations published 76 years ago. There are also considerations on the Christian preaching and some considered special events where they have more effectively, according to some opinions. Perhaps by upbringing, culture, etc., there are those who believe that these sermons or messages also as they are known are exclusively Sunday. There are other opinions that say that only in churches or places of worship meeting this type of counseling should be. There is clear evidence indicating that anywhere it is possible to encourage, educate, and consolidate to someone with the word. At last, the opportunity to practice a more open communion. Reference: Against the Christianity of the parallel story Christian ANOINTING music Secular Christian Christian Videos video in action Blog Archive daily meditation Christ who lay in action Blog Archive meditated daily Gospel Christian dante gebel Aulapublica Christian preaching dante gebel Aulapublica preach the sermons Christian dante gebel Aulapublica Christian dante gebel preaching Aulapublica strengths (Dante Gebel) songs and devotionals Christian