Digital Receiver

Digital receiver in addition to built-in TV tuners have a raison d ‘ etre. Since the abolition of the analog TV signal in this year and the spread of HDTV devices the importance of the digital receiver is increased dramatically. Many modern TV devices incorporate the common TV tuner (DVB S/C/T), but in most cases these are not the highest quality components. Especially with cheaper TVs, we d on the quality of the tuner saved significantly. Raison d ‘ etre of digital receivers digital TV signal has a decisive advantage compared to the analog signal. There is no noise. Because the signals are transmitted, and thus consist of ones and zeros, the signals either arrive or not. Where is the advantage you might think? It’s simple.

You have a picture or the screen remains black. There is no longer an in-between. Gone are the days where you have to look for example football with many errors (Schlieren image errors, etc.). Error when the digital signal while also still exist, only these occur not so much on and through higher quality components can be still lower to a considerable degree. For this reason, external digital receivers still have their raison d ‘ etre. External digital receiver have used higher-quality electronics, so also weaken signals, or at a minimum signal level a liquid TV screen appears on the TV. Another advantage is that you can connect external hard drives to receivers to easily record the favorite program.

Operation and more comfort with TV, better devices, with many pre-configured tuners, the operation is must be often complicated and cluttered, because too many functions in a confined space combines. This is in digital receivers often, but not always, different. The operation is sophisticated and less cluttered. Depending on the manufacturer, there are various techniques that greatly simplify the operation. Way, transmitter, for example, all TV be kept up-to-date. Should there even be a frequency change, the updating is done depending on the configuration, in the background. The user is not of them. Also the EPG (electronic program guide) differs depending on the manufacturer the extent. As can be seen on some devices the TV program of next week, be customized and recordings can be programmed at your fingertips. Prior to the purchase of one digital receiver note sale has many advantages, but you must observe a lot. Is important, which signal exactly, because only the few receivers can tune all signals, because among other things the connections, etc. do not fit. Want to get the benefit of HDTV, so an extra designated HD digital receiver must here. It is also important for reception of HDTV that only the public provide their HD channels free. In order to receive the private broadcaster, paid subscriptions. At the reception via satellite (DVB S), a HD + enough card at the reception via cable (DVB C) will be charged a fee. DVB T can be, depending on the State, many different stations received.

Ebookreader Alternatives

Although the Kindle is the most famous model, there are far less expensive and equally high-quality offers for Ebookreader from other companies. What you should when buying the eBook reader important when buying is to decide which provides advantages for a quote. For example, a display on which you can read by advantage even in direct sunlight and is just for vacationers or people who use the eBook reader out usefully. Also the storage capacity and ease of playing a role in the decision. Comparing different Ebookreader in the test, quite clear favorites are highlight and indicate that one can quite get a high-quality offer at a fair price. Perfect alternative to the Kindle exist and convince with consistently positive features and a simple, comprehensive and convincing use when reading the want eBooks. A simple download of eBooks is also and automatic storage on the reader ensures that the eBooks are permanently available and if required can be read. With an alternative to the Kindle, it opts for an appealing savings and choose an eBook reader with high quality features at an affordable price.

To get an overview of relevant activities, it is advisable to look at different devices and to find a model that is cheap and has the desired product characteristics such as storage capacity and ease of use. It all depends on the right choice different Ebookreader convince with an optimal result and are perfectly suited for discerning readers of virtual books. That not always the most popular device is also the only high quality model, is known and proves to be even with the closer look. Good quality at a very reasonable price to get and can be based on several reviews on the Internet in the selection. Own claims in the foreground should be first and foremost, you must be aware, what eBook reader you wish and extent to which particular features pay for own use. An eBook reader, which has a high storage capacity is advisable for readers with different interests. Special features are also available and also requested by some users. We must not decide on a good eBook reader for an expensive Kindle but can choose an offer, which provides the same performance for a much cheaper price. The options to choose from for eBook Reader are very complex

Vihren System

A fire detection system was installed in the National Park PIRIN in Bulgaria based on infrared technology. “In the framework of the project”Sustainable forestry and environmental protection by planting a forest fire early warning system and an information centre in the National Park PIRIN, Bulgaria”, financed by the Foundation European economic area (EEA Grants), was the fire detection system PYROLINE/PYROSOFT FDS” selected by DIAS infrared GmbH and installed. This system consists of three infrared cameras in the special weather-proof housing, paired with each a Visual camera. The weather-proof housing are mounted on Swivel Tilt Heads. The system is equipped with the corresponding control hardware and software. The units were mounted on extra 20 m built for this purpose high towers and follow the situation in the Park area of Vihren day and night without interruption”on an area of about 9000 ha. Is measured by the infrared cameras a higher temperature that exceeds a preset value, then one is Message to the control room in the administration of the National Park PIRIN, Bansko. There the signal is analyzed and, where appropriate, the fire is localized.

Together with the data of the weather stations, which are mounted on the towers, and the vegetation on the ground, the threat level for the spreading of the fire is determined. First tests have been successfully completed. The system was put into operation.

Acoustic Wave Device

NOVAFON presents his own acoustic wave device and explains his action. Original NOVAFON acoustic wave devices can look back on a long history. Already in the twenties of the last century was the first Intraschallgerat by the scientist and Professor of Medicine Dr. med. E. Saheed developed. NOVAFON took over the patent and since the production of the special sound wave equipment.

We would like to introduce this device in this communication. Mode of action the NOVAFON sound wave device is more than a simple massage device. The easy-to-use and robust device creates when acoustic wave of listening to mixing frequencies of 100 to 400 hertz. Because the body’s own healthy cells also swing in terms of listening to sound, the natural resonance of the cells can be aroused thus. This was demonstrated in a study by the Fraunhofer Institute. Applications of acoustic wave device off the basic effect of the NOVAFON acoustic wave devices is a great variety of application possibilities. To It is an ideal massage device for the back, shoulder and neck tension.

The sport is extremely beneficial in the case of a muscle hardening treatment with the acoustic wave device and can effectively counteract a sore. Vidanta describes an additional similar source. Whether as a massager for the face or the whole body: NOVAFON devices are ALLROUNDER and serve at home relaxing, as well as first aid for minor injuries and pain. In addition they used as well as more serious complaints accompanying therapy. So, NOVAFON acoustic wave devices are popular therapy companion in many renowned rehabilitation facilities, where they can be used thanks to its easy handling by the patients themselves, as well as speech therapists, occupational and physical therapists. Further areas of application are the sports therapy, Podiatry, and veterinary medicine. But please keep in mind that the NOVAFON sound wave device only as an accompanying measure to understand and replaced not the doctor. Variations of the sound wave device the Device available in different versions. The SK 1/1 is the original unit in its original form. On this basis the SK developed 2/2, as the original is chrome-plated, but 2 different gears. There is no chrome devices in various fresh colors, which have a somewhat softer and are therefore particularly suitable for children or cosmetic purposes. Each sound wave device is equipped with two different massage attachments, which are easily replaced. The sound plate is suitable for larger, smooth parts of the body, the sound ball for the less accessible areas, as well as for the acupressure and reflexology. An additional essay, which can be purchased separately, is the magnetic probe. It fits on any sound wave device and supplements the sound wave with a magnetic field, which is a more intense effect. If you sign up for more information about NOVAFON acoustic wave devices are interested in, or buy is a massage device want to visit NOVAFON on the Internet at. Description of the company the company NOVAFON has developed a sound wave device that reliable and versatile is used for more than 60 years. A growing number of people who want to do something good for their health, well-being and beauty at home among our customers.

Light Creates Security Around The House

Outdoor lighting helps prevent accidents and protects against burglary and theft an optimum lighting protects from accidents and deters burglars. During the day, you can be back towards the House without problems. But at night is a dangerous pitfall of each stage. A wrong step can have painful consequences. And so, suddenly, the day ends on a Chair at the doctor’s Office or in the hospital instead of on the couch.

A well-planned outdoor lighting around the House helps to avoid accidents of this kind. Low bollard luminaires or Recessed floor luminaires are good, providing sufficient light paths and stairs,, the society declared good light. The outdoors requires a sufficient protection of at least IP 44 (protection against foreign objects greater than one millimetre and against splashing water). The lights make orientation easier for visitors and guide them to the entrance. Twilight switch are helpful to automatically activate the light at dusk.

One Timer prevents that the lighting remains through switched on all night. It is important to pay attention, so that the light is not the source of danger on a sufficient protection against glare. Motion detector kept intruders but light around the House not only against falls, but also against burglary and theft. Brightness deters intruders, especially when motion suddenly turn on the lighting. Headlight in unobtrusive places around the House should be installed to lighten the entire environment. You recommend LEDs as the light source as they emit their full light output without delay. Lighting at the entrance creates additional security: evening visitors find ring and name badge and can be identified with a view through the door window before opening the front door. The House residents in turn must keys not long after Keyhole and door openers. For example, wall lights or downlights are suitable for the lighting of the input. Canopies often provide good Mounting options. Illuminated or illuminated house numbers make it easier to find the correct address for visitors. In the event of an emergency, they save even decisive minutes, must come about emergency or urgently needed taxi to your destination in a timely manner. In many municipalities, in Berlin or Hamburg, a lighted house number is therefore mandatory. Even bright it should be at least four inches high, illuminated still 20 centimeters. Company description on – the Fordergemeinschaft good light – is since 1970 the competent partner when it comes to questions of lighting. The society brings together the expertise of more than 130 member companies from the lighting and lamp industry, that are organized in the ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik and electronics industry. informed about current aspects of efficient lighting and knowledge based around light, lighting and light bulbs – vendor-neutral and competent. The information portal, as well as the serials “licht.wissen” and “” offer comprehensive service, practical advice and examples of lighting for architects and planners, journalists and consumers. Company contact: licht.

VGA, CVBS / S-video Converter SU 521

Streaming friends beware with the VGA CVBS/S-video converter now everything from the PC to the TV check on a new signal converter, which converts VGA, CVBS / S-video Ronnenberg/Hanover, the 28.12.2012 the ViTecco GmbH presents the specialist for video electronics. More and more often it happens that content should be transferred from the PC or laptop to a TV set or a video projector. Either for presentations or should be but if viewed for example the football live stream in decent size on the TV / projector. The SU 521 converts the VGA signal to CVBS or S-video signals. Via the menu you can image format to match image position and zoom individually on your system. The SU 521 supports most VGA formats: 640 x 480 / 60, 72, 75, 85 Hz 60, 75 Hz, 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 / 60, 75 Hz. The ViTecco device is equipped with a 230 v – power supply unit and is starting immediately in the well-stocked stores or at in the online-shop for only 138.00 EUR Excl. shipping costs related.

The ViTecco is a medium-sized, owner-managed company, which was founded in 1968 as Eicke & Bemmerer by naming donors and has since specialized in the fields of electronics development, manufacture and distribution of video accessory products for the entertainment, the video presentation and technical television. Due to the own development and production, we are capable of market-driven products and absolutely high quality to provide and secure by our end-of-life support over decades (!). The ViTecco GmbH delivers the problem solver in the areas of home-video / home theater / hobby film, video installations in industry, trade and commerce as well as at schools and Government agencies, and in medical technology, surveillance video, presentation technique (called entertainment or information) at events, in sales rooms, Sportsbooks, sky-sportsbars, or in the pub next door… anywhere where distributed video signals and / or should be turned: switch, Distributor, separation stage,. Converter, HDMI distribution, HDMI switch, signal converter, Switcher, copy amplifier, etc.

Cell Phone Batteries:

Tips and tricks: cell phone batteries longer live – what can you do for longer service life for the rechargeable batteries, battery is not equal to battery the least mobile users pay special attention to their batteries. While the performance of the small energy can be with little effort maintain and even increase. There are different types of batteries, to clarify misconceptions are tips for maintaining batteries can get long full power. Battery is not equal to battery. It makes more sense to deal with his cell phone battery a little achtsamer.

But caution: battery is not the same battery! The other not even can withstand what good does a which. First you should clear be so about how does a battery at all and what type you have to do it. Which battery types are there? Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries / nickel metal hydride (NiMH) this is the 1st generation of the accumulators. They were used in the first cell phones. For them, the positive consists of nickel compounds, negative from cadmium. NiCd batteries can be recharged 1000 times around 500.

Since these Batteries through the so-called memory effect quickly losing power, they were replaced by generation 2: the nickel metal hydride (NiMH). Here, also, nickel compounds provide a hydrogen-storing alloy for the negative charge to the positive charge. Until a few years ago, these batteries were standard for each phone model. The memory effect not so much occurs with them as with their predecessors. NiMH batteries require longer charging times, and can be between 400 and 700 times charged. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) / lithium-polymer batteries (Li-poly) as modern cell phones are getting smaller and smaller, had to pull the battery. The 3 Akkugeneration, which is still the largest market share and is found in a large part of the current phones are the lithium-ion (Li-ion)-batteries.

You can recharge anytime without memory effect. In lithium-ion batteries, the positive pole of lithium metal oxide and the minus pole consists of carbon. At the same weight as compared to NiCd batteries, lithium-ion batteries have three times more energy, they can be up to load up to 1000 times. The 4th generation and thus the newest batteries are now the lithium-polymer (Li-poly) batteries. In many newer phones standard, they have excellent standby and talk times. Your carrier is, in contrast to the lithium-ion batteries, plastic (polymer). You need no rigid metal box and save more energy than their predecessors. Charging time is approximately 2-3 hours. The first so-called initial charge should be applied 24 hours, then survive it recharges up to 1000. Memory effect: What is it?

With regard to the above mentioned memory effect, you will find two statements. Some claim that this phenomenon does not exist, warn other sources nor always being batteries between upload. This is because, that the memory effect not at all battery types to be found. To be exact, he applies only with batteries of the 1st and 2nd generation, the NiCd and NiMH batteries. This will effectively lose their charge ability you not fully discharge it. You download and remember “is their carrying capacity” only up to the point where they were, as one has reconnected it to the charger.

Current Speedo

Verena system enables energy consumption display real-time Ebermannstadt, 01.12.2011. The EMS provider (electronic manufacturing services) four of a kind has the development of the smart metering system Verena (consumption energy Assistant) completed. The system, developed in cooperation with Arivus GmbH from Great Yarmouth in Furth and the Institute for power electronic systems at the ohm University Nuremberg shows the energy consumption of a household in real time. In this way, it allows a precise control of consumption. Households are with Verena able selectively to save energy and reduce costs. While the system uses standardised interfaces, making it with various electronic meters (smart meters) is compatible. The central innovation programme for SMEs (ZIM) of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology has promoted the project since 2009.

Energy consumption shows Verena costs and CO2 emissions at a glance in addition to the absolute consumption levels. In addition, the system can consider the Injectability of its own photovoltaic or wind turbines. In addition, there is Verena able to evaluate electronic gas and water meters. All information converge at a so-called multi utility controller (MUC) and can from there via LAN or Wi-Fi to a display installed in the House. Which consumers are always able to evaluate the information at a glance”, says Erich Friedrich, head of project development at four of a kind. Alternatively can be computer, iPhone, or iPad use.

Sensitive data remain in this process in the House. Nobody can deduce the consumption data on the life habits of the inhabitants with help.” Professional hardware development at Vierling Verena is a joint project of Arivus, the University of Nuremberg and four of a kind. Four of a kind has together with partners developed the Verena total concept and developed the intuitive Verena touchscreen. This created Vierling layout and design of electronics, took over the selection and integration of the components and manufactured the prototypes. Arivus has developed the data acquisition controller the MUC. The University of Nuremberg created the software for the user interface. Communication level feature in the everyday coordination and reliability in the construction of the prototype”four of a kind, says Marcus Kraus, Managing Director of Arivus. In this way we have completed successfully the project.” Metering the requirement to save electricity with smart smart metering systems increases. The Energiewirtschaftsgesetzt requires the installation of electronic meters in January 2011. The Verena system is compatible with all electronic electricity, gas and water meters. “It is an optimum platform for comprehensive smart metering solutions”, says Erich Friedrich. In the long term, the trend is towards the automatic evaluation and control of consumption at the individual device level. Due to variable load and day time-dependent energy rates, households will able to orient their consumption directly in electricity prices. Cost the kilowatt-hour from seven o’clock 10 instead of 20 cents, washing machine and night storage heater will activate automatically.”

Appropriate Label Printer

Assistance in the selection process, quality and volume generally valid procedure: the procedure determines the use. The labels over a long period must remain legible or there are high demands on the label material (like E.g. chemicals, raintight, or heat resistant)? At large demands on the sticker is a thermal transfer label printer the medium of preference. For the thermal transfer printing, called thermal transfer ribbons, commonly called films, used for the printing of labels. This thermal process the ink particles are transferred from the coated side of the Thermotransferfolie by using heat to the label material.

Wax or resin, or even a combination of these two factors, are the carrier of the color particles and are essential to the strength of the imprint. It is, however, uses, where the readability of the label on a short term is limited and there is alternatively no requirements for the durability of the pressure, is a direct thermal printer. The Thermodirektverfahren requires material that have a heat-resistant coating on the surface. Color particles that are released when the label material under the heated-up dots of through a print head is running can be found in this layer. For example, shipping labels are a typical use for the Thermodirektdruckverfahren. What resolution best fits the desired application print resolution? What resolution do I need the label printer? Simple logistics labels to be printed or it is interwoven nameplates with 2D codes and graphics? The more data and small graphics on the stickers are printed, the print resolution should be greater. Will pressure range as many labels be printed per calendar day? Label printers are usually divided into three types: desktop label printer for up to five hundred labels on the day, midrange label printer for labels up to 3,000 a day and industry or high end label printer for the continuous shift operation with over 5,000 labels a day. In addition to the amount of label, but also the application is crucial. Must be printed with a lot of 700 labels for example, only small address labels on the day, can although a desktop label printer in question of the lot. The format of the label plays a crucial role, industrial printers can labels up to a size of DIN A4 print, desktop label printers are significantly reduced in the mass and allow only a much smaller label width.

HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (AE) And ElectronicAsia

This year, more than 100,000 from over 140 countries and regions also wrote the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair (AE) their success as the world’s largest industry event continues. Together with the parallel electronicAsia was one of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) over 100,000 visitors from over 140 countries and regions, an increase of six percent compared to the previous year. New materials, products and trends, among other well-known international brands such as Fujitsu, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG and Intel presented them over 4,000 exhibitors in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). Hong Kong manufacturers were represented by companies such as Broadway, fortress and city Super. The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair (AE) exhibitors from Denmark, Portugal and Sweden for the first time were among the 3,436 (2012: 3.322) exhibitors from 30 countries and regions. Special country pavilions showed news from China, Korea and Taiwan. The electronicsAsia recorded a total 598 (2012:578) exhibitors from 12 countries and regions with national pavilions from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. Benjamin Chau, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director, expressed confidence regarding the future Hong Kong electronics exports.

Currently, the electronics industry has accounted for 59 percent of the entire Hong Kong exports. In the first eight months of the year, the industry recorded an export by six percent ($172 billion). Main markets were China, followed by the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Special attention, so Chau, lie in the future on the Asian markets. In addition, a recovery of the market in the United States and European countries, like France and Spain, is increasing. Exhibitors on-site surveys reflected this assessment. Generally, a positive mood among manufacturers and buyers could be observed, as Benjamin Chau. Potential future new products such as 3D offer printer.

You would increasingly demand leading to long term falling prices and new audiences, including small and medium-sized Companies that do. More than 1,000 exhibitors and visitors were interviewed in the survey by the HKTDC in order given, independent exhibition. Over 90 percent indicated that 2014 to be reckoned with even better or similar sales figures. Particularly interest is the rising markets, especially Latin America, Russia and the countries of the ASEAN region. This time electronic accessories, audio visual products as well as Smartphones and tablets were particularly popular among the buyers with related accessories. The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair (AE) once again offered a wide variety of topics and product zones, special exhibitions and events. Among the highlights that were newly introduced i-world (170 exhibitors) and smart home (35 exhibitors) product areas. The HKTDC did thus take account of two industry trends: the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, and appropriate accessories, as well as the trend to the intelligent infrastructure within buildings. The Hall of Fame saw 485 exhibitors this year, including internationally known brands such as Goodway, Motorola, Philips, Princess, Skyworth and VTech. In the increasingly popular small-order zone were more than 4500 products for sale. Total generated these 19,000 purchase requests. In the invention zone exhibitors presented prototypes and new products, including the City University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Hong Kong invention Association Ltd. and the Hong Kong Scvience and Technology Parks Corporation. The next edition of HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair will be held in the spring, from 13-16 April 2014. In parallel, the HKTDC international ICT Expo 2014 opens its doors. Contact for editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 – 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 – 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts: