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Industrial University

of Antioquia.Raimundo Abello, director of research, development and innovation of the u. of Northern Barranquilla and Oscar GualdranVice-Rector of research of the Industrial University of Santander, conclude that it is key to join companies and grow in human capital for innovation and social impact.Deepen in lines Tematicashoy, 20 per cent of knowledge that occurs It has direct applications and another 30 percent is useful for finding solutions, but without direct application, says Fernando Chaparro, u. de el Rosario. According to Colciencias, in the country research especially on malaria, malaria, infectious diseases, Leishmaniasis, dengue, immunology, transplant organs and chagas.We want to be investigate in nutrition, new models of health and new vaccines, to not recycle expired patents, says the director of Colciencias, Jaime Restrepo. These are the topics that the entity and other experts presented as priorities for work in the country.

-Use of essential oils for food and cosmetic industry. -Silvopastoral models: promote the creation of a grass with more protein for livestock (pass 7 to 27 per cent of proteins), so that this focus on fewer hectares of land and use in agriculture. The country uses 10 million hectares in livestock, when you need 3 or 4. -Create centres to strengthen and preserve water births, the Lakes, moors and reforestation. -Tech and appropriate mineral exploitation.

Announcements will be made to investigate on how to exploit the gold without using mercury and thus to decontaminate the rivers. -Production of software and telecommunications. -New pedagogical models based on modern technologies (Internet). -Models of housing and educational institutions that allow to cope with floods. -Produce drugs, vaccines and materials used in health such as meshes, sutures, needles and Sera, imported today. -Social models for resolving the issue of forced displacement and reintegration.

Sony Ericsson C902v

Description and review of Sony Ericsson C902v online store Cyber-shot – great photo bail Feel mobile photographer, Sony Ericsson C902 with you and will always be a excellent tool for quick pictures in any situation. Qualitatively, just convenient – it's the basic tenets of cameraphones SE, and C902 is perfectly confirmed. 5-megapixel matrix with autofocus and LED flash can shoot as distant objects (Digital zoom), and in macro mode. You can put fully automatic mode or specify one of the preset themes (6 pieces). In addition, many parameters can be adjusted manually. Face detection, Fix Photo, BestPic To achieve the best quality pictures, SonyEricsson C902 is equipped with a whole constellation of technologies from the world of these digital cameras Sony. Ideal for portraits Face Detection, the phone automatically detects the frame a person's face and focuses on it.

Fix Photo Filter allows one-touch sharpen the image and align layers. BestPic shooting mode is particularly interesting when shooting sports events or children. When activated the camera takes several shots in a row (2 speeds to choose from), then you choose best shot, and that it is stored in memory. By the way, the device realizes the memory card Memory Stick Micro M2 in any capacity. The bonus is functional geoteggingom. Verified ergonomics you can not worry about contamination of the lens, as unless you use the camera, he always closed sliding cover and not even visible from the outside. But it is necessary to move the upper part of the phone up, how to run an application to capture and highlight the elegant device 8 touch keys around the screen. These buttons are made frequently used functions while shooting, it turns out that one touch you can customize practically any parameter, which is very convenient.

Quality materials and assess your screen fotoshedevry directly on the phone, because the 2-inch QVGA display offers excellent image. Bright, saturated colors, the image literally comes to life before our eyes. It has a reflective substrate, so that it performs well themselves in the sun, viewing angles – max. Generally, you will not remain indifferent to the assembly machine. He knocked so hard that it seems like it will withstand a fall from the 5th floor. This is achieved through reinforced metal frame abundance of metal in an external (eg, the entire back cover) and a thick high quality plastic. The thickness of the shell can surprise even the most experienced man – only 10 mm. But it's not just the camera and leave the Internet share data with EDGE, HSDPA or Bluetooth. Listen to FM-radio with RDS and or your music collection, since the phone plays the sound perfectly, and set mp3 player supports most audio formats. Moreover, Sony Ericsson C902 shows impressive endurance at 4 days, so it can not be afraid to defuse its active use. Quality: Before you purchase on request can send instructions. We only sell quality product class 'AA'. You can be confident in the quality of our products. On each product's warranty + assistance in equipment installation. We are authorized dealer of such companies as: MobileAction, GOOOD, X3, GPRScable, Mobidick, Transcend, Sony. The warranty on a cell phone Sony Ericsson C902 on each product's warranty. You can always consult our support team on connecting and configuring the purchased equipment. During the warranty you can freely download and update software, which sends our online store. Through our service center, you can set different software: programs, games, pictures, ringtones, themes for Sony Ericsson C902. Also in our service center has a collection of settings for different operators GPRS.

USB Memory

USB keys are nothing more than the well-known Pendrive. It is a storage device, this means that it has a flash memory, which allows you to store large amount of data and conserve them even when not connected. It is removable and has a compact, increasingly small and practical format that makes it extremely portable. This USB memory is connected and disconnected from any computer rewritable and is works exactly like any space your computer storage. You can save up to several gigabytes of data, currently with so much ability, which is very useful to keep their files in the form of back-up, and to safeguard important information safely. Use the pendrive and its advantages is well known. Now, at the time of purchase, what I have in mind to choose it? Mainly the storage capacity, from 1 to 32 gigabytes, this depends on the use that we are going to give and the amount of data that we need to move or protect USB memory. The transfer rate, is the speed at which pass the data from your computer to the USB memory and vice versa.

Features encryption, some USB keys have different tools to safeguard the privacy of the data in the memory. Write protection: another way to protect your data is to activate a tool that allows to use the pendrive into read-only mode. Multimedia: mp3 player, USB memory works with a simple software that allows you to play mp3 files and listen to them through a headphone output.

What Is Better – Biofuels Or Bioelectricity ?

Among the alternative clean fuels and biofuels Bioelectricity be called the undisputed leaders, while at first glance, biofuels are a number of advantages for both the car and for the planet. In vehicles that run on biofuels such as ethanol, reduced CO2 emissions. In addition, these fuels can reduce dependence on no matter how tempting nefti.Odnako were prospects with environmental point of view, they lose their apparent attractiveness, taking into account the energy required for production of biofuels, as well as arable land and trimmed for grain. Realizing this, scientists have discovered more effective way of increasing the measure of "mi / acre" of biomass by converting it into electricity, not ethanol. Another point in favor of the electric car. According to specialists, compared to the ethanol used in internal combustion engines, Bioelectricity, used in vehicles equipped with rechargeable batteries capable of providing an average of 80% more mileage at the rate of grain per acre, and in addition, two times lower greenhouse effect, and thus reduce the risk of climate change. The researchers conducted a life cycle analysis as bioelectric technology and technology-based ethanol, taking into account not only energy generated by each of them, but also the energy consumed in the production of cars and topliva.Bioelektrichestvo was the clear winner when comparing the measure of "mileage in miles / acre ', regardless of whether the energy is derived from corn or millet. For example, a small SUV that runs on bioelectricity, was able to go about 14,000 miles on the highway, using the energy obtained from one acre of millet, while compare a car with an internal combustion engine was able to overcome just about 9,000 miles. In addition, Bioelectricity offers great opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through measures such as uptake and sequestration, which can be applied only to the power of biomass, rather than individual vehicles with internal combustion engine. In general, experts believe that the development of automobiles, running on ethanol or electricity, can be a strategic decision for many countries dependent on oil.

Ecological Footprint

I’ve changed a para-site, because the agricultural economy in all its versions, is one of the most modern and intensive forms of exploitation of the natural environment that the economy (hunting-gathering). The technique is a small utility, why not take a calculated for other strategies in their specific problems, but to change one’s running water conscience, as your say, about the impact of lifestyle is what she meant by ” teaching material. ” If this awareness extends to the community goes to the field of politics. In another vein, internal links recommended are put in a section of “See also” at the end of the text. Therefore you have to edit the paragraph added to the final title, is appropriate and fitting the style, which I am sure you will do yourself well. Use good for buying green another article. Un saludo. – LP 18:27 14 December 2006 (CET)I think you have a confused notion of what is the ecological footprint. Your personal ecological footprint is the fraction of your planet, your lifestyle, we need to give you consume resources and ecological services that also depends gas of your existence: to maintain New York State the composition of the atmosphere and the ocean, retain water, etc. Ask which is the footprint on the final exam, and some had interpreted as the mark left on the land for the intrusion to practice through his holding, but not that. The ecological footprint green energy of a hunter in the forests of the Ussuri (as Dersu Uzala) or bosquiman is very large, precisely because their intrusion is small. Exploit a deregulation vast territory of low-intensity, because they seek different remedies but each little abundant. Therefore, except in territories rich, hunter-gatherers are not sedentary, sun and organic matter but migrants. for an alternative ESCO offering the best service and prices, sign up to has broken onto the New York energy scene If the Iberian Peninsula remains as 8000 years ago, could live in it, collecting fruits and roots, goats and deer hunting, fishing, gathering clams, maybe 50 or 60,000 people, not 50 million. Each has a Spanish-odd hectare (1.2 hectares) more or less. In this 110 square meters of hand rearing is not what a person needs to live in a natural way, andalusia Paleolitico style. The ecological footprint of the Neolithic farmers is lower, although their working day is longer and their lives less secure, and that allows for population growth. The H.E. is on the way of life. Westerners have a larger footprint on the planet that we touched, and that means that we are degrading renewable resources and self-restoration capacity of the biosphere. This is a novelty, because companies often have no previous power demographic, political and technical support required for the same occurred when the result was the degradation of leading suppliers of electricity and natural gas the land, as in classical Greece, and the drive to expand in other . “The electricity ecological footprint is greater the higher the level of a personal life and the greater the intensity with which exploited the territory. That is the factor that you need. It is essential to study thoroughly what is meant by footprint, intensive, natural service and other items related to this topic before continuing. There is an extensive literature on how economic relationship with nature and its implications.

That Is The Picture Of Balanced Scorecard?

Integral scorecard is not anything other than a tool to be able to manage the transfer of a Strategic Plan for action. It serves as a tool to help meet the objectives of a strategy. Helps managers a global view of the company’s performance. As I have already mentioned, the Integral scorecard is an indispensable mechanism for align form logic the achievement of goals through people of a company and thus help achieve the objectives of the organization. Box of command WCC brings together four perspectives: financial, customer, internal processes and innovation and learning.

For each of the points, should be considered that it is what you want to achieve and how to measure the evolution in each of them. You must define the goals to obtain, since these same influence on changes in the company. On the other hand, must ensure that changes that try to generate precisely the changes that are needed and indicate the acquisition of new objectives. Control box CMI not only is a methodology but is also a management tool, from the moment in that helps planners to know that is what should be done and what will be measured, in order to achieve each of the goals formulated as strategies of the organization. Our time is pervaded by technology and knowledge of the customer and this participates in the measurement systems in companies. It is no longer enough to know the economic gains, but that you have to know the human capital in real terms. As it is known, the WCC remote control box is the tool par excellence to help translate strategies, reconciling the tasks of employees, taking into account his vision. These topics dealing with the Integral scorecard are related since they are used as a management system and provide learning in real time about an organization called the balanced scorecard methodology.

Prof. Mario Hector Vogel is founder of Club Board of command and creator of the SWOT mathematician system. Director Academico at international forums, permanently provides trainings in organizations public, universities, industries and companies in different countries of America. Prof. Mario Hector Vogel is founder of Club Board of command and creator of the SWOT mathematician system. Director Academico at international forums, permanently provides trainings in organizations public, universities, industries and companies in different countries of America.

IPad 2 On 2 March

When in January 2010 saw the iPad light thinking it would be a support that we map over a long season, but competition that has appeared in recent times by the competition have made that speculation about the emergence of a new version of the iPad could become a reality this Wednesday March 2. The rumor this based that Apple has sent an invitation to journalists for on March 2 with a logo that seems to insinuate an iPad. After much speculation, the company confirmed that the reason for this event is related to what is said in forums around the world. The image on the right shows a possible layout of the new iPad, is expected to be lighter, faster, with integrated videoconferencing front camera. Other rumors suggest, that the new device from Apple, could use Samsung technology: Super PLS. This technology is more economical than current IPS and would lead to a significant increase in the quality of the display.

It also points to You can have more RAM and a more powerful graphics processor. There are only little more than 24 hours to know if all the rumors are confirmed. When that happens we will keep you informed. Original author and source of the article

Virtual Private Hosting Server

A Virtual private hosting server has become the latest technology of additives for the computing world. In fact, a new option has been given to get rid of the problems of shared web hosting. Gradually improving the cost and how to work with web sites. Actually, it is a way of dividing a dedicated server on two or more separate servers. It can be taken as partitions on the server in such a way that all work independently one from the other.

The main benefit of the VPS is that each web site will have your set of custom resources drawn from a common place. Entities such as the memory space, computer, hardware, software and networking tools processes are independent for each web site. Assigned users get a share of the server and will not be interdependent on neighboring web sites work. It will be the same feeling as a dedicated hosting. The main advantage of the virtual private web hosting server is cost reduction. Dedicated servers require a large investment for your purchase.

Even if he has received for a monthly rent, this will give you a high cost. In addition, there will also be other resources including, which add to costs. If you are considering the purchase of a server, you may need a team to manage it in a correct way. VPS is a great choice for people looking to buy the services dedicated to moderate cost. Your business needs the best hosting service? It offers the best Web Hosting servers for an optimum performance to develop your business on the Internet.