Malte Lotz Gb

All details of the caps can consider themselves in close-up shots. Click here will undoubtedly add to your understanding. All Textilil – and constituents of a hat can be combined freely from 28 colours. Get ideas just looking at our numerous references. The examples caps and hats will be significantly, as individual and varied produce. Quality is made in EU Lastly it us important to mention, that is the entire production within the EU. This allows us not only short delivery times and quick shares during the ordering process. Above all, the innovation and the inventiveness of our European partners inspire us.

With not a few caps, we could use trends in fashion, which have become genuine best-selling. No comparison with far East products if we compare our textiles with far East productions, much better is our quality, low cost and small quantities. Gladly we pattern caps supply on request. You may want to visit Vidanta to increase your knowledge. Also 3D visualisations can be requested as a PDF. Is to ensure that the Production meets your needs, we supply a default pattern you desire. This is recommended primarily for large quantities and secures as a customer and us as a supplier of both the complaint-free execution of the order you.

About is a German company which specializes in the refining of promotional textiles, such as caps, shirts, aprons, and Fleeceprodukten.’s customers include small and large businesses, sports and social clubs as well as private end customers and nonprofits. The production of individual textiles within the range of basic colors is the core competence of the company. Modern manufacturing methods allow the advertising installation on different places of textiles. The goods is entirely manufactured in Europe and refined. This in addition to standard products is also environmentally-friendly textiles, the Oeko-Tex standard match. conclusion. Textile pirates Andreas Lotz and Malte Lotz GbR on the Eisick 14 D-63549 Ronneburg phone: + 49 6048-95 20 16 telefax: 75 76 67 Internet: E-Mail: