Moscow Military District

Few people know that in Soviet times, motor racing was developed in times stronger than today, and then attempted to create a Formula 1 team of the Soviet Union! to the original article you can read by clicking the link in auto history section. Falcon-650 1952m was the first attempt to create a Soviet team in Formula 1. Motorcycle team was then the Air Force. And the Air Force commander of the Moscow Military District, Vassily I. Stalin brought in a team car from Germany.

In the 1952m, the championship was held at the Formula 1 Formula 2 cars and it is this class of machines brought into the USSR. Machines were developed joint Soviet-German joint-stock company ‘Avtovelo’. Constructed car in Germany, engineers who built the pre-war , these are the legendary Silver Arrows, which, together with Mercedes dominated the pre-war routes. In the USSR, the machine just been named ‘Falcon’. Then in the main All cars have front-scheme, and the ‘Hawks’ and his rear-scheme had been very progressive and quite able to compete with Ferrari in Formula 1. Developed the machine in Germany, where, in late March – early April, and passed the first test. The machine is ready for the first race the world championship of Formula 1, which was to be held in May. On the orders of the Kremlin, the vehicles were transferred by plane to Moscow in order Vasily Stalin.

Idea Released on World Cup slopes of Stalin’s ‘Falcon’ was very fond of Moscow. Before leaving for the race, decided to test the car on track. Tests conducted at 23 km of Minsk highway. Mechanics, long tormented by these machines, but the motors so plainly failed to make it work properly. In the meantime, started the World Cup of Formula 1 and Ferrari again dominated on the track. A ‘Falcons’ and would not work properly. Fuel and spark plugs in the Soviet Union did not pick up able. The Germans had constructed a motor for a complex mixture of alcohol and this fuel was not found. These machines really are legally ours, even though they were constructed in the occupied zone of Germany. In summer, the Soviet Union 52go GDR passed all joint ventures, and the machine flew to Germany. Time has been lost, they did not go to any races under the name ‘Falcon’, nor under the German mark. They have exhibits of the museum of transport in Dresden.

Winter Tires – Features And Options

Universal winter tires on all occasions, unfortunately, it's fantastic. However, this is not a lack of buses, but only limitations possibilities of designs and materials, and, besides, an extra argument in favor of timely seasonal replacement tires. After all, if not winter tires are universal, then what about all-season models, and even more so – about summer (year-round operated) tires. When choosing tires for the winter, First of all, note to any road surface in the first place they will be used. Tires for urban roads – is one thing, winter tires for Proselkov – it's a different story. Non-studded winter bus divided into two types – the European and Scandinavian. Tire tread pattern is similar to the European figure protivodozhdevyh tires – to build a diagonal extensive network of drainage canals, an abundance of fine cuts, strong lugs.

This type of tires are designed to ensure safe movement of the wet – after the rain, wet snow – cover. For many motorists one of the defining characteristics for Tyre choice is their price – and located it in close association brand tires. Tyre marks can be divided into three categories – authoritative, affordable, low cost. Tyres, belonging to the first category, the most expensive, but it allows the manufacturer to use when creating the newest technologies. The latter is cheaper, and they have an acceptable quality for most car owners. Tires third category inexpensive, have an acceptable quality and in our country the most popular.