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Facebook is the online platform of social networks more popular where there are millions of others who are exchanging ideas, knowledge, and others. Doing business online is becoming more feasible, prospero and numerous; How to open an online store on facebook. And why is this?. This is due to the amount of Internet users who are looking for how to generate passive income and has had great acceptance in terms practical., in addition to providing payment facilities. We know that social networks are the most influential in digital marketing tools; and Facebook is the online platform which has more users gather around the world.

The interest of many businesses looking to promote their products or services has aroused its rapid evolution and growth. And it is here where the creativity of many entrepreneurs who, with few economic resources, use this virtual platform to interact in a massive way with their customers and thus generate direct sales on this site. If your business is online sales; Open a virtual store on Facebook can be it more suggested to massively sell choice and with few economic resources, or perhaps none of investment. We reveal that three digital tools that allow you to create a virtual store on this popular social network: 1. Off the Wall-is a software developed by Resource Interactive; and allows all users of the virtual platform Facebook, to buy from the own brand wall, without abandoning the platform. This procedure is dynamic and simple; the brand offers its status product and/or reference service.

The cient clicks, and fill in multiple fields with his generals of law; and then adds the data of your credit card. 2 PutAcart.-is a service in which we can create a virtual store to insert it in our blog adding photos, texts, prices and costs of sent etc. Although there are many services, PutAcart offers the possibility of doing so free of charge, gives you the advantage of being closer to your customers when visiting the social network of your choice having the advantage of adding new content and display articles of fashion within social networks such as Facebook or Myspace. All this thanks to a code that generates and can copy and paste on social networks. Payment options offered by PutAcart are by paypal or credit card. 3 Payvment.-is an original service without doing programming you can create your own virtual store on Facebook to sell products and/or services to your customers. This procedure is dynamic and easy to use; We only register free of charge on its website and so we get the keys to your store; then you must provide your PayPal account to make payments. As we can see, open a virtual store on Facebook can find thousands of customers and only using a few economic resources. It is right and necessary for any online entrepreneur.