OpenStreetMap – Cards On The Falk LUX

Use your Falk IBEX – navigation throughout the world by installing the alternative navigation software “find & route” from FootMap, Falk LUX can be used almost worldwide with OSM maps. Find & route is a stand-alone software, it is from the OpenStreetMap project data based on cards,”are created. The cards contain not only on roads, paths and trails, but also points of interest (POIs). These POIs can be based on demand – or hide, so the map is always open. With the RADIUS search POIs or street names can be found quickly. A route calculation is possible, are the profiles of pedestrians, cyclists and mountain bikers at the disposal for this purpose. The route is displayed on the map as a colored line. An active route guidance is not by language or displaying of arrows like the LUX software.

GPX route can be recorded and displayed in the map. a text file can continue each GPX route created and these can be called at any time on the device. Find & route including maps are offered on a MicroSD card in three variants: 4 GB MicroSD card with Germany, Alps 8 GB MicroSD card with Alps, Germany & Belgium, Luxembourg, Balearic Islands & Netherlands 16 GB MicroSD card with Alps, Germany & Belgium, Luxembourg, Balearic Islands & Netherlands updating the OSM maps for find & route: the FootMap navigation works with the maps from OpenStreetMap, a free collection of data, which is daily updated and expanded by many thousands of people. This data by FootMap be prepared, that creates a digital map and additional information such as POIs can be used. The cards are updated by FootMap 14-daily! Members who have booked a Kartenabo at, gain access to the MapServer and can download at any time and as often as they want to the cards.

Three different packages are offered: MINI – subscription: maps of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Alps, as well as all German Federal States and regional maps (Harz, Luneburger Heide, Rhon, North Sea, Baltic Sea, etc.). PLUS – subscription: cards from the area of Western Europe, as well as all German Federal States and regional maps. PREMIUM – subscription: 70 cards from the fields of Western and Eastern Europe, as well as other countries or States around the world and all German Federal States and regional maps.

The Association

The forces of those interested in a topic, be pooled in such working groups and thus a classical aspect of benefits for membership in AIM accelerated market introduction cycles of new technologies for everyone involved.” With the radio-based localization technology but can be measured not only distances and positions, individual objects are precisely locates and monitored. The objects or persons are equipped to (tags) with wireless node, which communicate with the reading system (reader). RTLS is available for each market and offers a wide range of possibilities to advance user-oriented in new markets suppliers, system integrators, and users. The Working Group will mainly deal with following RTLS technologies: CSS, 2D code, RFID, UWB, Wi-Fi, GPS and Galileo. For the first time, the RTLS working group meets in Berlin on September 7, 2012.

Nanotron: Nanotron technologies is a leading provider of wireless products and solutions for protecting and localization of people, animals and goods. nanotrons technology is protected by patents and is equivalent to the ISO and IEEE standards for global localization and tracking of goods. The company’s solutions are used in various applications and industries including protection of children in the public space, animal health, safety in mining, GEO, and fleet management. The nanotron products are available on two different platforms: protect and find. The platform protect serves distance monitoring. Based on the platform, find people, animals and goods can be localized. Both platforms make visible operations and processes, which can be analyzed and controlled without real time localization not or only heavily in detail.

nanotron supports its customers and partners to adapt the protect-and find products to the unique needs of their respective markets. about the AIM-D e.V.-AIM-D e.V. (short: AIM) based in Lampertheim (Hesse) is the leading industry association for automatic identification (AutoID), data collection and mobile data communication. The Association promotes the use and standardisation of AutoID technologies and procedures. Technologies such as RFID, barcode, 2D codes and sensors be promoted equally. AIM represents over 130 members from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. AIM members are companies of all sizes that offer technologies, systems and services for the object ID and the mobile use of IT systems. Also 25 Alliance partners include the AIM members consisting of universities and research institutes, as well as other associations.

Solar Modules

Now with internal Leistungsoptimierer by SolarEdge Neumarkt with the purchase of a solar energy system, the performance with the most important criterion is Jura Watt modules. But what many operators do not know: already a single shadowed or contaminated engine can fall a whole PV system performance significantly. The industry has now responded: so-called Leistungsoptimierer maximize the yield of each individual module. The company of SolarEdge technologies is one of the pioneers in this field. Solar manufacturer Jurassic wattage GmbH now offers an integrated module solution. To read more click here: Salar Kamangar. Jura Watts Director Patrick Thoma: the issues of performance and income we’re always in the foreground. Why was long been clear to us that we need to equip our modules with this development.” After SolarEdge now with IndOP “brought a new, clever and extremely efficient optimization technology on the market, it is so far: Jura watt solar modules with integrated Leistungsoptimierer expands its product range.” The result: profitability by up to 25%! The Jura Watt make new development together with J.v.G Thoma for the first time on the PV-SEC of the 25th 28.9.2012 in Frankfurt before (stand 3.0/H 12).

Leistungsoptimierer by SolarEdge: small, strong, robust we have this solution opted for, because it has a maximum efficiency of 99.5% and a weighted efficiency of 98.9%. This is the maximum that is currently feasible. In addition, she can withstand extreme environmental conditions (protection class IP68). In our module development this is quite critical,”explains Patrick Thoma. Jura Watt module has become in the industry not only by quality, but above all also by special types such as the desert.

Module-level performance optimization: maximize the benefits of the energy output of each individual module by MPP-tracking the new module internal performance. The performance of the engine is continuously monitored and the data is transmitted in real time to a monitoring portal. Thus, also the maintenance is simplified considerably, because defective modules are detected immediately through integrated monitoring. More Security with SolarEdge Leistungsoptimierer in Jura Watt modules the new technology guarantees: as soon as the connection to the inverter or the power supply is interrupted, the module voltage is automatically shut down. The same applies if the inverter is switched off or the engine to overheat. This means less risks during the installation or in a fire. Interesting for solar artisans of new module type installs faster than previously was the case with the use of Leistungsoptimierern. It is used less cable and roof surfaces can be better to use even on the East and West side. Through this technique, now also Jura Watt modules of various sizes and capacities in a string can be combined. This means more flexibility in designing a system and a maximum use of space. Jurassic wattage GmbH manufactures company Jura Watt mono – and polycrystalline solar modules also special module types such as flexible solar modules and high temperature modules. The innovative power of the solar factory”with Seat in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz is evidenced by numerous patents. Jura Watts as well as the J.v.G Thoma GmbH is a company of Thoma group. SolarEdge Technologies Inc. A newcomer: The company SolarEdge was founded in 2006. The headquarters is in HoD Hasharon, Israel. Within a few years, solar edge has developed into the market leader in the field of the performance of solar systems. The highly innovative company is internationally active and has offices in the United States, Germany and Japan.

Reflect Depressed

Do you keep thinking, how can I go back with my ex-girlfriend?? It is obvious that you have strong feelings for her. But, how do you think she feels? How to return my Ex-Girlfriend you know really what I felt for you before the break? Were there warning signs? There was a lot of discussion and bad words between you? The problem that caused the rupture, yet there is a way to make things right? If you took the blame, you’re the only one who can fix it. And you have to do everything possible to remedy the situation. It may be something that requires more than a change of attitude. It may require some kind of specialized knowledge or professional help. One of the aspects that most overlooked when trying to get back with your ex girlfriend, is that you’re so focused on what you want, that you lose sight what is best for your ex. Do is better without you, or you can honestly say gave you a special meaning to your life? Here’s a question difficult to ponder: does she makes you a better person? And would you say that the turn you into a better person? With all justice, respondete. Your reason, trying to find a way to get back with your ex girlfriend, must be something beyond what is in it for her.

Centrate more in can you be the best you can be for her, for their benefit. One thing you should not do you no centres in treating of wanting to return immediately. Both need time and space to recover, reflect. And to realize that there is a lot of truth in what step the absence makes love grow. In addition, keep in mind, while you’re fully focused on recovering it, which is a process, not a marathon. Be patient. The time will pass away is a great opportunity for the self-improvement. A part of this self-improvement will become your own person.

Centrate on the positive aspects of life. You can lose your ex, but be depressed, kick the cat, be so needy, depressed, Oh me, I am so sad and alone, I need my ex do not is the kind of positivism! that you need. How back with my Ex-Girlfriend have to replenish you and stop you feel depressed the choice of be depressed and sad because you broke, is actually self-destructive. You take out these frustrations on others and affects them in many different mformas. You have nothing to gain if you behave like an idiot because he broke. And studies show that people feel attracted by positive and cheerful types. So try to get underway on how to return cn my ex-girlfriend, it may require a change of attitude, but it is so worth it. This is just a beginning to get back with your ex, but you have to start somewhere. Gives a twist to your life knows the real remedy to win back your ex soon beam click on: I want to recover my ex.

The Laboratory

Made a laboratory furniture completely made of metal, that means it has a metal main frame and metal add-on components. Corps laboratory furniture is based on similar metal frame, but the add-on components it produced from chemically laminated chipboard with special impregnation, which gives protection against the effects of moisture and fire. An important difference from the cabinet Laboratory furniture metal is its price. At the equipment laboratory furniture collection of furniture, of course, other things being equal consumer qualities, will cost less than a factor of 1.5-2 than the same set of metal furniture. Here, we encourage you to pay attention to the principle of 'price-quality' and make choices based on it, it is also important to know what research will take place in the laboratory and acquire furniture from that perspective.

The last difference metal laboratory furniture from the cabinet is the time of its manufacture. Corps laboratory furniture is usually 2-3 times faster. But it is true that if you are ordering individual furniture 'under themselves'. When buying a catalog of furniture from the warehouse, similar problems, of course, is not happening. Laboratory furniture is usually sold for a long time, so when choosing a series of laboratory furniture to focus on some important points. The main thing to note – the frame. That's metal frame is the foundation of any piece of laboratory furniture. Welded frame of laboratory furniture has an advantage over precast due to the higher rigidity, structural strength and stability of the geometric dimensions.

The frame must have adjustable supports for leveling tops horizontally in the case of irregularities of the floor in the laboratory. Paint the frame should be carried out using powder coating. When choosing of furniture for the presence of tortsezaschitnoy edge that protects the public part of cpd. Its thickness must be at least three millimeter. Using the manufacturer of laboratory furniture this edge is an indicator of its holdings of special equipment for the manufacture of furniture and ensure that the furniture is not collected by artisanal methods. Range of laboratory furniture in our time is great enough. There are plenty of both domestic and overseas manufacturers. Choice – for you. We hope that our tips will help you in choosing and at least a little help understand this very difficult and important issue in your laboratory equipment.

The Letters Inverted Y El Tarot Of Love

The reversed letters are disgruntled letters. His message tends to dilute any positive aspect having that arcane in particular. And when they begin to leave exposed arcana invested in the tarot of love Chuck, things do not walk nor can end well. The crazy invested in Chuck shows us silly, to the irresponsible who performs actions without looking at the consequences. If the loco is the character of the life force that drives him to try new paths and discover new ways, inverted is a harbinger that acting little sensibly we can lose more than what we would be winning. It is a call for sanity.

For its part, the magician inverted refers us to be devoid of scruples, someone able to appeal to the most obscure Arts in order to achieve what is proposed. It is a warning that we have to be careful with those around us, usually referring to persons with knowledge or power a mother-in-law, perhaps – that will do everything that is in your hands to separate us from who we love. Similar bias has exposure of the inverted Priestess, although it may not refer to someone powerful, but a person who lies directly. Speaks of dissimulations, of things not said, in situations where all truth is not. It could also refer to infidelity.

Inverted Empress tells us that the person that we try to bring us is more interested in the world around us, and what others have to say she or he who in us. It’s a frivolous person, who could well be playing with our feelings. In this case, the best is to think coolly if we want to be exposed to that break us the heart. Finally, the worst of all the letters, perhaps, that may leave revealed in the tarot of love: inverted lovers. This letter tells us that the relationship is destined to fail, in the majority of cases. It speaks to us of a frustrated marriage, and temptations that prey on those who participate in the relationship. There is not much to be done, divorce or separation are almost the natural consequence, the outcome of this painful situation that we will have to go through. And it won’t be a separation simple, mature people, but fights and disagreements can be common currency. However it is necessary to remember that any omen that the tarot has to make us is an inexorable reality. We own our actions, and, ultimately, of our destinations. Jesus Ontivero original author and source of the article