Marathon Oil Corporation

For the Fund VI, VII, VIII and X the aid McMullen proved a hit Stuttgart, 12.07.2011. Hotspot”the Duden defined as a hot spot”. Energy experts call the communications technician is a region with very good telephone or Internet reception, a hotspot of regions with particularly large oil and natural gas deposits. Undoubtedly, the McMullen is a such hotspot. The area located in Texas, is one of the largest on the North American continent and also has a very good infrastructure for the production of oil and natural gas. The experts of energy capital invest have at an early stage the extraordinary potential of this region and backed up there in the past two years more than 70 km (18,000 acres) to support surfaces. With four funds, the US of oil and gas Fund VI, VII, VIII and X KG, the Stuttgart-based energy specialist finance exploration in the McMullen aid.

After the energy capital invest with the experts so far conducted drilling in approximately 4,000 m depth were encountered a very rich layer of support, the so-called completion could now at the first two drill holes”(= completion) will be completed. In the past few weeks the most promising support layer has been gefract”; purposefully broken i.e. over a length of up to 1.5 km 9-to 15-times and with outstanding results. After the completion in the McMullen, independent geologists now confirm reservoirs of up to 11 billion cubic feet of (bcf) of natural gas and up to 175,000 barrels of liquids per hole. With a gross reservoir value of up to $ 70 million per hole in the McMullen we are far beyond our expectations and the original Fund calculation”, Kay Rieck, Managing Director of energy capital invest summarizes the results. Which show that the region in which the US of oil and gas Fund VI, VII, VIII and X KG invests is in the focus of national and international energy companies, while impressively Deals of the past few weeks. To secure access to the attractive region, major investors in the region have acquired alone in the past few weeks mineral extraction rights in the value of about 7 billion USD. Besides the Marathon Oil Corporation, acquired by conveying rights worth around 3.5 billion dollars, amongst the Korean energy company in Korea national oil (KNOC) invested $ 1.55 billion. For more information,