And it is quite normal, if not a caveat. You may say that all data has been destroyed by the arrival of a specialist and they are required to recover, and to pay for this procedure a couple of thousand. And many are paying. In such a situation must be understood – where you have stored information. If the system drive where os is installed (usually the C drive), then the information for the coming of the master can truly retire. But if some or additional hard disk, all data will remain in place, and you pay for air.

In this situation, I advise you not to disclose his concern about the master information, but simply refuse to format the disk D. If, despite your request, he still told about the destruction and paid reconstruction, it is better to refuse the services of this wizard. Another popular type of fraud – this application wizard, you have a problem in the hardware (ie the physical parts of your computer). In this case, I suggest require troubleshooting in your presence. Not uncommon cunning people who know that you just flew off the operating system, but claim to damage the motherboard. They ask several thousand alleged for its repair, and for the installation of the operating system. And in fact, not even reveal the computer. So be careful. The other day happened to me a classic situation. I was approached by client and said that her hard drive a huge number of viruses, and they destroyed 1C and all the documents.