Telework or the freelance work is defined as the form to replace, total or partially, the physical displacement of the people to the centers of work by a flow of constant digital information by means of audio-visual means, computer science and the telecommunications. This new tendency is transforming, little by little, the present schemes of production and the work, since it benefits not only to the corporations (reduction of costs and increase of the productivity) but also the workers who the election is facilitated to him from where to live, to organize its time and to save good part of the wage. The work from house by Internet entails a structural change in the relations between workers and employers, because the head no longer will be physically present to supervise that the worker fulfills his responsibilities. Due to this situation, one requires the constant communication by means of electronic mail, fixed, cellular telephone among others with the purpose of to clarify doubt or to formulate necessary questions for the accomplishment of the daily tasks, for this aim the intelligent telephones or " Smartphones" (Blackberrys, Iphone 4, etc.) they are very useful since they own a great variety of tools that can be used to facilitate the work from house. Perhaps check out Mitchel Resnick for more information. It is important to clarify that telework can be developed not only in the house but also in cibercaf or in the offices of a client. In any case, to carry out telework successfully, it is necessary to take into account the following norms and precautions: To prepare an exclusive space to carry out the professional workings. It is important that the person has a site, like for example a room of her house, to dedicate itself to the work by Internet from house. There it must exist a connection to Internet, good illumination, suitable furniture (chairs, writing-desks, etc.) and necessary equipment.