StarCraft 2 Terran basic and BuildOrder often it is essential to reduce as quickly as possible and as many minerals. I want to this present MULES, a matching BO and explain why scans and SupplyDrops not worth. BB you out here! Because I have learned to just only a few tricks to celebrate a few more hits if I have to fight my colleagues in StarCraft 2 I would like to explain like the in my opinion most important trick. MULES of the point is important! Because the mules are the non plus ultra economically with the Terrans on top of to swim. Therefore, I upgrade my main base also as quickly as possible. Since I’m even usually still very late. People such as Mitchel Resnick would likely agree.

After my first couple of Marines but suply directly at 14, so very early at the beginning should be explored the upgrade of the base. Because mules are as I said with the biggest factor of the Terran economy. 50 energy, we get an additional WBF”which collects in the 90 seconds that he operates about 260-300 minerals. No scan. No Supply drop. MULES.

Especially those of you who always early to explore the upgrade for the main base use to spy on the scan determined also to the opponent. I made it with the scan at least often but was disabused. The scan cost precisely the energy that we need to get a mule, so approx. 300 minerals. 300 minerals to look briefly at the opponent in? So. Learn more about this with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. No more scanning use to spy. To make visible hidden, cloaked enemy units, the scan is worth gold, but to spy a cheaper unit or a barracks can be better used. Simply a barracks for 150 minerals (that’s only half the minerals that we would lose by a scan) and fly relaxed about the enemy base. With luck, the barracks can be used later. With the supply drop I apart put me even barely, but see my 2v2 partner often use this method to get in tight situations not on the supply Cap. For the 50 are not energy though wasted but it should be later in the game anyway a WBF permanent depots can be. A depot will cost only 100 minerals. The 50 energy for the supply drop cost US 300 minerals. So still time together cool: mules. take advantage of. Waive as far as possible on the scan and supply drop. It helped me a lot. Now I get along very well with my business and’s try also gains more and more games so 😉 The deadline again promised BO, so to get the BuildOrder. I’m usually a widespread standard BO. Nothing special but very easy and effective. The trick with the early upgrade of the base is as well. So check it out (the two numbers are always the current supply”. I build the first Depot as soon as I have 100 minerals according to the order for the 10 WBF: 10/11 depot at the entrance. 11/11 as soon as the deposit is done a barracks. 13/19 a second depot adjacent to the barracks to close completely so the input. (Important for early Zergling rushes) 15/19 once the barracks is pre-built einzelnt Marines to start producing. As soon as my 16 WBF is done (Marine will use the 17 supply the space) I buy the upgrade for the main base 17/19. 17/19 during the upgrade, I’m building my first refinery 17/19 a third Depot 17 / 19, and usually a second barracks. My tactics and build order I read always the Shokz Guide. Good luck! MNSCNT