Between 10 and 33 euros. This is the reduced price of tuition to be paid students of the newly released people’s University, a virtual education project which is part of the Alliance Global of organization of United Nations (UN) on communication technology and development. The aim is to promote access to higher education for the most disadvantaged students. The new academic year 2009-2010 has begun with the offer of two degrees. To access the teachings only need a computer, an Internet connection and sufficient knowledge of the English language.The distance education in a virtual environment has established itself worldwide as an alternative ideal for thousands of young people who, for various reasons, can not attend face-to-face lessons in an educational institution. This option enables them to combine their training with other activities and allows them to organize their time of study according to the availability. Universities in most developed countries complete the offer academic degrees online students.In parallel, new centres of higher education dedicated exclusively to providing this type of training have been created.

One of the main advantages is the possibility of enrolment of students from different countries, provided that they comply with the requirements for admission. However, not all students can afford the costs of these virtual programs.Economic resources should not be the reason that prevents access to higher education for thousands of people in the world. This is the philosophy and starting point of a new educational institution: the University of the people, an innovative project, non-profit, framed in Alliance Global of the Organization of United Nations (UN) on communication technology and development. It offers online training to students from around the world for almost free. How the University of the people is a virtual educational centre that imparts higher distance at a very low cost training. This is made possible by open source teaching materials and to the altruistic collaboration of professors and graduate student volunteers from prestigious institutions such as the universities of Yale, Berkeley or New York.

Software Filemaker

Software Filemaker in Cantabria Cantabria boasts an FBA filemaker developer. FileMaker, one of the developing programs for mac software, has in cantabria with a new developer to assist companies that need software for their companies. Software specialized in business management, whether production or selling products and services, allows you to take control and the complete management of the company, thanks to your for data collection and reporting in real-time, allowing precise control and traceability of each article. Through its installation on a server, different users of the company have access to the program through access to the internet, while at all times reported. The software developed on fiemaker is a robust very graphic software, allowing users their learning for use in record time. Santander, Camargo, shipyard, Reinosa, Torrelavega and other towns of Cantabria can count on management software last generation on Filemaker. GIS-SMEs source: Press release sent by printing. Real-time Blog Archive when your neighbor is 30 meters of height development > Serial Key Generator 1.0 Download Free 64 bit programs programs management for mac, mac in filemaker to cantabria billing Notes of press Hispanotas Oracle innovative online learning initiative launches Google Earth for Mac, iPhone and iPad macoteca: apple mac OSX, programs and web design

Environmentally Clean Technologies

I would like to express their vision for the future, which technologies come to us, which path our civilization. These issues concern everyone who thought little about the future. From the beginning We will understand about what we have, our Technology in general is now backward, and it harms not only the environment but also ourselves. Millions of cars emit a lot of toxic substances in large cities become difficult to breathe and they are wrapped always suffocating smog. Our factories and power plants and pollute the environment, poisoning our rivers lakes and soil. Outdated and space technology, the output of goods into orbit costs a lot of money, and the flight to stars becomes impossible. Destroying the environment we put ourselves in a situation where we all need to make a choice, a choice can only be one, or we will face great difficulties, or we change our technology without destroying our living environment.

And of course the choice falls on those technologies that will not pollute the environment. Such technologies appear to be more to penetrate our lives. By this technique applies to all engines with zero emissions into the atmosphere. And one of them and I want to introduce you: This engine is the heat engine, it is lightweight, it has a minimum of moving parts. Uses energy from the sun, but in Unlike the solar panels can operate at night. It can be put on the car, ship, submarine, aircraft and even the spacecraft into orbit with the cost of the goods displayed dramatically decreases.

In fact, can work as long as there is sun. Since the ego can be used to generate electricity and its cost is low. And on the technology of mankind can not turn away. By this it in the future and will replace other methods of hazardous energy. Such as oil, nuclear and fusion reactors. With its help we can protect our environment and we have a chance to fly to the stars.

Online Property Management Software

Portal estates is an online management software farms, which facilitates the management of communities of owners and its maintenance. From him we can manage everything to do with the administration of estates on horizontal property, both at the definition thereof, as well as the management of their quotas, and all directly related to the accounting. The advantages of online property management software: the user disregards update. It does not require backups. It is accessible from any place with Internet access.

No matter the operating system of the post; Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Your Office Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Savings in hardware and licensing. Increase in productivity. It facilitates the growth of your company. It does not require installation.

Effectively manage all areas of horizontal property. One of the characteristics of SaS software, is that they can be autoformativos. With this premise and with the idea of facilitating the use of the PortalFincas application, you have created a series of video tutorials of the administrator farms, which show the operation of the various options and features of PortalFincas. This series of video tutorials that is iran expanding with new chapters, are available publicly on the web of Portalfincas, as well as on Vimeo and Youtube: John Dairon Jaramillo Arroyave always face communities online in a property management accounting Software claim of debt recovery Accounting Software online in a property management accounting Software advantages interesting software property management accounting online in an administration of farms Software

Software Crm

Software manufacturers to support the strategies for CRM and SFA, offer many options of acquisition and hiring of software to market. There is even a strong current in the development and business use of free software (Open Source), which is supposed to be free and at least, much more affordable than other models. In this article we present some of the elements that a person responsible for assessing technological support for a strategy of CRM tools, must be present to submit options of procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of a software solution. Our intention with this article is neither defending nor promote any two models, On Demand or On Premise. Both models are entirely valid, and like everything in life, have their advantages and disadvantages, which are relative. They are relative in terms of situation and scenario in which you want to hire and use.

While for a company can be very timely, beneficial and insurance contract and implement a CRM solution under the model On Premise, for another it may be the opposite. We wish you to consider which are the variables to be evaluated and that it can make a detailed analysis that will lead to define which of these models is that can most benefit your organization. Not contemplate here variables related to the free software model, personally think that it is a topic of much risk, both technical as sustainability in the medium and long term, substantiate a business strategy based on a system that does not have all the elements of development, support, maintenance and future vision sufficiently clear and that someone in particular respond by this. Let’s go a little over the concepts of On Premise and On Demand: On Premise: refers to the traditional model of procurement, installation and operation of enterprise software. This means that the company acquires the right to use of software licenses, installs the software on your servers or equipment (whether owned or rented) and is responsible for the operation of the same, the update, the data security and in general, all activities as owner of the operation of the software.