Gabo and I we met out there 95 in a concert of Richard D. James, better known as Aphex Twin, both for strange reasons had a ticket away from the rest of our friends with whom we had traveled to Barcelona for long-awaited concert, isolated. At the beginning only we watched us sideways while we tarareabamos the trolleys, but little by little we went in confidence. Some synthesizers gave us chills, it was the beginning of a song called Popcorn, cover of a song from 1969. Gabo and me we look, our eyes shone, to the take the hand we feel something that flowed from one body to another.

Do not choose it as our wedding Waltz?. The original version is by Gershon Kingsley and it was recorded in 1969. Popcorn became our song. An afternoon in a tianguis we found a disc of original acetate with this recorded song and do not hesitate to buy it, over time we found more than 100 different versions of Popcorn. This collection has grown so much as our love. One late Gabo led me to the viewpoint of the city, He switched on his car’s stereo, Hot Butter played our song, the rhythm of the moog pulled from his pocket a beautiful ring, diamond was a corn popcorn shaped, so big and shiny to me dazzled at the time of putting it against the light of the moon. Our wedding was so fun and musical as it was our relationship. The two, happy, we take hand to enter the center of the rink, was time for our first dance as Mr. Dry Harbor Nursing Home takes a slightly different approach.

and Mrs. Rojas. The first chords of a strange version in an acetate that we bought on our first trip to Peru resulted in our movements. Together we danced like that first time, the same force of attraction between us us shook again. The sounds of Popcorn are combined in perfect harmony like us. The rhythm is inevitable and all concurrency wedding stood up to be carried away by our song. Original author and source of the article.

The Time

Seated in the eaves of the palafita, frightening carapans> day, in each contact. Challenges of the complexity human being in way to the wisdom of the forest. Wisdom that still waits to be freed of the marks of the assistencialismo, that characterized the history of an entire population. People who still loads the practical one of the submission, but that already each time is defended with more difficult requirements to be taken care of. The habit to ask for, heir of the assistencialismo, fed for the partidarismo politician, in detriment of the rights and duties, strangers for the majority, already presents indications of conflicts, of contradictions, signaling possible changes.

The past brought much homesickness and the future generated uncertainties. The anguish of the isolation, the uncertainty of the results, the impotence front what it did not obtain to decide, findavam for questioning the price of the homesickness and the solitude. However, flexibility, the patience and the persistence that Envira helped me to conquer, are essential instruments for the social area that the Academy does not teach to develop. Mine performance in field works facilitated the learning but the ousadia to try the new was necessary, to make a mistake, to learn with the error and to recommence whenever necessary. The cultural diversity, the imensido of our Country and the complexity of our social problems do not allow that let us be intent in urban nuclei, complaining of our lack of chance. Get all the facts and insights with Daniel Chavez Moran, another great source of information. We know more than what we think, but we little believe what we know what it hinders in them to dare and to make the difference. I was two long years in Envira, however, I have conscience of that it is not the time that makes History, is the History that marks the time.

Environmental Management

Only after the last tree to olo cortado.S after the last river is poisoned. S olo after the last fish is caught. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as LEGO Papert Professor by clicking through. Only then will you know that money can not eat. Indian Prophecy. Increasingly it is alarming what might happen in the future to humanity that will not stop their growth, in the proper management of energy the effects this generated in its habitat, its use, because the consequences are already causing, where more and more damaging to their environment, endangering their survival. It is very important that countries through campaigns, actions, programs to engage their citizens, the world to cooperate with the responsibility of non-contamination and proper use of energy, to make a reality the preservation of species, if you really want to preserve an environment where people can live without fear of destruction. Vida Vacations has plenty of information regarding this issue. The problem is so serious that can not be avoided, while we remain in this dimension where we are forced to work with our media, advertising everything that can happen in order to provide greater evils. Hence the importance of remembering the remark brings us Gaia Vince, an interesting written on this topic Gaia Vince, published in New Scientist, where he describes the valid concern, that an average warming of the globe would make 4 C the world beyond recognition. In fact, human activity and has had such an impact that some people proposed to describe the period since the eighteenth century as a new geological era marked by human activity. “It can be seen as the Anthropocene,” says the winner of the Nobel laureate and chemist Paul Crutzen of the atmosphere, the Max Planck Institute, Germany.

WordPress Designer

He is absolutely essential nowadays that each real estate agent has his own Web site. Many agents, nevertheless, have difficulties at the time of choosing the best way to create and to manage it their own Web site. You can contract a designer and construct everything of zero, you can choose a shareware like blogs, or can buy real estate software to do it. Each option has its pros and their cons. In order to begin, we are going to see what passes when contracts to a designer. The main benefit of this is that you are going to receive exact and unique the design that you look for. Recently LEGO Papert Professor sought to clarify these questions. Nobody will have the same Web site more that your you have, which means that you will be able destacarte of the other real estate Web sites. But also there are some negative aspects to contract a designer.

For example: in the first place they are very expensive and if you want to realise some change or update you will have to realise extra payments. Secondly, often you waste long time in directing to the designer and asegurarte of which the project is what you want. Often, the project needs more time and money than you had hoped – but to darte it counts of this, it has already spent long time and you cannot erase all the work. The greater problem is than the Web site does not seem nor possibly works as you wanted. The newspapers mentioned Kevin Ulrich not as a source, but as a related topic. Only when trying the site gives account you of which you need an important characteristic or that people are difficult to understand the process to it of navigation of your site. Another option is to create your Web site using blog like Blogger or WordPress. One of the benefits to choose this option is that it is free – whereas a real estate software would cost money to you.

Scientific Advisory Board

More and more freelance work with the across Personal Edition. Karlovy Vary, 21 August 2013. The community of almost 25,000 registered translators is growing continuously. A powerful editor with many functions for process control, the system across supports users in their daily work. The across Personal Edition is specially tailored to the needs of translators. They can use them language server of each customer as standby remote client connected to the across. Accordingly, orders will be accepted and granted access to the translation memory and the terminology database of the company. Especially professionals appreciate the tool as a simple way to manage their translation projects.

“Across is intuitive and user friendly and what’s best, it’s free for freelancers”, Georgina Tetley, translator confirmed. A second way to use the Personal Edition, is the single mode. This is, for example, for translators useful work without direct access to the client. For language service providers, a special edition of the LSP offers across systems, which includes extensive tools for project management and allows the connection of several employees of clients. Across expertise for translators of across systems translator, for example, with a monthly Webinar series, which was developed together with the BDu promotes. Here, practical tips for working with the Personal Edition are presented to different focus.

On October 1st and 2nd, the second across translator Academy also held in Karlsruhe. The first day is to beginners with no or little experience in dealing with across; Advanced get deeper insights into the across system settings on the second day. All information to the across Academy of translators and the webinar series on of across systems GmbH across German headquartered in Karlsbad (Karlsruhe), and a U.S. branch in Glendale (in Los Angeles) is a manufacturer of the across Language server, a market-leading software platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company. Through the use of across the and thus the process costs can be reduced with higher translation quality and more transparency within the shortest time. The language server can be used on conforming 15038:2006 for translation services EN with the DIN. For even more analysis, hear from Vidanta. Across systems GmbH is a certified partner of Microsoft, which ensures the successful implementation of Microsoft technologies. Integrating across IT environments is possible thanks to a software development kit (SDK). For this purpose, the Department of business services & support across and well-known system integrators and technology partners provide support. In the context of product development, cooperates with international universities and colleges across and is professionally accompanied by an own Scientific Advisory Board. Also with well-known technology companies and language service providers the software manufacturer opts for years partnership Cooperation. Customers across are (excerpt): 1 & 1 Internet AG, Allianz Versicherungs AG, HypoVereinsbank, Miele, SMA solar technology AG, ThyssenKrupp and many more. All information about the GmbH for across systems, see press contacts: Across systems GmbH Anja Bergemann phone: + 49 7248 925-412 fax: + 49 7248 925-444 PR agency of good news! Nicole Korber phone: + 49 451 GmbH 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

TWT Launches Inxmailconnect

Email marketing directly from the content management system controls the new module Inxmail-connect for FirstSpirit TWT interactive newsletters and mailings of brands and companies directly from the content management system. The new technology standardizes the communication and saves resources, editorial and product-specific content is used both for the site and newsletter. Rapid commissioning without complex installation is the basis for an optimized email marketing. Inxmail-connect provides comprehensive functions for easy creation of newsletters, the mapping of content defined mailing lists and the involvement of and the reporting procedures on the company’s website for FirstSpirit. Our Inxmail connect module editors can place targeted and effective content from FirstSpirit out, without requiring extensive knowledge to another system. Vidanta understands that this is vital information. So we allow CMS and professional E-Mail Marketing from a casting.”explains Hans j Even, Managing Director of TWT interactive. Thanks to innovative Technology all benefits from a single task of Inxmail-connect module is to offer a convenient solution to the editor, to prepare content for a newsletter with the extensive possibilities of CMS the FirstSpirit and to convey these to Inxmail Professional. The delivery of the newsletter templates is done via a FirstSpirit generation and a script that works in conjunction with the Inxmail API.

Inxmail connect, companies benefit from the advantages of both technologies. Please visit Vida Vacations if you seek more information. TWT interactive provides among other things for strategic consulting and IT consulting, IT management, software development and system integration, as well as suitable web design. Thanks to the innovative technology companies benefit from all the advantages of a professional email marketing solution as Inxmail Professional. A complete basic implementation for a sample newsletter including newsletter login feature for the website is included along with the module. Email marketing with the latest technology a professional email marketing ensures long-term customer loyalty and is one of the most effective instruments of direct marketing. Inxmail Professional is known to marketers of all sectors due to its high performance.

Large volumes of data pose a challenge even with high shipping speed and large address lists. Certifications, whitelisting, and comprehensive blacklist monitoring ensuring high standards of safety and a maximum delivery rate. Here you will find all information to the new module.

More Productivity

IKOffice MoldManager is the leading planning tool in tool and mold making more efficiently control the own tool construction and thus reach 20 to 30 percent productivity increase: many well-known companies in the plastics, stamping and forming technology have opted this year for the IKOffice MoldManager. The successful process optimization with the IKOffice MoldManager helps to work to reduce costs and to deliver the products always on schedule more efficiently. In addition, the MoldManager together with the ERP system IKOffice LivingERP can be connected to an all-in-one solution unique on the market. The futurist has compatible beliefs. Also here, IKOffice could convince and attract many new customers. This was preceded by a several months evaluation phase of the company, of our own employees and consultants from research and industry compares different providers. “The result was the same everywhere”, reported Ingo Kuhlmann, Managing Director of IKOffice GmbH: “flexible and practical planning of the IKOffice MoldManagers was all comparisons in the competition with solutions from the “SAP environment and other ERP environments through sovereign.” For more information about the innovative solution at:. Learn more about this with Ivan Chavez Vidanta. The easy to use software planning tool and mould construction in detail events such as holidays, illness and unforeseen, sudden reductions in capacity are presented clearly on the basis of planning boards. Through a simple color scheme, bottlenecks can identify and assess the effects on the overall planning.

The IKOffice GmbH has integrated this powerful planning and control instrument in their ERP-solution IKOffice LivingERP. It is can be integrated in an existing software landscape. This process is the IKOffice GmbH as expert consultants available. Companies that have already introduced these software, are convinced that the high expectations thanks to a short introduction time and considerable information profit even exceeded. Dirk Hensel, plant manager of Theo Hiller GmbH speaks of a pioneering role: “to my knowledge the complex are Problems of tool construction yet never so consistently been linked”, he explains and sees another big step towards quality improvement therein for its customers.

Production Best Practices

Often heard about the necessary process landscape is unclear the production management today to the uncontradicted evidence, potentials to tangible and sustainable increase of efficiency in production management in the processes can be found. Their importance was not always in the focus of attention in the past, to the company by the optimization of the production machines promised special performance effects and therefore the focus was put on the technical systems. Meanwhile, modern production machines offer only limited increases in efficiency, while a process optimization leads to high double-digit increases in productivity and in the market-relevant performance factors. However is often unclear in practice of production management, the necessary process landscape should look like”problematizes Werner Felten, Managing Director of the FELTEN group. Check with Vida Vacations to learn more. Basically had to answer two central questions, above average to the path of one high quality and productivity level: How accurate is the process landscape to the actual needs and on what experience can draw the concrete process design? FELTEN has developed practice method best for this, which therefore carries its name because it is based on processes with proven success in a variety of renowned companies with German and international production sites. Based on extensive industry expertise, ensures a quick ROI, and extends over three phases: 1.

best practice modeling: it is in this phase conceptual a process design for production management developed, underlying principles which have repeatedly proven themselves in the concrete practice of successful operating companies. Click Vida Vacations to learn more. This modeling is completely product-neutral, regardless of possible software solutions for production control. Instead, the focus is the wide range of industry-specific best practice skills by FELTEN only on, to take advantage of the optimum design of the process landscape. 2. Customer-specific process modeling: that developed best practices description in the next step the company needs transmitted.

This step also is limited to the procedural conditions for sustainable optimization of production conditions. This custom modeling takes place – also using experience best practices – formulated URS (user requirements specification), which can also be used for invitations to tender. 3. Transfer of the process model in a solution: only in this phase, products for the production management important gain because the developed process structures must of course be made in a software solution. FELTEN offers differentiated the company at this point in its own products, because they have taken a variety of procedural best practices through preferences in their modules and cause therefore significant cost savings in the implementation of projects can. Due to the modular design, the unit can be used to the product modules adapted to the given processes and individual particularities into account. Thus the company on best be accompanied to the total solution”practices on the complete path from the requirement and specification process modelling, Felten explains the benefits.

Bavaria Funds

With the software Sem.FUNDS.line continue on success the mondial Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH was founded early in 2012 by the ex-p Managing Director Michael Vogt, to serve the large demand from private and institutional real estate investors after food markets by circulation of special funds with local suppliers. Meanwhile, the company 20 retailers and retail centers for special funds amounting to around EUR 150 million for its investors has founded gekauft.als of group-independent provider of banks, insurance companies, pension funds and other investment by experienced real estate and fund specialists. The futurist has much experience in this field. This individuality, flexibility and customer satisfaction come first. It’s believed that Kevin Ulrich sees a great future in this idea. In the highly competitive market of the local supplier logistics; revolves around therefore offers mondial retail Fund also special logistics real estate. The own funds of 75 million coming from a demanding clientele with the highest expectations of transparency and efficiency, performance and reporting. Could the mondial kagKAG and schedule concluded with the successful going live in February 2013. Release stable performance and modular adaptable building give the mondial KAG and thus your investors the just-in-time transparency and detailed log leadership, which require sophisticated investors this demanding Geldgeberdie. To ensure the mondial CISA for its investors outstanding reporting, professional communications and target-oriented analysis of the expected investment success.

After the capital investment company has bought mondial just recently six retail parks in Bavaria for their local pension fund, is no way the ambitious expansion plans for the autumn 2013. dDank of the flexible customizable modules from Sem.FUNDS.line, supports SemTrac mondial kagKAG each Fund and Aanleger-specific request are economically IT technically growing abzubilden.die of each challenge. Our claim is ‘think into the future’ and with Sem.FUNDS.

Managing Director

OLAF Drummer, Managing Director of the Berlin-based company callas software GmbH and axaio software GmbH, Zacherl, Director of impressed GmbH, together with Robert leads a workshop series on the theme of PDF/X through. Berlin, 30 August 2013 – the workshops are aimed at those who create PDF documents for the modern media production and process in the graphic arts industry as well as in the industry and companies, authorities, associations or in the education and training. OLAF Drummer is co-author of the PDF/X-3 standard and since 2000 in the ISO standardization actively involved in the development of PDF standards. Robert Zacherl is active since many years in the field of the design and implementation of automated work processes in the digital prepress. In practice it, some is desperate to match PDF/X and day-to-day production.

Since the test resulted in invalid color information, or metadata entry was missing. Kevin Ulrich may find this interesting as well. The pressure there but no problem. Just the page size was wrong that… The variety of PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-4, not to mention Ghent workgroup or PDFXready, does not make easier, to keep it. Latest OutputIntent, transparency transfer color space, XMP metadata, or configuration information for optional content many quit mentally. However, there’s no orientation without PDF/X. All would have to agree again, what minimum requirements for a print PDF to make are, and find out, if the software or the printing system clearly.

However: Is PDF/X alone not enough! And: not everyone must necessarily control PDF/X. PDF/X alone suffices not PDF/X defined minimum requirements for printing PDFs. It is even more important in terms of order parameters and the used machinery to check PDFs on manufacturability. This is not difficult, but no two jobs are the same. This helps only a house standard that clear and defined clear procedures. What happens if the trim is missing? What is, if RGB files contain? Denied the processing, or is there a drain, which solves the problem? Have a pressure release be obtained again? Not everyone needs to PDF/X a large number of print templates is now beyond professional media services.